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Trilingual Glossary: English - Jewish Hebrew - Ancient Hebrew [In Progress]

This glossary is an alphabetical list of all the commonly used Ancient Hebrew transliterations of words in Yehweh Not Yahweh. These are alongside their English/Jewish Hebrew equivalent, Strong's and Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible reference numbers, and transcriptions of how to say the words. It also contains information on how to construct your own Ancient Hebrew transliterations.


1) This article/book is a work in progress and will be frequently updated.

2) It contains only a small sample of words and phrases so far that could be transcribed.

3) I shall endeavour to make a comment at the bottom of the page every time I add or amend entries.

4) Please contact me/comment if you want me to add/correct an entry, or check your own transliteration and transcriptions(s).


What is a Trilingual Glossary?

A glossary is an alphabetical list of terms in a particular domain of knowledge with the definitions for those terms.

Trilingual means "of three languages". A trilingual glossary lists words of three languages beside each other with their meanings.

One day I hope to do this in a clearly formatted table in the meantime each entry is either -


1) English word/phrase alongside Ancient Hebrew word/phrase.

For example, Aaron (H175)/AERaN “ah-eh-ran”


2) Jewish (aka modern) Hebrew word/phrase alongside Ancient Hebrew word/phrase.

For example, Reeshon (H7223)/RaASHUN [rah-ah-shoon]


Each Entry Contains:

In this order:

1) English/Jewish Hebrew word or phrase

2) Meaning of English/Jewish Hebrew word or phrase if it is obscure (most still to come)

3) Strong's Number (most still to come)

4) Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible (AHLB) Number (all to come, sorry)

5) English transliteration of the Ancient Hebrew word or phrase

6) English transcription of the Ancient Hebrew word or phrase

7) Meaning of Ancient Hebrew word or phrase (most still to come)

Transliteration should not be confused with transcription. Transliteration is mapping letters via letter shape similarities (graphology) and historical links. On the other hand transcription is mapping the sounds of living languages to letters (which is best done via transliteration). Transcriptions are often found in dictionary entries straight after a word. They can be basic (spelled) or can have strange signs (usually the IPA [International Phonetic Alphabet]). For example, welcome can be transcribed as [wel-kuhm] (spelled), or [/ˈwɛlkəm/] (IPA). Square brackets "[ ]" are used to distinguish word pronunciation (as well as editorial comments) [both kinds have been employed on this website]. A word does not always have the same transliteration as transcription; and sometimes words cannot always be easily expressed as 100% transliteral or 100% transcriptional.


How I Construct Ancient Hebrew Transliterations

The Ancient Hebrew words listed are transliterations based on an approach that uses the five major SHaMitic (aka Semitic) living languages that are either Western or Eastern in today’s definitions. These are English, Greek, Jewish Hebrew, Aramaic Syriac, and Arabic. This approach accepts that those of European (Western) descent are most likely the majority of the lost tribes of ISHaRaAL (aka Israel), and hence their languages can also be used to restore the pronunciation of Ancient Hebrew.

This is in contrast to the usual YHWH-ist approach that merely uses the Modern Eastern Semitic languages of Jewish Hebrew, Aramaic Syriac, and Arabic, which is based on and promotes the untrue notion that Jews are the only Israelites.

For much more see the article: How to Read an Ancient Hebrew Word Out-Loud in 10 Minutes Or Less



Aaron (H175)/AERaN [ah-eh-ran]

Abel (H1893)/EBaL [eh-bal]

Abraham/ABaREM [abah-rem]

Acclamation (thanks) (H8426)/TUDE [tooh-deh]

Adoni (master-my)/ADUNI [adooh-neeh]

Afternoon/ORaB [oh-rab]

Aleluia (praise IE)/ELaLUIE [elal-ooh-eeh-eh / elal-ooh-yeh] (full version: ELaLUIEUE – Praise IEUE)

Alef (the letter)/AL [al]

Aleph (the letter)/AL [al]

Aliyah/OLIIE [oleeh-eeh-eh]

All the best/KaL THUB [kal thoob]

Almighty/SHaDI [shah-deeh]

Amen/AMaN [ah-man]

Ammon/OMUN [oh-moon]

Amos/OMUX [oh-moox]

Ancient (H5769)/OULaM [oh ooh-lam]

And/U [ooh]

Angel (H4397)/MaLaAK [malah-ak]

Angels (H4397)/MaLaAKIM [malah-ah-keem]

Apostle (H7972/G652)/SHaLICH [shah-leech]

Appointed time (H4150)/MUOD [mooh-od]

Appointed times (H4150)/MUODIM [mooh-oh-deem]

Arphaxad (H775)/ARaPaKaSHaD [arapakah-shad]

Artaxerxes/ARaTaCHaSHaSHaTA [arata-chashasha-tah]

Asher/ASHaR [ah-shar]

Ashrei/ASHaRI [ashah-reeh]

Assembly (H5712)/ODE [oh-deh]

Assyria/ASHUR [ah-shoor]

Aviv/ABIB [ah-beeb]

Ayin (the letter)/ON [on]


Babylon/BaBaL [bah-bal]

Bad/RO [roh]

Bashan/BaSHaN [bah-shan]

Behemoth/BEMUT [beh-moot]

Bereshit (Genesis/in beginning of) (H7225)/BaRaASHIT [bah rah-ah-sheet]

Bet (the letter)/BaT [bat]

Beth (the letter)/BaT [bat]

Bethlehem/ BIT LaCHaM [beet lah-cham]

