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Yehwists are innovators—a minority, but are the first to take hold of a new idea.

According to Everett Rogers a communication scholar, sociologist, writer, and teacher—out of any group of people there are the:

Innovators 2.5%- Always first to take hold a new idea. They grasp concepts and throw themselves into transitioning. These are people who are excited about planning and the strategy of the new idea. They train others wholeheartedly.

Early adopters 13.5%- Are people who are not content with things the way they are and are willing to jump on the band-wagon of a good idea. They will be excited to adopt the ideas and train others about the idea.

Early majority 34%- They come on board after the plan has been made and everything is ready to begin. This group will be completely involved within a few months of beginning.

Late majority 34%- Represents the group that will become a part of the vision only after it has been proven to work, it may take up to two years for all of this group to become comfortable and confident enough to invest themselves in the new idea.

Laggards 16%- These never join, they do not want any change whatsoever. Will not only refuse to get involved, but resent any effort made to bring them aboard. Some who feel pressure by the innovators may switch networks/groups.

Article Last Updated Jan 11, 2012.

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