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SHAUL (aka Paul or Saul) was a legitimate brother loved by the taught ones (disciples/apostles). Some say that he is false brother, but this is only because the wise and unlearned have twisted his words. Peter even stated that is what people were doing even when they were both alive. The remnant can see that without the work of SHAUL many grey areas of scripTURE would not be as clear as they are today.

SHAUL is a legitimate source of IEUE's word, and was a beloved brother of the taught ones. This is because -

1) The Book of Galatians may sound anathema to some, but Avi ben Mordechai has written a masterpiece of a book explaining what SHAUL was actually saying called "Galatians - A Torah Based Commentary in First Century Hebraic Context. He explains that SHAUL was warning against the impossible to keep man-made verbal code of laws Judaism, and not IEUE's freeing TUREh (boundaries that protect us). Not many people who disregard SHAUL have actually read this book, if so large part of their reasoning would be easily dismissed.

Peter the taught-one (aka apostle) actually said (assuming that he wrote 1 and 2 Peter) that the unlearned and unstable would and did (even in his time) twist SHAUL's words. This book by Mordechai does a tremendous job in untwisting the modern translations of the Book of Galatians. Here is what Peter says,

2Pt 3:15 And be deeming the patience of our Master salvation, according as our beloved brother SHAUL also writes to you, according to the wisdom |given to him, 2Pt 3:16 as also in all the epistles, speaking in them concerning these things, in which are anysome things hard to apprehend, which the unlearned and unstable are twisting, as the rest of the scriptures also, toward their own destruction. (CLV with ancient Hebrew added by me)

Here is a 10 page PDF article by Avi ben Mordechai on Pauls' Letter to the Galatians that provides a taste for what is in his Commentary.

Here are the first few sentences of this article:

"Paul was perhaps one of the most brilliant religious thinkers of his day. As it is with many who are brilliant in their thinking and reasoning skills, there is always the possibility that people of this caliber can also be seriously misunderstood by those who do not have the same level of reasoning and brainpower. Certainly, Paul, with his intense intellect (Acts 26:24), was a man born for a unique purpose to help all of us with our learning of the Torah of Life. Consider Acts 21, when Paul stood before James and the elders in Jerusalem, giving testimony about the vast numbers of gentiles who were coming into the faith in Yeshua."

2) Note that in the verses above Peter called SHAUL his beloved brother.

3) Many of SHAUL's words ring true, and seem to align with other scripTURal themes strongly, with his words often eloquently expoundingother greyer areas of the TaNaK and MaSHICHanic writings.

Extra #1: Is this the face of the apostle Paul?
Newly uncovered artwork has experts 'identifying' biblical hero
Posted: June 28, 2009 11:57 pm Eastern
By Joe Kovacs


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