Bed/MITHE [meeh-theh]

Being (H5315)/NaPaSH [nah-pash]

Beings of (H5315)/NaPaSHaTI [napashah-teeh]

Benjamin/BaN IMIN [ban eeh-meen]

Besorah (H1309)/BaSHURE [bashooh-reh]

Big/GaDUL [gah-dool]

Bildad/BaLaDaD [balah-dad]

Bikkurim/BaKURIM [bakooh-reem]

Blasting noise (H8056)/TaRUOE [tarooh-oh-eh]

Bless you (H1293)/BaRaKaT [barah-kat]

Blood/DaM [dam]

Boaz (H1162)/BOZ [boz]

Book/XaPaR [xah-par]

Booth (H5519)/XaK [xak]

Booth fastenings (H5521)/XaKUT [xah-koot]

Boy/Child/ILaD [eeh-lad]

Bozrah/BaTSaRE [batsah-reh]

Bread/LaCHaM [lah-cham]

Brit Hadasha/BaRIT CHaDaSHE [bah-reet chadah-sheh]

Brother/ACH [ach]

Buttocks/SHaT [shat]


Cain/QIN [qeen]

Canaan/KaNON [kah-non]

Canaanites/KaNONIM [kanon-eem]

Celebration (H2282)/CHaG [chag]

Chalacha (customs)/ELaK [eh-lak]

Chaldeans (H3778) /KaSHaDIM [kashad-eem]

Chameeshee (H2549)/CHaMISHI [chameesh-eeh]

Cherub/KaRUB [kah-roob]

Chet (the letter)/CHaTS [chats]

Chief (AHLB#: 1458)/RaSH [rash]

Child/ILaD [eeh-lad]

Children/ILaDIM [eelad-eem]

Christ/MaSHICH [mah-sheech]

Chronicles (H1697, H3117)/DaBaRI E IMIM [dabah-reeh eh eeh-meem]

Chuppah (H2646)/CHaPE [chah-peh]

Church (H5712)/ODE [oh-deh]

Comings forth/MUTSAE [mootsah-eh]

Covenant person/BaRITISH [bareeh-teesh]

Cover (H2643)/CHaP [chap]

Crown (Horn)/QaRaN [qah-ran]

Cush/KUSH [koosh]

Customs (chalacha)/ELaK [eh-lak]


Dad/AB [ab]

Dalet/DaL [dal]

Daleth/DaL [dal]

Daniel ("judge my, AL (God)" or "AL [is] my judge") (H1840, H1835, H410)/DaNIAL [daneeh-al]

Danites/DaNIM [dah-neem]

Daughter/BaNaT [banat]

David (H1732)/DUID [dooh-eed]

Day/IUM [eeh-oom or yoom]

Days/IMIM [eeh-meem]

Days of/IMI [eeh-meeh]

Day of Trumpets (blasting noise) /IUM TaRUOE [eeh-oom tarooh-oh-eh]

Dead/MaT [mat]

Death/MUUT [mooh-ot]

Depression/ONE [oh-neh]

Desert/MaDaBaR [madah-bar]

Deuteronomy (words) (H1697)/DaBaRIM [dabar-eem]

Dog (H3611)/KaLaB [kah-lab]

Dogs (H3611)/KaLaBIM [kalab-eem]

Door/DaLaT [dah-lat]


Earth, the /E ARaTS [eh ah-rats]

Eber (H5677) /OBaR [oh-bar]

Ecclesiates (assembler) (H6952)/QELaT [qeh-lat]

Eden/ODaN [oh-dan]

Edom/ADUM [ah-doom]

Eighth/SHaMINI [shameeh-nee]

Egypt/MaTSaRIM [matsah-reem]

Ehyeh (I exist/I work-at-breathing)/A EIE [ah eh-eeh-eh / ah eh-yeh]

El Shaddai/AL SHaDI [al shah-deeh]

Eloah (H426)/ALE [al-eh]

Elohim/ALUEIM [alooh-eh-eem]

Elijah/ALIEU [al-eeh-eh-ooh / al-yeh-ooh]

Emissary (H7972 / G652)/SHaLICH [shah-leech]

End/XUP [xoop]

Enoch (H2585)/CHaNUK [chah-nook]

Ephah/AIPE [ah-eeh-peh]

Ephraim/APaRIM [apah-reem]

Esau/OXU [oh-xoo]

Esther (I shall be concealed) (H635)/AXaTaR [axah-tar]

Eve (H2332)/CHUE [chooh-eh]

Excellent/MaTSUIN [matsooh-een]

Excuse me/XaLICHE [xaleeh-cheh]

Exodus (names) (H8034)/SHaMUT [shah-moot]

Eye/OIN [oh-een]

Ezekiel ("He strong, AL (God)" or "AL He [is] strong") (H3168, H2388)/ICHaZaQaAL [eechazaqah-al]

Ezra (H5830)/OZaRA [ozah-rah]


Fast (H6684)/TSUM [tsoom]

Father/AB [ab]

Father my our/ABINU [abeeh-nu]

Family/MaSHaPaCHE [mashapah-cheh]

Feast (H2282)/CHaG [chag]

Festival (H2282)/CHaG [chag]

Fifth (H2549)/CHaMISHI [chameeh-shee]

Fire/ASH [ash]

First (H7223)/RaASHUN [rah-ah-shoon]

First of/RaASHIT [rah-ah-sheet]

Firstfruits/BaKURIM [bakooh-reem]

