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The Ancient Israelites Were Mainly of the Western Type

Last updated Feb 8, 2012.

Ancient ISHaRaALites (Israelites) were mainly of the Western type and this can help us unlock the sound of Ancient Hebrew—but this does not mean that only white people can be saved!

The racial constitution of ancient bloodline and spiritual ISHaRaAL (the people) was predominantly the Western and Mediterranean types; who were blondes, red heads, and brunettes.

HOWEVER, the overall congregation was a mixed race, as it is today (although less-so, due to modern travel and exponential population growth), because all non-bloodline-ISHaRaALite races have always been allowed to be engrafted (Rom 11:11—24) into the ruling (mainly in the new millennium) monarchial-priestly (Rev 5:10) nation of spiritual ISHaRaAL (which means "AL (God) [is] Straight—to help clean up the Earth [straighten it out] ready for IEUE to dwell on it), ever since its inception (~3850 years ago)—that is, if they keep IEUE's TURE (laws that protect/torah). It's not just the physical descendants of the man ISHaRaAL/IOQaB (Israel/Jacob) can be saved! IEUE forbid. Many bloodline ISHaRaALites have been and are just as evil as any non-bloodline-ISHaRaALites have been and are. There is a big difference between being a bloodline ISHaRaALite and a spiritual ISHaRaALite. IEUE requires heart-driven obedience, not a certain skin colour! Anyone from any race can be saved.

It was just that IEUE had to inject some order (reverse entropy) into mankind around 3850 years ago, and so He used the natural family and descendants of a man, who happened to be named IOQaB/ISHaRaAL (Jacob/Israel). This was so that the knowledge of salvation—including IEUESHUO's Name—was passed down securely through the ages mainly through a natural branch of mankind—for the spiritual redemptive benefit of all mankind who have lived over 7000 years. (First the 144000 will be give eternal life at the first resurrection [rapture]; second and finally, the Great Multitude of Revelation will be given eternal life at the end of the 1000-year reign). In ancient times religion and culture was far more correlated to colour of skin and physical characteristics, than it now is, so it was easier to conserve a culture when the physical characteristics of a group were the mainly the same. IEUE started with the natural for the sake of the spiritual. SHaLICH (apostle) SHAUL said that, “The spiritual, however, was not first, but the natural, and afterward the spiritual.” (TS98 1 Cor 15:46).

Spiritual ISHaRaAL is a mixed nation more than ever. There has been increasing intermixing of ISHaRaALite blood and non-ISHaRaAlite blood Earth-wide especially since the onset of modern travel, and with exponential population growth. Over 50% of the people who have ever lived on the face of the Earth, are alive now. Many people who call themselves black or asian (even though they are not the darkest black, or most asian looking) can still be ISHaRaALites by descent.

At the same time not all white people are bloodline ISHaRaALites, for example the ASHURian (Assyrian) Germans.

Egyptian Depictions of ISHaRaALite (Hebrew) Slaves

"On the Egyptian pictures skins of individuals from the Israelite or "Syrian" area are often light colored and pinkish." Also their eyes are blue and their hair is slightly reddish. The hair of Egyptian slaves was varied, and not just black and brown. There were many slaves who had blond and red hair also.(, italics added).

The ISHaRaALites Were One of Many Groups the Egyptians Enslaved

The carved relief below created during the time of Ramesses II shows a Black, a White and an Asian being sacrificed to the Egyptian god Ammon.

These three men represented NaCH's (Noah's) three sons. The Egyptian leaders are here trying to assert their control over all of mankind. The Egyptian leaders took captives from non-ISHaRaLite cultures, as well as from those of ISHaRaAL.

For more about these three branches of mankind see the chapter called "The Three Primary Branches of Mankind" in the thesis entitled "Key to Northwest European Origins, by Raymond F McNair.

Egyptians Knew How to Paint Black People

Sometimes it is assumed that slaves in Egypt were mainly non-whites during the time of the ISHaRaALite slavery. This is because there are a lot of wall paintings from this time with people with non-white skin on them.

