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Seven Questions to Ask Before You Die by Jane E Lythgoe (The Book) [In Progress]

Seven Questions to Ask Before You Die are the seven most important questions a human could ever ask. They're the topic of a book in progress* by Jane E Lythgoe (nee Marchant). This book is an excellent tool for truth hunters in a hurry, and the compulsive and intrepid questioner. It's on and not off the controversial topics. It's a human's life list. All humans should own this book.

Seven Questions to Ask Before You Die encompass all aspects of life—from the origin of mankind to the future of the universe.

The questions enable us to accelerate our search for the meaning of life via providing a framework to hang our thoughts onto.

The questions are based on the notion that all knowledge can be sorted into seven categories. These categories each start with the letter "G": Genes, God, Grief, Goal, Growth, Group, and Government. Each of the questions deals with one of these "Seven Gs".

Also each question and "G" matches a colour of the rainbow. This is handy for highlighting different categories of verses of scripture—as well as organising study resources like electronic or paper files.

The questions can also be asked on a regular basis to remind oneself or double check one's beliefs.

The book presents these questions relevantly, simply and entertainingly—and attempts to answer some of them briefly using a biblical, historical, cultural and and scientific basis.

The Seven Questions

Question 1 Genes Who am I?

Question 2 God Who is God?

Question 3 Grief Why do I suffer?

Question 4 Goal Why am I alive?

Question 5 Growth How can I find peace?

Question 6 Group How can I make peace?

Question 7 Government How can the world be at peace?

This Book is Better than Other Life Purpose Books Because it Allows Us To—

  1. Clearly identify the questions everybody asks but are sometimes too afraid to admit.
  2. Organise the answers we have found from our own investigations throughout our own lives.
  3. Organise our thoughts, beliefs and other questions more effectively.
  4. Organise our scriptures, books, hard-drive and favourite websites more effectively.
  5. Remind us of the big picture since the questions encompass all aspects of life.
  6. Keep our minds open.

This Book is Better than 1000 Places to See, 100 Things to Do, or 10 Things to Buy Because:

  1. The questions are more meaningful.
  2. The questions encompass deeper aspects of life—not just tourist destinations and material possessions.
  3. The questions are simple.
  4. The questions have answers that are much cheaper and faster to find.

Contents (Draft)

Question 1 - Genes - Who am I?

Did God use evolution?
Are the Jews the only Israelites?

Question 2 - God - Who is God?

Does God have a Name?
Is Jesus’ Name Jesus?
Does God’s name matter?
Is God a trinity?
Is Jesus God?

Question 3 - Grief - Why do I suffer?

Question 4 - Goal - Why am I alive?

Why am I alive?
Why should I love God?
How can I really show God that I love Him?

Question 5 - Growth - How can I find peace?

How can I be saved?
Are tongues needed for salvation?
Is hell eternal?
Is heaven in space?
Has the law been abolished?
What holy days should I celebrate?
How can I become more obedient?

Question 6 - Group - How can I make peace?

How should I make amends with others?
Do I need to belong to a church?
Should I pay tithes?
Do I need to evangelise?
Should I go to school?
How can I love others more?

Question 7 - Government - How can the world be at peace?

Why can’t humans alone bring peace?
How will God bring peace on Earth?
Who is the Antichrist?
When is the rapture?
Where will I be during the great tribulation?
When will the great tribulation start?
What shall I do in the meantime?

(*) The book is now on hold due to health, family and work commitments.

Possible answers to questions have links.


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