Fish (H1709)/DaG [dag]

Foot/RaGaL [rah-gal]

For ever (to ancient) (H5769)/LOULaM [loh ooh-lam]

Fourth (H7243)/RaBIOI [rabeeh-oh-eeh]

Flower/PaRaCH [pah-rach]

Free (not bound)/CHUPaSHI [choopah-sheeh]

Friday (H8345)/SHaSHI [shah-shee]


Gabriel ("arched-back first-top my, AL (God)", "AL [is] my first-top arched-digging-back, or "AL [is] my first-top strong-man/hero") (H1403, H1354)/GaBaRIAL [gabareeh-al]

Gad/GaD [gad]

Genesis (in beginning of) (H7225)/BaRaASHIT “bah rah-ah-sheet]

Gift/MaTaNE [matah-neh]

Gifts/MaTaNUT [matah-noot]

Gilead/GaLOD [gah-lod]

Gimel (the letter)/GaM [gam]

Gimmel (the letter)/GaM [gam]

Girl/ILaDE [eelah-deh]

God (H410, H430)/ALUEIM [alooh-eh-eem]

Gog/GUG [goog]

Gomorrah/OMaRE [omah-reh]

Good/THUB [thoob]

Goodbye/LETaRAUT [letarah-oot]

Good month/CHaDaSH THUB [chah-dash thoob]

Good morning/PUQaR* THUB [pooh-qar thoob] (*See Extra #1)

Good News (H1309)/BaSHURE [bashooh-reh]

Good night/LILE THUB [leeh-leh thoob]

Gospel (H1309)/BaSHURE [bashooh-reh]

Great/GaDUL [gah-dool]


Habakkuk (embrace) (H2265)/CHaBaQUQ [chabah-qooq]

Hadassah (H1919)/EDaXE [eh-dah-xeh]

Hagar (H1904)/EGaR [eh-gar]

Haggai (holiday-my) (H2292)/CHaGI [chah-geeh]

Happy/SHaMaCH [shah-mach] (H8056) or ASHaRI [ashah-reeh]

Haran (H2309)/ERaN [eh-ran]

Harvest/QaTSIR [qatseer]

He (the letter)/EA [eh-ah]

He went nuts/IRaD MEPaXIM [eeh-rad mepah-xeem]

Head/RaASH [rah-ash]

Heart/LaB [lab]

Heavenly-Seated (H8064-H3427)/SHaB SHaMIM [shab shah-meem]

Hebrew (person or culture)/OBaRI [obah-reeh]

Hebrews (H5680)/OBaRIM [obah-reem]

Hebrew language/OBaRIT [obah-reet]

Hello/EI [eh-eeh]or SHaLUM [shah-loom]

Het (the letter)/CHaTS [chats]

Hezekiah (H2396)/CHaZaQIEU [chazaq-eeh-eh-ooh or chazaq-yeh-ooh]

Hittite/CHaTIT [chah-teet]

Holiday (H2282)/CHaG [chag]

Holy/QaDaSH [qah-dash]

Holy Spirit/RUCH E QaDaSH [rooch eh qah-dash]

Honour (H1926)/EDaR [eh-dar]

Hosea (IEU shepherded) (H1954)/EUSHO [eh-ooh-shoh]

How are you (what is your peace [like])?/ME SHaLUMaK [meh shalooh-mak]

Humbled (H6031)/TONE [toh-neh]


I am sorry (H1672)/ADaAG [adah-ag]

I exist (I work at breathing)/A EIE [ah eh-ee-eh / ah eh-yeh]

I-laughed (made fun of) (H6711) (out) loud (H1419)/TSaCHaQaTI GaDaLE [tsachaqah-teeh gadah-leh]

I love you/AEBTIK [ah-eb-teek] or AEBaTI ATaKaM [ah-ebah-teeh atah-kam]

In/Ba [bah] (if before a word that starts with a consonant), or B [b] (if before a word that starts with a vowel); just like the French "la/le" and "l"

Innocent (H2643)/CHaP [chap]

Isaac/ITSaCHaQ [eetsah-chaq]

Isaiah (shepherder of IEU) (H3470)/ISHOIEU [eeshoh-eeh-eh-ooh / eeshoh-yeh-ooh]

Ishmael ("He hears, AL (God)" or "AL, He hears") (H3458, H8085)/ISHaMOAL [eeshamoh-al]

Israel ("he-cord/straight/remnant, AL (God)", "AL He [is] cord", "AL [is] straight", or "AL [is] remnant" (H3478, H3474)/ISHaRaAL [eesharah-al]

Issachar/ISHaSHaKaR [eeshashah-kar]

It will be OK/IEIE BaXaDaR [eeh-eh-eeh-eh baxah-dar / eeh-eh-yeh baxah-dar]

It will be good/IEIE THUB [ee-eh-ee-eh thoob / eeh-eh-yeh thoob]


Jacob (H3290)/IOQaB [eeh-oh-qab]

James (G2385, H3290)/IOQaB [eeh-oh-qab]

Jared/IRaD [eeh-rad]

Jehu (H3058)/IEUA [eeh-eh-ooh-ah / yeh-ooh-ah]

Jephthah/IPaTaCH [eepah-tach]

Jeremiah (lifter of IEU) (H3414)/IRaMIEU [eeram-eeh-eh-ooh / eeram-yeh-ooh]

Jericho/IRICHU [eereeh-choo]

Jerusalem/IRUSHaLIM [eerooshah-leem]

Jesse (H3448)/AISHI [ah-eeshee]

