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The return of the non-Jewish remnant to the Land of ISHaRaAL (Israel) may be accelerated if there is a large-scale war or World War Three involving the State of Israel, the Arab world, and possibly the Western allies. Many believe that TEILIM (Psalms) 83 is a prophesy of this war. This will then make IRUSHaLIM (Jerusalem) and/or Judea and/or Israel, into an internationalised zone patrolled by the EU and/or UN and/or NATO. This would then assist the return of APaRIM (Ephraim/the Northern House).

The Next Devastating War

From the book: ISRALESTINE: The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East, by Bill Salus:

"Set to explode in the not so distant future, is a devastating war in the Middle East that is described in an often overlooked passage of scripture.

Once upon a foretold time the Jewish people were to meet with a holocaust type condition, out from which they would return back to their ancient homeland of Israel. They would begin as refugees, but promptly emerge into an exceedingly great army. As per Psalm 83, destiny’s design for this great army is a head to head confrontation with a formidable Arab confederacy consisting of Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians, Jordanians, Saudis, Egyptians, and associated terrorist groups like the Hamas, Hezbollah, and Al-Qaeda.

This Arab coalition has been developing in its fledgling stages since 1948, and will climax and officially confederate in the very near future. The Israeli Defense Forces will decisively defeat this offensive, and prove to be the “exceedingly great army” of Ezekiel 37:10. They will expand territorially, become regionally superior, take prisoners of war, and exploit the resources of these conquered Arab nations."

The New Geo-Political Landscape

Israel might regain Gaza, all of the “West Bank” and all of Golan Heights. In addition, Israel might acquire at least the western part of Jordan, the southern part of Lebanon, and perhaps part of Syria. Closely related time-wise to this war will begin a massive immigration of ISHaRaALites from Western Nations that will solve the demographic problem of the Israeli State once and for all.

It would appear that suicide bombers could be less of an issue coming on the back of Damascus lying in ruins (possibly also Tehran and numerous other major Islamic strongholds [Mecca, who knows?]). As a result perhaps Islam will have had the guts ripped out of it by Israels Samson option.

ISHaRaALites won't be returning to a war-zone, but their return to IRUSHaLIM may be like the British and Americans entry into Berlin after it had fallen (this does not mean IRUSHaLIM is the exactly the same as Berlin in character).

There is a high possibility that the IEUDIM (Jews) of the State of Israel will be sitting in sackcloth and ashes and will be in a position of starting to humble itself before IEUE. They should start to open themselves up to the wider possibility of the lost sheep of ISHaRaAL and their right to return: making it easier for non IEUEDIM ISHaRaALites to get there.

Traveling to Israel then may become cheaper because the popular world view (and possible mainstream 'Christian' view) will be that Israel is the last place anyone in their right mind would want to go. As a parallel, ISHaRaAL under MaSHE (Moses) going into the desert wilderness couldn't have been that attractive an option and without doubt require belief in IEUE to venture forth. It will take belief to go to Israel when the time comes as it will probably go against conventional human wisdom.

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Comment by Robert Cordova on February 7, 2010 at 20:55

What all of us need to realize is, World War II was the last constitutionally fought war in which America has been engaged. The United Nations was created at the end of WWII, and ever since then, our military forces have increasingly become the “peacekeeping” arm of that evil institution.

Since WWII, American forces have fought major wars in South Korea, South Vietnam (including Laos and Cambodia), Kosovo, the Persian Gulf (Kuwait), Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Pakistan–all for the benefit of the United Nations. Add to these major wars lesser conflicts (except to those Americans killed or wounded in them) such as Lebanon, Dominican Republic, Congo (Zaire), Iran, El Salvador, Libya, Grenada, Honduras, Chad, Panama, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Tanzania, and Somalia. And this does not take into account the countless CIA-sponsored Black Ops missions that have taken place all over the world.


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