However Egyptians knew how to carve and paint black people. For example below -

Also the majority of the depictions do not show people with black skin, rather the skin is more like different shades of terracotta.

This is because a lot of caucasian slaves were depicted with terracotta skin since they were working outside in the sun.

Below in an Egyptian wall painting there is one person who is heavily tanned with straight blonde hair textured like straw. Not all caucasians have hair like this, but albino black people do not have this hair texture either.

Similarly, in the Egyptian wall painting below there are three people who are heavily tanned with blonde hair, including one person with blonde hair textured like straw. Again, not all caucasians have blonde and/or straw-like hair, but albino black people do not have this hair texture.

But Why the Dread-Locks?

The men in the picture with the giant Ammon may appear to be only afro-centric at first due to their "dread-locked" hair but upon closer inspection we can see the three distinct features of—

1) a CHaMite (left)
2) a SHaMite (ISHaRaALite-Hebrew) (middle) and
3) an IPaTite (Japhethite) (right)

...while the Giant (or god "Ammon") is about to sacrifice them (!)

We can tell the three "type of human" apart because

a) the left-hand man (CHaMite) is much darker than the other two (look at his legs).

b) the left man's right deltoid (shoulder) is more curved than the middle (SHaMite guy) — he is more muscly/shapely.

c) the right hand man (IPaTite/Japhethite) has an "Asian" (heavy lidded and almond shaped) eye.

d) the middle man (SHaMite) as a"crescent" or "hook" shaped nose typical of Celtic or Jewish people.

e) the middle man also has a pointed chin — also typical of Celts and Jews:

"Judas" as depicted by Jean Bourdichon (1457 - 1521) France

Scotsman - Jimmy Johnston

f) the middle man is wearing "Hebrew" clothes.

Egyptian painting of "Hebrew" clothing, including (non-entirely ancient) Jewish blue tsitsit (tzitziot):

The Assyrians (not ISHaRaALites, but another kind of SHaMite) and Egyptians commonly depicted hair of all races as dread-locks. The ASHURians (Assyrians) themselves depicted themselves with dready hair to be menacing. They were not afro-centric however.

Here is a picture of King Sargon (an ASHURian) with a dreaded beard:

Various different colored mice from just two parents: this is an explanation how NaCH (Noah) had three different coloured sons SHaM (Shem), CHaM (Ham) and IPaT (Japheth). Source: to enlarge).


Why IEUE Needs a LEADING NATION to Rule as He Does (ISHaRaAL) (The 144 000)

IEUE needs a nation to rule as Him (under the leadership of IEUESHUO) to finish cleaning up the Earth so that IEUE Himself can dwell on it.

Ever since the fall of ADaM and CHUE (ika Eve) in the Garden of ODaN (ika Eden) IEUE has had a plan of redemption for mankind. This has plan involved a gradual restoration of the Earth over 7000 years, which has included Him re-training a select group of people (starting with folk such as ABaREM and then ISHaRaAL [IOQaB's seed] in the Wilderness, just after the first Exodus), specifically for the purpose of using them to usher in—through a 1000 year administration—a new heaven and Earth. This process will have made the Earth and its inhabitants clean enough spiritually, mentally and physically for IEUE HIMSELF to come and dwell on Earth.

The types and shadows of this seven factor in the role of cleanliness are often found in scripTURE. A woman is not clean until the eighth day after she first starts menstruating, and little baby boys need to be circumcised on the eighth day after they are born; one day is as 1000 years to IEUE, so the scripTURE says. IEUE's redemption plan is also laid out in the seven annual high SHaBaTIM (rest days). These are mainly for us to remember the events in the past that IEUE has ordained for our redemption, and for us to look forward in the future to the events leading up to the point when we will finally be dwelling with Him, eye to eye, walking with Him, as ADaM did in the cool of the IUM (day) with IEUE before CHUE sinned. When we strip all the legalism back, even that exercised by many Messianics, this is what we get, a SALVATION PLAN laid out in a year. Just as IEUESHUO told the Pharisees that they should not have neglected the weightier aspect of the TURE, such as judgment, mercy and belief (MaT 23:23), so we are not to neglect the weighter matters of the annual feast days—ie they are underpinned by IEUE's love for us to be redeemed and in fellowship with Him, one IUM.