Jesus/IEUESHUO [eeh-eh-ooh-eh-shooh-oh / yeh-weh-shwoh] or IEUSHUO [eeh-eh-ooh-shooh-oh / yeh-ooh-shwoh]

Jews/IEUDIM [eeh-eh-ooh-deem / yeh-ooh-deem]

Job/AIUB [ah-eeh-oob]

Joel ("IEU, AL (God)" or "AL [is] IEU") (H3100)/IEUAL [eeh-eh-ooh-al /yeh-ooh-al]

John (IEU favoured) (G2491, H3076)/IEUCHaNaN [eeh-eh-ooh-chah-nan / yeh-ooh-chah-nan]

Jonah (H3124)/IUNE [eeh-ooh-neh]

Joseph/IEUXaP [eeh-eh-ooh-xap / yeh-ooh-xap]

Joshua (IEU saves) (H3091)/IEUSHUO [eeh-eh-ooh-shooh-oh / yeh-ooh-shooh-oh]

Jubilee/IUBaL [eeh-ooh-bal]

Judah (H3063)/IEUDE [eeh-eh-ooh-deh / yeh-ooh-deh]

Jude (G2455, H3063)/IEUDE [eeh-eh-ooh-deh / yeh-ooh-deh]

Judea (H3061)/IEUD [eeh-eh-ood]

Judges (ones judging) (H8199)/SHUPaTHIM [shoopah-theem]


Kaph (the letter)/KaP [kap]

Kepha (G4074, H68)/ABaN [ah-ban]

King (H4428)/MaLaK [mah-lak]

Kings (H4428)/MaLaKIM [malak-eem]

Kodesh/QaDaSH [qah-dash]

Kosher/KaSHaR [kah-shar]

Kippur (Top-Covering for Sin) (H3722)/CHaPaR [chah-par]

Kippurim (Top-Coverings for Sin) (H3725)/CHaPaRIM [chapah-reem]


Lamed (the letter)/LaM [lam]

Lamentations (how?) (H349)/AIKE [ah-eeh-keh]

Laugh (make fun of) (H6711)/TSaCHaQaTI [tsachaqah-teeh]

Levi or Levite/LUI [looh-eeh]

Leviticus (and he called) (H7121)/UIQaRA [ooh-eeh-qah-rah]

Lid of atonement (H3727)/CHaPaRaT [chapah-rat]

Lot/LUTH [looth] (like Luther!)

Love (H157)/AEBE [ah-ebeh]

Last but not least/ACHaRUN [achah-roon]

Lebanon/LaBaNUN [labah-noon]


Magog/MaGUG [mah-goog]

Manasseh/MaNaSHE [manah-sheh]

Mary/MaRIM [mah-reem]

Malachi (messenger-my) (H4401)/MaLaAKI [malah-ah-keeh]

Mamre/MaMaRE [mamah-reh]

Man/ANISH [aneesh]

Master my/ADUNI [adooh-nee]

Matthew (gift of IEU) (H4993)/MaTaTIEU [matateeh-eh-ooh / matat-yeh-ooh]

Meeting (H4744)/MaQaRA [maqah-rah]

Meetings (H4744)/MaQaRAIM [maqah-rah-eem]

Melchizedek/MaLaKI TSaDaQ [malah-keeh tsah-daq]

Mem (the letter)/MA [mah]

Mercy Seat (H3727)/CHaPaRaT [chapah-rat]

Messenger (H4397)/MaLaAK [malah-ak]

Messengers (H4397)/MaLaAKIM [malah-ah-keem]

Messiah (H4899)/MaSHICH [mah-sheech]

Micah (might-subduer of IEU) (H4321)/MIKIEU [meekeeh-eeh-eh-ooh / meekeeh-yeh-ooh]

Michael ("might subduer, AL (God)" or "AL [is] might subduer") (H8269, H4134)/MIKaAL [meekah-al]

Mitzvot (commandments)/MaTSUUT [matsooh-oot]

Moab/MUAB [mooh-ab]

Monday (H8143)/SHaNI [shah-neeh]

Month/CHaDaSH [chah-dash]

Moon/IRaCH [eeh-rach]

Morning/PUQaR* [pooh-qar] (*See Extra #1)

Mother/AM [am]

Myrtle (H1918)/EDaX [eh-dax]


Nahor (H5152)/NaCHUR [nah-choor]

Nahum (comforter) (H5151)/NaCHUM [nah-choom]

Name/SHaM [sham]

Naomi (H5281)/NOMI [noh-meeh]

Naphtali/NaPaTaLI [napatah-leeh]

Nebuchadnezzar/NaBUKaDaNaATSaR [nabookadanah-ah-tsar]

Nehemiah (comforter of IEU) (H5166)/NaCHaMIEU [nacham-eeh-eh-ooh / nacham-yeh-ooh]

Nephilim/NaPaLIM [napah-leem]

Nimrod/NaMaRaD [namah-rad]

Ninevah (H5210)/NINUE [neenooh-eh]

No/LA [lah]

Not/LA [lah]

Noah/NaCH [nach]

Nun (the letter)/NaN [nan]

Numbers (in wilderness) (H4057)/BaMaDaBaR [bamadah-bar]


Oak (H5687)/OBaT [oh-bat]

OK/BaXaDaR [baxah-dar]

Obadiah (servant of IEU) (H5662)/OBaDIEU [obadeeh-eh-ooh / obad-yeh-ooh]

Oholah/AELE [ah-eh-leh]

