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The Average Number of Letters per Word in the English Language is 4.5 - because of the Name IEUE [Yehweh]

The average number of letters per word in the English language is 4.5. "In ordinary English text there are on the average about 4.5 letters per word" (Robinson Pierce, J. (1980).
An Introduction to Information Theory: Symbols, Signals and Noise. New York, USA: Dover Publications, Inc.)

This is all because of the influence of the most important: 
four-letter-name (the tetragrammaton), of the Creator (IEUE) on the English language. 
The Jews are not the only Israelites - the lost tribes settled in the West. Thus English is: SHaMitic (Semitic), OBaRIT (Hebrew) and ISHaRaALite (Israelite). Over 90% of English words are of Hebrew origin.

The Tetragram Should be Pronouncable from ONLY its Four Letters

The average of 4.5 letters per word adds to the case that the tetragrammaton should be pronouncable from
reading just four letters: as most 4—5 English lettered words are.

The word YHWH is unpronouncable
without adding vowels between the (perverted) consonant H's to make
six lettered words like YaHWeH, or similar.

On the other hand, when one knows the Old English way of saying IEUE [eeh-eh-ooh-eh] you only need
four letters to say the tetragrammaton.

ROME is the Source of Many Perversions of IEUE's Word

In more Rome-influenced countries such as France and Spain—where the longer, perverted name "YaHWeH" was in part devised from the tetragram, the
average length of words is
; the average length of
French words is
4.84 letters and the average length of
Spanish words is
4.96 letters.

Rome is the seat of the (End-Time-false-prophet-producing)
false assembly—the Roman Catholic Church who is the mother of all false religion: including Christianity, Judaism and Islam. She has a habit of adding to the Word, of which we are expressly forbidden to do, through the example of the warning not to add to the Book of Revelation:

AV AH Revelation 22:18 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book,
If any man shall add unto these things, ALEIM shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:

Yahweh Comes from IAOVE
(via France)

[Excerpt from the
home page under the section "Conspiracies Against the Name IEUE"]

A French Gnostic Jew called Gilbertus Genebrardus (or
Gilbert Genebrard) used Clement of Alexandria's IAOVE and turned it into YAHVE. Genebrardus was a devout Gnostic and he deliberately conspired to promote Clement's pagan name for Zeus in order to profane IEUE's name.

It was in 1567 when Genebrardus invented the guess name YAHVE (Cronograph Paris, 1567, ed. Paris 1600, p.79 seq). He borrowed from Clement of Alexandria (Platonist Gnostic, early Catholic) the Greek spelling IAOVE (Zeus) (which was said as IAOUE) which was later known as JOVE (Roman Jupiter) and converted IAOVE to YAHVE adding the Y, H and dropping the O and I. For "acceptance" he went to the Samaritans and borrowed IABE from their Bibles (who actually got their version from Gnostics's "IAVE/IAOVE" anyway). It was after Genebrardus that other Yahwists dropped the letter V from the YAHVE and a double U (UU=W) and final H was added forming YAHWEH.

"The pronounciation Yahweh is indicated by transliterations of the name into Greek in early Christian literature, in the form iaoue (Clement of Alexandria) or iabe (Theodoret; by this time Gk. b had the pronunciation of v)"
New Bible Dictionary (1962)

"Scholar Heinisch pointed the weakness of Yahweh as pronunciation of God’s name He admits is based upon Samaritan tradition as given by Theodoret (fifth century) and Clement of Alexandria (Theology of Testament, p.39)."

[The font shown in the (ieue 1234) image above is called "Beowulf1" named after an
Old English heroic epic poem written in this style of writing, called
Beowulf, of unknown authorship, dating as recorded in the Nowell Codex manuscript from between the 8th and the early 11th century.]

Article Last Updated May 12, 2012.

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