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Software Review - Interlinear Scripture Analyzer by Scripture4All ✮✮✮✮✩

What a tremendous blessing the free Interlinear Scripture Analyzer (ISA2) is. Let's immensely thank the author Andre who has spent many hours creating it.

What the Interlinear Scripture Analyzer Is

The Interlinear Scripture Analyzer (ISA2) by Scripture4All is a powerful FREE interlinear and concordance search program - much like e-sword. It uses -

* Ancient Hebrew transliterations including the Name IEUE!
* Westminster Leningrad Codex (Masoretic Hebrew Text, with vowel-points)
* Strong's Referencing Numbers
* Young's Literal Version
* Concordant Literal Version
* Authorised Version (KJV)
* Concordant Hebrew English Sublinear -idiomatic- version 2.0
Plus more!

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Why it Has Transliteration Errors

The ISA2 has mis-transliterations of five Ancient Hebrew letters. These errors can be seen if you print off and study my two charts as follows -

Evolution of the English Alphabet Chart
The Evolution of the English Alphabet Chart shows how over the last 4000 years the English alphabet along with at least 13 other major alphabets has evolved (or rather mutated) out of the Ancient Hebrew alphabet. The harmony in shape of the letters of the alphabets is strikingly similar from alphabet to alphabet. This proves the Jews are not the only Isharaalites. Also it reveals that the the key to unlocking the the Name of the Creator is through our own identity - as Isharaalites...Continue

Ancient Hebrew Alphabet Chart
The Ancient Hebrew Alphabet Chart is a detailed analysis of the meanings, sounds and names of each letter in the Ancient Hebrew alphabet...Continue

The Errors

1) "T" Instead of a "TH" for the Ancient Hebrew Letter Named THaTH (Jewish - teth)

The "TH" sound is more correct since Greek uses a "TH" sound, as in "THETA", and we retain a "TH" sound in many of our English words (English is of Hebrew origin). Also there is a separate letter in Ancient Hebrew for the "T" sound. That letter is called TA (Jewish TAW/TAV). See 2) next.

2) "TH" Instead of a "T" for the Ancient Hebrew Letter Named TA (Jewish - tav/taw)

The "T" sound is more correct since again Greek uses a "T" sound for its equivalent letter of very similar shape (TAU) to the Ancient Hebrew shape. The Greek letter TAU even has almost the same name as the Ancient Hebrew letter, and the same name as the Jewish Hebrew letter TAU/TAW/TAV. The English also has a lower-case "t" that looks identical to the Ancient-Hebrew pictograph.

3) "S" Instead of an "X" for the Ancient Hebrew Letter Named XaN (Jewish - samech)

The "X" is more correct since the Greek letter "XI" was pronounced as "X" (or "KS"- same sound). Also our English letter "S" came from the Ancient Hebrew letter TSaD (Jewish TSADEE/TSADHE) (because the letter S looks like the squiggly path and destination pictograph of the Ancient Hebrew letter named TSaD. See 5) below). Hence the letter S could hence not have come from the XaN.

4) "PH" Instead of a "P" for the Ancient Hebrew Letter Named PA (Jewish - peh)

Again, Greek says "P" for the letter PI, and English uses the letter P. The shape of the English "P" closely matches the Ancient pictographic PA. Plus Jewish Hebrew speakers do pronounce the PEH as a "P" most of the time. Later the Romanised Jews attached the sound "F/PH" to the Ancient Hebrew letter PA (just as TET/TETH is now said as a TH or T, the SHIN as a SH or S, etc). In addition, when a human mouth makes a "P" sound the lips are pressed together. The Ancient pictograph of PA is a human mouth. The English word "press" is derived from the Ancient Hebrew word for wine-press which is "PURE" (said as "poo-reh") (Strong's H6333).

5) "TZ" Instead of "TS" for the Ancient Hebrew Letter Named TSaD (Jewish - tsadee/tsad-he)

The "TS" sound is more correct because the Paleo and Middle Greek letter named "TSAN" and sideways Latin/English S are squiggly shapes just like the Ancient pictograph of the letter named TSaD of a path and destination.

Article Last Updated Feb 14, 2012.

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