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The Ancient Hebrew Priestly Turban had a Hole in the Top

The turban that the AERaNic (Aaronic) priests wore had a hole in the top. It was like a headband. It was made of a piece of linen wrapped around the head in a circular fashion. It did not cover the top of the head. It was hollow and shaped like a ring or doughnut. It allowed the top of the head to show, just like a king’s crown, a Greco-Roman wreath or headband, a monk’s hairstyle, a Christian halo, some Catholic mitres, some Muslim turbans and a Muslim headband. It was mainly for the protection of the golden engraved plate or insignia, and helped beautifully display the jurisdiction and role of the priest. Authoritative men in ancient ISHaRaAL did not cover the top part of their heads to exercise their power. The top of a man’s head is the highest part of a man and it denotes his glory. It is the scepter for his power, and the throne (office) for his final authority. It should thus be left uncovered when a man is exerting authority, especially in prayer and when prophesying.

Here is a ten page pdf that attempts to explain why this is so -
The Priestly Turban had a Hole in the Top JEM.pdf


Extra #1: Jews, Catholic and Muslims All Wear the SAME Caps

The Judaistic, Catholic and Islamic elite may have conspired to make this so (for their Ancient Mystery BaBaLonian [Babylonian] religion). Mohammed's wife was a Catholic and Islam was invented by the Catholic Church.


Article Last Updated Oct 15, 2009.

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