Oholibah/AELIBE [ah-eh-leeh-beh]

Oil (H8081)/SHaMaN [shah-man]

Olive (H2132)/ZIT [zeet]

Omer/OMaR [oh-mar]


Palm (H8558)/TaMaRIM [tamah-reem]

Passover/PaXaCH [pah-xach]

Pe (the letter)/PA [pah]

Peace to you/SHaLUM OLIKaM [shah-loom oleeh-kam]

Peace on Israel/SHaLUM OL ISHaRaAL [shah-loom ol eesharah-al]

Pentecost/SHaBUOUT [shabooh-oh-oot]

Perez/PaRaTS [parats]

Peter (G4074, H68)/ABaN [ah-ban]

Please/BaBaQaSHE [babaqah-sheh]

Precious/MaGaD [mah-gad]

Prophets (H5030)/NaBIAIM [nabeeh-ah-eem]

Proverbs/MaSHaLI [mashah-leeh]

Psalms/TEILIM [teh-eeh-leem]

Purim (H6332)/PURIM [pooh-reem] (the same as Jewish Hebrew—for a change!)


Qoph (the letter)/QaP [qap]


Raba (much) (H7227)/RaBE [rah-beh]

Rebecca/RaBaQE [rabah-qeh]

Reeshon (H7223)/RaASHUN [rah-ah-shoon]

Rejoicing (H8056)/SHaMaCH [shah-mach]

Repent/NaCHaM [nah-cham]

Repentance/TaSHUBE [tashooh-beh]

Resh (the letter)/RaSH [rash]

Reuben/RAUBaN [rah-ooh-ban]

Re'vee’ee (H7243)/RaBIOI [rabeeh-oh-eeh]

River (H5158)/NaCHaL [nah-chal]

Rock/XaLO [xah-loh]

Ruth (H7327)/RUT [root]


Sabbath/SHaBaT [shah-bat]

Sad/OTSUB [oh-tsoob]

Sameach (rejoicing) (H8056)/SHaMaCH [shah-mach]

Samekh (the letter)/XaN [xan]

Samuel ("lungs their, AL (God)" or "AL [is] their lungs") (H8050, H8034)/SHaMUAL [shamooh-al]

Satan/XaTHaN [xah-than]

Saturday/SHaBaT [shah-bat]

Saul/SHAUL [shah-ool]

Seated-Heavenly (H3427-H8064)/SHaB SHaMIM [shab shah-meem]

Second (H8143)/SHaNI [shah-neeh]

See/RAE [rah-eh]

Seventh/SHaBIOI [shabeeh-oh-eeh]

Sex/MIN [meen]

Shabbat/SHaBaT [shah-bat]

Shack (H5519)/XaK [xak]

Shack fastenings (H5521)/XaKUT [xah-koot]

Shalom/SHaLUM [shah-loom]

Sharon (H8289)/SHaRUN [shah-roon]

Shavuot/SHaBUOUT [shabooh-oh-oot]

She went nuts/IRaDE MEPaXIM [eerah-deh mepah-xeem]

Sheba(H7614)/SHaBA [shah-bah]

Sheaf/OMaR [oh-mar]

Shenee (H8143)/SHaNI [shah-neeh]

Sheshee(H8345)/SHaSHI [shah-sheeh]

Shin (the letter)/SHaN [shan]

Shleeshee (H7992)/SHaLISHI [shaleeh-sheeh]

Shofar (trumpet) (H7782)/SHaPUR [shah-poor]

Shoulders/KaTaPaT [katah-pat]

Simeon/SHaMOUN [shamoh-oon]

Sin (the letter)/SHaN [shan]

Sister/ACHUT [ah-choot]

Sixth (H8345)/SHaSHI [shah-sheeh]

Sky-Seated (H8064-H3427)/SHaB SHaMIM [shab shah-meem]

Sodom/XaDaM [xah-dam]

Soil/ADaME [adah-meh]

Solomon/SHaLaME [shalah-meh]

Son/BaN [ban]

Song of Solomon (H7892)/SHIR E SHIRIM [sheer eh sheeh-reem]

Song of Songs (H7892)/SHIR E SHIRIM [sheer eh sheeh-reem]

Sorry (H1672)/DaAG [dah-ag]

Soul (H5315)/NaPaSH [nah-pash]

Souls of (H5315)/NaPaSHaTI [napashah-teeh]

Spirit (H7307)/RUCH [rooch]

Strengthen/OZaZ [oh-zaz]

Sukkah (H5519)/XaK [xah]

Sukkot (H5521)/XaKUT [xah-koot]

Sunday (H7223)/RaASHUN [rah-ah-shoon]

Swell (H1926)/EDaR [eh-dar]


Tabernacle/MaSHaKaN [mashah-kan]

Tau (the letter)/TA [tah]

Tav (the letter)/TA [tah]

Teshuva (repentance)/TaSHUBE [tashooh-beh]

Tet (the letter)/THaTH [thath]

Teth (the letter)/THaTH [thath]

Thanks (H8426)/TUDE [tooh-deh]

Thank you very much/TUDE RaBE [tooh-deh rah-beh]

There is hope/ISH TaQUE [eesh taqooh-eh]

Third (H7992)/SHaLISHI [shaleeh-sheeh]

Thursday (H2549)/CHaMISHI [chameeh-sheeh]

To/La [lah] (if before a word that starts with a consonant), or L [l] (if before a word that starts with a vowel); just like the French "la/le" and "l"