Sure IEUESHUO, the Son of IEUE will come and reign for 1000 years, but the Earth won't be clean enough for IEUE Himself to return until the chosen people have helped clean the Earth up. ICHaZaQaAL(ika Ezekiel) tells us that at the end of the 1000-year r... the people of ISHaRaAL (a name that means "He shall RULE as AL ["God"]) will be cleaning up bodies after a hellish war, for seven months. This is a typical task of the chosen people, along with the re-building the remnant are to do in Israel and Jordan as they start being returned to the Promised Land, pre-tribulation.

There is a good reason why about 95% of the world is unaware right now that evil eilte want to cull at least 95% of the world population (them)—most are not part of ISHaRaAL (the 144000) who will rule in the upcoming 1000-year reign. Instead many of them are the Great Multitude of Revelation who are only given a chance to be saved once the Earth is clean enough to give them a decent chance.

According to Yair Davidiy of Brit-Am, ISHaRaALItes were destined to rule over other peoples. He writes: ISHaRaAL was destined to be a light to the nations and to bring a blessing to other Peoples. Also "[Exodus 19:6] AND YE SHALL BE UNTO ME A KINGDOM OF PRIESTS, AND AN HOLY NATION. A KINGDOM OF PRIESTS."

"God wanted to chose for HIMSELF a people to serve HIM and to carry his message. Each half of the Israelite Nations (represented by "Judah" and "Joseph") has been chosen for their own task. Ultimately they will unite and the role of both will be combined. My understanding is that in the End Times the Israelite Nations will rule over the World. The Messiah, descended from David, will rule over them and they shall direct other nations to go in the right path. The fact is that a good portion of the nations of the earth in some way or other have been ruled over by nationalities whom we trace to Israel. We had the British Empire, the Dutch Empire (Indonesia, etc), the French Empire (Indo-China, West Africa, etc), Belgium (the Congo), and the American Empire (Philipines and indirectly a good portion of the world at some stage or other) as well as ruling elites such as the Vikins and Normans who ruled over other peoples. This rulership was not always an undisputed success but on the whole it was probably better than the alternatives at the time in question. The fact is that only people who believe in the Bible really believe in the Almighty, even now." (

"Joseph has a duty to reform mankind. It was prophesied that Joseph would be granted the ability to fulfil his national task. This book explores the Task of Joseph in the light of Biblical, Rabbinical, Historical, and Up-to-date Geo-Political analysis. This work contain important and interesting information much of which is not available elsewhere." (From: "Role to Rule. The Task of Joseph by Brit-Am")

"Israelite [Ten Tribes] Nations are all considered WEIRD and Exceptional. Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic (WEIRD) societies. All other peoples are different!" (From:

Western Alphabets are More ISHaRaALite

The fact that most of bloodline and spiritual ISHaRaAL were of the Western and Mediterranean types means that the Western English and Greek alphabets have a large role to play in deciphering Ancient Hebrew phonetics. If ancient ISHaRaALites were mainly black, for example, we should now see African alphabets as the predominant alphabets used in apographs (copies) of the scripTUREs; as well as the predominant alphabet on Earth, since IEUE wants as many people saved as possible, ultimately.

Understanding that ancient ISHaRaAL were mainly of Western type is a big key in unlocking the Name of the Father IEUE—even though all races and nations can be saved. We ought to lean more on English and Greek alphabets in our pronunciation since most of the ancestors of the 12 tribes went on to speak these languages.

The biggest indication that ISHaRaAL was mainly caucasoid is the Western location of (physical) ISHaRaAL's descendants today. See here for scriptural proof of these locations


Ancient ISHaRaALites (Israelites) were mainly of the Western type and this can help us unlock the sound of Ancient Hebrew—but this does not mean that only white people can be saved!

Extra #1:Israel and the White Race—A Refutation of Black Liberation Theology
by Yair Davidiy of BritAm

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