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The Names of the Books of the Bible in Ancient Hebrew [In Progress]

Here is a list (in progress) of the English transliterations of the Ancient Hebrew names of the books of the scripTUREs (Bible). It includes the 66 majorly accepted books, and will endeavour to include other likely-inspired books. Also it has suggested three letter and/or digit abbreviations for each book. The first 66 books are in the same order as the order of the books in The Scriptures 1998 version.

Key: * More explanation to come on this book name

Torah (H8451)/TURE [tooh-reh]

1) Genesis (in beginning of) (H7225)/BaRaASHIT “bah rah-ah-sheet] — Bar
2) Exodus (names) (H8034)/SHaMUT [shah-moot] — Sha
3) Leviticus (and he called) (H7121)/UIQaRA [ooh-eeh-qah-rah] — Uiq
4) Numbers (in wilderness) (H4057)/BaMaDaBaR [bamadah-bar] — Bam
5) Deuteronomy (words) (H1697)/DaBaRIM [dabar-eem] —Dab

Prophets (H5030)/NaBIAIM [nabeeh-ah-eem]

6) Joshua (IEU saves) (H3091)/IEUSHUO [eeh-eh-ooh-shooh-oh / yeh-ooh-shooh-oh] —Ieu
7) Judges (ones judging) (H8199)/SHUPaTHIM [shoopah-theem] — Shu
8) 1 Samuel ("lungs their, AL (God)" or "AL [is] their lungs") (H8050, H8034)//SHaMUAL AL [shamooh-al al] — Sma
9) 2 Samuel ("lungs their, AL (God)" or "AL [is] their lungs") (H8050, H8034)/SHaMUAL BaT [shamooh-al bat] — Smb
10) 1 Kings (H4428)/MaLaKIM AL [malak-eem al] — Maa
11) 2 Kings (H4428)/MaLaKIM BaT [malak-eem bat] — Mab
12) Isaiah (shepherder of IEU) (H3470)/ISHOIEU [eeshoh-eeh-eh-ooh / eeshoh-yeh-ooh] — Ish
13) Jeremiah (lifter of IEU) (H3414)/IRaMIEU [eeram-eeh-eh-ooh / eeram-yeh-ooh] — Ira
14) Ezekiel ("He strong, AL (God)" or "AL He [is] strong") (H3168, H2388)/ICHaZaQaAL [eechazaq-al] — Ich
15) Daniel ("judge my, AL (God)" or "AL [is] my judge") (H1840, H1835, H410)/DaNIAL [daneeh-al] — Dan
16) Hosea (IEU shepherded) (H1954)/EUSHO [eh-ooh-shoh] — Eus
17) Joel ("IEU, AL (God)" or "AL [is] IEU") (H3100)/IEUAL [eeh-eh-ooh-al /yeh-ooh-al] —Ial
18) Amos* (H5986)/OMUX [oh-moox] — Omu
19) Obadiah (servant of IEU) (H5662)/OBaDIEU [obadeeh-eh-ooh / obad-yeh-ooh] — Oba
20) Jonah* (H3124)/IUNE [eeh-ooh-neh] — Ine
21) Micah (might-subduer of IEU) (H4321)/MIKIEU [meekeeh-eeh-eh-ooh / meekeeh-yeh-ooh] — Mik
22) Nahum (comforter) (H5151)/NaCHUM [nah-choom] — Nac
23) Habakkuk (embrace) (H2265)/CHaBaQUQ [chabah-qooq] — Cha
24) Zephaniah (concealer of IEU) (H6846)/TSaPaNIEU [tsapaneeh-eh-ooh / tsapan-yeh-ooh] — Tsa
25) Haggai (holiday-my) (H2292)/CHaGI [chah-geeh] — Chg
26) Zechariah (memorial of IEU) (H2148)/ZaKaRIEU [zakareeh-eh-ooh / zakar-yeh-ooh] — Zak
27) Malachi (messenger-my) (H4401)/MaLaAKI [malah-ah-keeh] — Mal

Writings (H3789)/KaTUBIM [katoob-eem]

28) Psalms*/TEILIM [teh-eeh-leem] — Tei
29) Proverbs*/MaSHaLI [mashah-leeh] — Mas
30) Job*/AIUB [ah-eeh-oob] — Aiu
31) Song of Songs* (H7892)/SHIR E SHIRIM [sheer eh sheeh-reem] — Shi
32) Ruth* (H7327)/RUT [root] — Rut
33) Lamentations (how?) (H349)/AIKE [ah-eeh-keh] — Aik
34) Ecclesiates (assembler) (H6952)/QELaT [qeh-lat] — Qel
35) Esther (I shall be concealed) (H635)/AXaTaR [axah-tar] — Axa
36) Ezra* (H5830)/OZaRA [ozah-rah] — Oza
37) Nehemiah (comforter of IEU) (H5166)/NaCHaMIEU [nacham-eeh-eh-ooh / nacham-yeh-ooh] — Nam
38) 1 Chronicles* (H1697, H3117)/DaBaRI E IMIM AL [dabah-reeh eh eeh-meem al] — Dba
39) 2 Chronicles* (H1697, H3117)/DaBaRI E IMIM BaT [dabah-reeh eh eeh-meem bat] — Dbb

The MaSHICH-anic Writings (Messiah (H4899)/MaSHICH [mah-sheech])

40) Matthew (gift of IEU) (H4993)/MaTaTIEU [matateeh-eh-ooh / matat-yeh-ooh] — Mat
41) Mark*
42) Luke*
43) John (IEU favoured) (G2491, H3076)/IEUCHaNaN [eeh-eh-ooh-chah-nan / yeh-ooh-chah-nan] — Icn
44) Acts*
45) Romans*
46) 1 Corinthians*
47) 2 Corinthians*
48) Galatians*
49) Ephesians*
50) Philippians*
51) Colossians*
52) 1 Thessalonians*
53) 2 Thessalonians*
54) 1 Timothy*
55) 2 Timothy*
56) Titus*
57) Philemon*
58) Hebrews (H5680)/OBaRIM [obah-reem] — Obr
59) James (G2385, H3290)/IOQaB [eeh-oh-qab] — Ioq
60) 1 Peter (stone) (G4074, H68)/ABaN AL [ah-ban al] — Aba
61) 2 Peter (stone) (G4074, H68)/ABaN BaT [ah-ban bat] — Abb
62) 1 John (IEU favoured) (G2491, H3076)/IEUCHaNaN AL [eeh-eh-ooh-chah-nan / yeh-ooh-chah-nan] — Iea
63) 2 John (IEU favoured) (G2491, H3076)/IEUCHaNaN BaT [eeh-eh-ooh-chah-nan / yeh-ooh-chah-nan] — Ieb
64) 3 John (IEU favoured) (G2491, H3076)/IEUCHaNaN GaM [eeh-eh-ooh-chah-nan gam / yeh-ooh-chah-nan gam] — Ieg
65) Jude (G2455, H3063)/IEUDE [eeh-eh-ooh-deh / yeh-ooh-deh] — Ide
66) Revelation*

Other Books

Enoch (H2585)/CHaNUK [chah-nook] — Chn

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