Toda (thank you) (H8426)/TUDE [tooh-deh]

Toda raba (thank you (H8426) much (H7227))/TUDE RaBE [tooh-deh rah-beh]

Today (the day)/E IUM [eh eeh-oom]

Tomorrow/MaCHaR [mah-char]

Torah (H8451)/TURE [tooh-reh]

Trumpet (H7782)/SHaPUR [shah-poor]

Tsadi (the letter)/TSaD [tsad]

Turban/MaTSaNaPaTH [matsanah-path]

Tuesday (H7992)/SHaLISHI [shaleeh-sheeh]



Vav (the letter)/UU [ooh-ooh]

Very/MAUD [mah-ood]


Watch/ON [on]

Waw (the letter)/UU [ooh-ooh]

Wednesday (H7243)/RaBIOI [rabeeh-oh-eeh]"

Week/SHaBUO [shabooh-oh]

Weeks/SHaBUOUT [shabooh-oh-oot]

Weekend/XUP SHaBUO [xoop shabooh-oh]

Welcome (male)/BaRUK EBA [barook eh-bah]

Welcome(female)/BaRUKE EBAE [barooh-keh ebah-eh]

Welcome (plural)/BaRUKIM EBAIM [barooh-keem ebah-eem]”

Wine/IIN [eeh-een]

Woman/ANISHA [aneeh-shah]

Writings (H3789)/KaTUBIM [katoob-eem]



Yahweh/IEUE [eeh-eh-ooh-eh / yeh-weh]

Year/SHaNE [shah-neh]

Yehudah (H3063)/IEUDE [eeh-eh-ooh-deh / yeh-ooh-deh]

Yehudim/IEUDIM [eeh-eh-ooh-deem / yeh-ooh-deem]

Yes/KaN [kan]

Yeshua/IEUESHUO [eeh-eh-ooh-eh-shoo-oh / yeh-weh-shwoh] or IEUSHUO [eeh-eh-ooh-shooh-oh / yeh-ooh-shwoh]

Yesterday/ATaMUL [atah-mool]

YHWH/IEUE [eeh-eh-ooh-eh / yeh-weh]

Yod (the letter)/ID [eed]

Yom Kippur/IUM [eeh-oom or yoom] CHaPaRIM [chapah-reem]

You/ATE [ah-teh]

You shall humble (H6031)/TONU [toh-nooh]

You will humble (H6031)/ONITaM [oneeh-tam]


Zayin (the letter)/ZaN [zan]

Zebulun/ZaBULUN [zabooh-loon]

Zechariah (memorial of IEU) (H2148)/ZaKaRIEU [zakareeh-eh-ooh / zakar-yeh-ooh]

Zedekiah/ZaDaQIEU [zadaqeeh-eh-ooh / zadaq-yeh-ooh]

Zephaniah (concealer of IEU) (H6846)/TSaPaNIEU [tsapaneeh-eh-ooh / tsapan-yeh-ooh]

Zion/TSIUN [tseeh-oon]

Extra #1: Morning is PUQaR—not BUQaR or Boker

Benner in the AHLB indicates that the adopted (younger than a parent or child root: usually used by IEUDIM [Jews] in more recent times than ancient—could be called "Jewish Roots") root word BQR (H1242) should be PUQR (with a P) (AHLB#: 2035 (g)).

PUQaR means "breaking of daylight" as a herdsman (also called a PUQaR) breaks/crushes the heads of grain with his cattle in the morning (AHLB).

PUQaR does not mean sunrise because there is another word for that and it takes longer than the length of the period of dawn for the cattle to tread grain. The cattle start work just after sunrise.



28 May: Satan/SHaTaN
30 May: Sharon (H8289)/SHaRUN "sha-roon"
01 Jun: Eighth (H8066)/SHaMINI "shamee-nee"
09 Jun: Mitzvot (commandments)/MaTSUUT "matsoo-oot"
21 Sep: Acclamation (H8426)/TUDE "too-deh"
21 Sep: Blasting (as in noise) (H8056)/TaRUOE "taroo-oh-eh"
21 Sep: Raba (much) (H7227)/RaBE "ra-beh"
21 Sep: Rejoicing (H8056)/SHaMaCH
21 Sep: Sameach (rejoicing) (H8056)/SHaMaCH
21 Sep: Shofar (trumpet) (H7782)/SHaPaR
21 Sep: Toda (thank you) (H8426)/TUDE "too-deh"
21 Sep: Toda raba (thank you (H8426) much (H7227))/TUDE RaBE "too-deh ra-beh"
21 Sep: Trumpet (H7782)/SHaPaR
01 Oct: Yehudah (H3063)/IEUDE “eeh-eh-ooh-deh” or “yeh-ooh-deh”
01 Oct: Judah (H3063)/IEUDE [eeh-eh-ooh-deh / yeh-ooh-deh]
01 Oct: Yehudim/IEUDIM “eeh-eh-ooh-deem” or “yeh-ooh-deem”
01 Oct: Jews/IEUDIM “eeh-eh-ooh-deem” or “yeh-ooh-deem”
09 Oct: Babylon/BaBaL
09 Oct: Jeremiah/IRaMIEU "eeh-ram-ee-eh-ooh" or "eeh-ram-yeh-ooh"
09 Oct: Gabriel ("arched-back first-top my, AL (God)", "AL [is] my first-top arched-digging-back, or "AL [is] my first-top strong-man/hero") (H1403, H1354)/GaBaRIAL [gabareeh-al]
09 Oct: Matthew (gift of IEU) (H4993)/MaTaTIEU [matateeh-eh-ooh / matat-yeh-ooh]
09 Oct: Chaldeans (H3778) /KaSHaDIM "ka-shah-deem" or "kasha-deem"


