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William Shakespeare called Jews "IEWEs" over 400 years ago. In his first printing of his work entitled "The Merchant of Venice" published 1600 CE, he said, "[I]n converting IEWES to Christians, you raise the price of pork". He also named a main character Shylock the Jew, "Shylocke the IEWE". Shakespeare spoke Early Modern English. The letter W in Modern, Middle and Old English was said as [ooh]. This is exactly the same sound as the Ancient Hebrew letter named UU [ooh-ooh] (aka vav). IEWE is a shortened version (with the DaL [aka daleth] missing), of the tribal name IEUDE (aka Judah). Many English words end in the letter E, but this is not the only reason why there is an E at the end of IEW. Many Ancient Hebrew words had E at the end too, including IEUDE. Thus English is an ISHaRaALite (Israelite), OBaRI (Hebrew) and SHaMitic (Semitic) language.

The images below are facsimiles in photo-lithography of pages from Shakespere's Merchant of Venice: the First Quarto, 1600. They show the words for Jew (IEWE) and Jews (IEWEs). To view the entire quarto see


Detail of illustration showing Shylock. From Samuel Weller Singer's The Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare, vol. III1826.

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