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The English Alphabet Is the Most Similar in Appearance to the Ancient Hebrew Alphabet

The English alphabet is the most similar in graphology (shape) to the Ancient Hebrew alphabet—out of all alphabets today. Below is an image of 20 of the letters (in upper and lower case) of the Modern English alphabet (some rotated and/or reversed)—next to 20 letters (out of 22) of the Ancient Hebrew alphabet. There are two other letters in the Ancient Hebrew alphabet: THaTH (incorrectly known as [ika] tet), and SHaN (ika shin). These letters correspond in shape (and sound) respectively to the Old and Middle English letters: ð (named eth, with a "th" sound"), and ∫ (named esh with a "sh" sound). There is not one letter in the English alphabet that wasn't derived in shape from the Ancient Hebrew alphabet. All of the remaining six letters of the English alphabet were also derived in shape from the Ancient Hebrew alphabet: 1) C from GaM (ika gimmel), 2) F from UU (ika vav), 3) J from ID (ika yod), 4) V from UU (ika vav), 5) W from UU (ika vav) and, 6) Y from ID (ika yod).

Note: All images (two with a title; one without) have been designed to fit the current "Facebook Timeline" cover area. For more images like this see our article Yehweh Not Yahweh Cover Photos for Facebook Timeline (In Preparation). This page used to be called "IEUE Research Centre Cover Photos for Facebook Timeline".

Article Last Updated Dec 29, 2012.

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