18 Jan: Besorah (H1309)/BaSHURE "bashoo-reh"
18 Jan: Good News (H1309)/BaSHURE "bashoo-reh"
18 Jan: Gospel (H1309)/BaSHURE "bashoo-reh"
28 Jan: Kepha (G4074, H68)/ABaN
28 Jan: Peter (G4074, H68)/ABaN
04 Feb: Levite/LUI “loo-ee”
05 Feb: Judea (H3061)/IEUD "eeh-eh-ood"
05 Feb: Hosea (IEU shepherded) (H1954)/EUSHO [eh-ooh-shoh]
14 Feb: Sheba(H7614)/SHaBA
15 Feb: Assembly (H5712)/ODE "odeh"
15 Feb: Church (H5712)/ODE "odeh"
21 Feb: Love (H157)/AEB "ah-eb"
21 Feb: Spirit (H7307)/RUCH "rooch"
03 Mar: Eve (H2332)/CHUE "choo-eh"
07 Apr: David (H1732)/DUID "doo-eed'
02 May:How are you (what is your peace [like])?/ME SHaLUMaK "meh shaloomak"
22 May: For ever (ancient) (H5769)/LO ULaM "loh oolam"
22 May: Ancient (H5769)/LO ULaM "loh oolam"
23 May: I am sorry (H1672)/ADaAG "adah-ag"
23 May: Dog (H3611)/KaLaB
23 May: Dogs (H3611)/KaLaBIM
23 May: Gifts/MaTaNUT "mah-tah-noot"
25 May: Apostle (H7972/G652)/SHaLICH "shaleech"
25 May: Emissary (H7972/G652)/SHaLICH "shaleech"
29 May: Chronicles (H1697, H3117)/DaBaRI E IMIM 'dab-ah-ree eh eem-eem"
29 May: Song of Solomon (H7892)/SHIR E SHIRIM "sheer eh shee-reem"
29 May: Song of Songs (H7892)/SHIR E SHIRIM "sheer eh shee-reem"
30 May: Ecclesiates (assembler) (H6952)/QELaT
08 Jun: Laugh (make fun of) (H6711)/TSaCHaQ "tsa-cha-qa-tee"
08 Jun: I-laughed (made fun of) (H6711) (out) loud (H1419)/TSaCHaQaTI GaDaLE
"tsa-cha-qa-tee ga-da-leh"
16 Jun: Eber (H5677) /OBaR [oh-bar]
16 Jun: Nahor (H5152)/NaCHUR [nah-choor]
19 Jun: Hadassah (H1919)/EDaXE [eh-dah-xeh]
13 Aug: Ruth (H7327)/RUT [root]
13 Aug: Nahum (H5151)/NaCHUM [nah-choom]
13 Aug: Haggai (H2292)/CHaGI [chah-geeh]
13 Aug: Prophets (H5030)/NaBIAIM [nabeeh-ah-eem]
13 Aug: Joshua (IEU saves) (H3091)/IEUSHUO [eeh-eh-ooh-shooh-oh / yeh-ooh-shooh-oh]
13 Aug: Kings (H4428)/MaLaKIM [malak-eem]
13 Aug: Writings (H3789)/KaTUBIM [katoob-eem]
13 Aug: Lamentations (how?) (H349)/AIKE [ah-eeh-keh]
13 Aug: John (IEU favoured) (G2491, H3076)/IEUCHaNaN [eeh-eh-ooh-chah-nan / yeh-ooh-chah-nan]
13 Aug: James (G2385)/IOQaB [eeh-oh-qab]
14 Aug: Angel (H4397)/MaLaAK [malah-ak]
14 Aug: Messenger (H4397)/MaLaAK [malah-ak]
14 Aug: Messengers (H4397)/MaLaAKIM [malah-ah-keem]
14 Aug: Sorry (H1672)/DaAG [dah-ag]
22 Aug: Hebrew (language)/OBaRIT [obah-reet]
22 Aug: El Shaddai/AL SHaDI [al shah-deeh]
01 Sep: Appointed time (H4150)/MUOD [mooh-od]
01 Sep: Appointed times (H4150)/MUODIM [mooh-oh-deem]
01 Sep: Meeting (H4744)/MaQaRA [maqah-rah]
01 Sep: Meetings (H4744)/MaQaRAIM [maqah-rah-eem]
06 Sep: Jehu (H3058)/IEUA [eeh-eh-ooh-ah / yeh-ooh-ah]
11 Sep: Hagar (H1904)/EGaR [eh-gar]
12 Sep: Arphaxad (H775)/ARaPaKaSHaD [arapakah-shad]
12 Sep: Ninevah (H5210)/NINUE [neenooh-eh]
17 Sep: Purim (H6332)/PURIM [pooh-reem] (the same as Jewish Hebrew—for a change!)
17 Sep: Chief (AHLB#: 1458)/RaSH [rash]
17 Sep: Hezekiah (H2396)/CHaZaQIEU [chazaq-eeh-eh-ooh or chazaq-yeh-ooh]
17 Sep: Ezra (H5830)/OZaRA [ozah-rah]
21 Sep: Abel (H1893)/EBaL [eh-bal]
21 Sep: Kippurim (Top-Coverings for Sin) (H3725)/CHaPaRIM [chapah-reem]
21 Sep: Kippur (Top-Covering for Sin) (H3722)/CHaPaR [chah-par]
21 Sep: Alef (the letter)/AL [al]
21 Sep: Aleph (the letter) /AL [al]
