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⚫ Thousands of sinkholes are opening up along the banks of the Dead Sea. Some of these craters dive 80 feet into the ground—the equivalent of about an eight-story building. Water evaporation from the lake—which is occurring at nearly four feet per year—is drawing freshwater into the pockets of salt left behind by the lake. As the salt dissolves in the fresh water, it causes the earth above it to collapse.

These sinkholes are evidence that the ground bordering Edom, Moab and Ammon—aka parts of Jordan and the Negev Desert—will open up and swallow the flood sent by the coming Anti-Messiah. These regions are the one and only place of safety during the coming great tribulation (Dan 11:41). The Anti-Messiah will cast out of his mouth a flood to try to cause the wisest of the living Bride—who have fled to hide, mainly in Petra—to be carried away. But he will fail.

AV Rev 12:13 And when the DRAGON saw that he was cast unto the EARTH, he persecuted the WOMAN which brought forth the man [child].

AV Rev 12:14 And to the WOMAN were given TWO WINGS of a GREAT EAGLE, that she might FLY into the WILDERNESS, into HER PLACE, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.

AV Rev 12:15 And the SERPENT cast out of his mouth WATER as a FLOOD after the WOMAN, that he might cause her to be CARRIED AWAY OF THE FLOOD.

AV Rev 12:16 And the EARTH helped the woman, and the EARTH OPENED her mouth, and SWALLOWED UP THE FLOOD which the dragon cast out of his mouth. (AV)

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♖ PETRA, Jordan is the one-and-only place of safety for the believers in the coming 3.5 year great tribulation—there is no pre-trib rapture.

♖ EVIDENCE that Petra is the Place of Safety is Available at—

♖ FACEBOOK PAGE—Petra—Place of Safety—

♖ FACEBOOK GROUP—Judea then Jordan—

Article Last Updated Dec 10, 2015.

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