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Ancient Tongues - The Truth About Tongues Today

Modern day tongues are fake. IEUE's remnant do not speak babble-de-gook. They are careful with their words. This is why they want to know their Creator's Name so much. Here is a collection of articles that help prove this.

1) The Plain Truth About “Speaking in Tongues”

2) 20th Century Tongues... Faith or Fake?

3) The Upper Room - Baptism of the Holy Spirit - Speaking in Tongues

4) Captured by Tongues?

5) Speaking In Tongues

6) Tongues shall CEASE!

7) 'Tongues' - A Messianic Perspective

8) Mantra vs. Tongues

9) Pentecost and the Coming of the Holy Spirit

10) Many Christians Claim Unbiblical Spiritual Gifts, Survey Finds

(Note: I do not necessarily agree with everything on these sites. Please take the meat and spit out the bones.)

My Experience

I always had a sense in my spirit I was faking it from day one.

I remember sitting in my bedroom and making up gobbledegook (aka "kawasaki ma honda") with my words. I was not emotional.

I believed I had to do this or else I was not saved.

Also without doing this I faced a great amount of pressure from my closest Christian friends and my church.

To help the gift be "poured out" on others they would parade around them in services laying hands on them as if in a war-like dance yelling at them.

Whenever I spoke in tongues I felt my mind was brain-dead, and never uplifted. I did it for show, to prove I was "spiritual" and "saved" in the church.

I remember before I became a "Christian" the tongues I heard from other Christians just scared me, as it did to my less-believing friends when we took them to our church. 

Tongues were a big stumbling block to me when I wanted to give my life to "God".

I spent years speaking in "them" ("tongues") until I read the websites above, in about 2004—2005. They really gave me a sense of peace about what I had sensed in my heart from the beginning.

About those "groanings and cries". The ones that we make when we can't find the words (due to sickness etc). They are not the gift of speaking in a human unlearned language, as specified in the Book of Acts. I have during times of intense pain only been able to groan and cry, but I would never say I was speaking in tongues or a separate and distinct prayer language. This is the error the Pentecostals and many other denominations make. They consider their groanings as a gift, which is a delusion. If these groanings and cries are authentically defined as a real living existing human language, and can be declared so by an expert in that language, then I think that in this day and age, SHaTHaN (Satan) is giving the person that ability to speak this way. Demons of diverse languages can possess humans.

I've only ever seen "interpreters of tongues" who only make up an interpretation of other people's babble.

I'm so glad I don't have to waste my vocal chords in this way and have to speak such vain babblings to feel accepted before IEUE any more.

Article Last Updated Feb 12, 2012.

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