21 Sep: Bet (the letter)/BaT [bat]
21 Sep: Beth (the letter)/BaT [bat]
21 Sep: Gimel (the letter)/GaM [gam]
21 Sep: Gimmel (the letter)/GaM [gam]
21 Sep: Dalet/DaL [dal]
21 Sep: Daleth/DaL [dal]
21 Sep: He (the letter)/EA [eh-ah]
21 Sep: Waw (the letter)/UU [ooh-ooh]
21 Sep: Vav (the letter)/UU [ooh-ooh]
21 Sep: Zayin (the letter)/ZaN [zan]
21 Sep: Het (the letter)/CHaTS [chats]
21 Sep: Chet (the letter)/CHaTS [chats]
21 Sep: Tet (the letter)/THaTH [thath]
21 Sep: Teth (the letter)/THaTH [thath]
21 Sep: Yod (the letter)/ID [eed]
21 Sep: Kaph (the letter)/KaP [kap]
21 Sep: Lamed (the letter)/LaM [lam]
21 Sep: Mem (the letter)/MA [mah]
21 Sep: Nun (the letter)/NaN [nan]
21 Sep: Samekh (the letter)/XaN [xan]
21 Sep: Ayin (the letter)/ON [on]
21 Sep: Pe (the letter)/PA [pah]
21 Sep: Tsadi (the letter)/TSaD [tsad]
21 Sep: Qoph (the letter)/QaP [qap]
21 Sep: Resh (the letter)/RaSH [rash]
21 Sep: Shin (the letter)/SHaN [shan]
21 Sep: Sin (the letter)/SHaN [shan]
21 Sep: Tau (the letter)/TA [tah]
21 Sep: Tav (the letter)/TA [tah]
21 Sep: Cover (H2643)/CHaP [chap]
21 Sep: Innocent (H2643)/CHaP [chap]
21 Sep: Lid of atonement (H3727)/CHaPaRaT [chapah-rat]
21 Sep: Mercy Seat (H3727)/CHaPaRaT [chapah-rat]
21 Sep: Soul (H5315)/NaPaSH [nah-pash]
21 Sep: Souls of (H5315)/NaPaSHaTI [napashah-teeh]
21 Sep: Being (H5315)/NaPaSH [nah-pash]
21 Sep: Beings of (H5315)/NaPaSHaTI [napashah-teeh]
21 Sep: You shall humble (H6031)/TONU [toh-nooh]
21 Sep: You will humble (H6031)/ONITaM [oneeh-tam]
21 Sep: Humbled (H6031)/TONE [toh-neh]
21 Sep: Depression/ONE [oh-neh]
21 Sep: Watch/ON [on]
21 Sep: Fast (H6684)/TSUM [tsoom]
21 Sep: Shack (H5519)/XaK [xak]
21 Sep: Shack fastenings (H5521)/XaKUT [xah-koot]
21 Sep: Sukkah (H5519)/XaK [xah]
21 Sep: Sukkot (H5521)/XaKUT [xah-koot]
21 Sep: Booth (H5519)/XaK [xak]
21 Sep: Booth fastenings (H5521)/XaKUT [xah-koot]
21 Sep: Olive (H2132)/ZIT [zeet]
21 Sep: Swell (H1926)/EDaR [eh-dar]
21 Sep: Honour (H1926)/EDaR [eh-dar]
21 Sep: Oil (H8081)/SHaMaN [shah-man]
21 Sep: Palm (H8558)/TaMaRIM [tamah-reem]
21 Sep: Oak (H5687)/OBaT [oh-bat]
21 Sep: River (H5158)/NaCHaL [nah-chal]
21 Sep: Myrtle (H1918)/EDaX [eh-dax]
21 Sep: Celebration (H2282)/CHaG [chag]
29 Sep: Naomi (H5281)/NOMI [noh-meeh]
29 Sep: Boaz (H1162)/BOZ [boz]
14 Nov: Heavenly-Seated (H8064-H3427)/SHaB SHaMIM [shab shah-meem]
14 Nov: Seated-Heavenly (H3427-H8064)/SHaB SHaMIM [shab shah-meem]
14 Nov: Sky-Seated (H8064-H3427)/SHaB SHaMIM [shab shah-meem]


31 Jan: Perez (H6557)/PaRaTS [parats]
31 Jan: Jesse (H3448)/AISHI [ah-eeshee]



07 Apr: DUD to DUID — David
02 Jun: SHaTaN to SHaTHaN — Satan
21 Aug: LO ULaM to OULaM — Ancient, LOULaM means "to ancient"
31 Aug: LUT to LUTH — Lot (the man)
16 Sep: SHaBaT to SHaBIOI — Seventh
18 Sep: KaPaRIM to CHaPaRIM — Kippur


26 Jan: BaT to BaNaT — Daughter
26 Jan: ALEIM to ALUEIM — Elohim / God
26 Jan: AISH to ANISH — Man
26 Jan: AISHE to ANISHE — Woman
26 Jan: SHaPaR to SHaPUR — Shofar / Trumpet
14 Feb: SHaTHaN to XaTHaN — Satan
14 Feb: PaQaR to PUQaR — Morning
14 Feb: OSHU to OXU — Esau


02 Jul: AEB to AEBE — Love (H157)

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