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Scribes and Calligraphers have had a very elite, prestigious and powerful role in society in the past - much moreso than today. It is for this reason they will be punished severely for leading others astray. Jam 3:1 Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, knowing that we shall receive greater judgment.

The remains of ancient handwriting are the results of calligraphers and scribes - people who usually spent their whole livesdictating and writing to make a living.

Stone, clay (seals), pottery, papyrus and dyes were used by the richest (the elite). The commoner was left with good old-fashioned wood, leather, stone, chalk and dirt. For example, our poor IEUESHUO used the ground to write with when he was defending the woman caught in adultery

Joh 8:6 And this they said, trying Him, so that they might accuse Him. But IEUESHUO, bending down, wrote on the ground with the finger, as though He did not hear.

The civilisations who wanted to leave a lasting impression had separate calligraphers who were artists and scribes who were rote learners. Until the invention of the printing press these were very esteemed professions. Today anyone who has used a computer and printer is a scribe and calligrapher combined - a web-designer more so.

Scribes were the computers. They had all the knowledge that they had to (often repeatedly) relate stored in their memory. This was useful for leaders to convey their laws, rules and edicts on multiple copies for distribution to different locations.

Calligraphers were the typists. They wrote down what they were told under the command of the scribe. Calligraphers and scribes worked in pairs. Each calligrapher's handwriting was closely monitored by a scribe. The way each letter looked (the font) was controlled by the scribe. The calligrapher was merely the scribe's hand.

Scribal training was purely rote learning - it required acquired skill and not artistic capabilities.

"Modern research into nerve-motor response patterns brought about by the space exploration program only verifies what the ancients already knew from empirical observation. In order to perform a physical action effortlessly, without thought, the nervous system must learn to respond automatically to that particular set of actions. Playing badminton will not help someone's tennis game; the stored, patterned nerve responses are different. Riding a bicycle will not help someone drive a truck, nor will running a drill press help someone learn to use a hand drill. Each activity has its own stored patterns and must be acquired as a separate set of nerve-pattern responses...The acquisition of stored motor-response patterns is the foundation of scribal training. Taken from "Some Aspects of Older Writing Systems:With Focus on the DSS, The O...

Since many of the inscriptions we have today that date to ancient times are of the less-perishable variety (rock, clay, pottery) they lend themselves to being the work of these dedicated scribes and calligraphers.

We can safely assume that any writing system (alphabet, vowel pointings) and manuscript was created by a small minority of people. There was some variation in the handwriting (for example slightly different strokes (tittles) of a letter), but each major alphabet that came before English, but after ancient Hebrew shows significant consistency.

Each alphabet (and manuscript) had a small, discrete source. A small group of people determined the alphabet to be used (or invented), and provided the ideas to be written.

This could be used for good or evil.

Unfortunately in the case of the Masoretic vowel-pointingsthe latter prevailed.

However, part of the reason that the scribes have hidden truth is because we have been punished. We should not be surprised that it has taken us so long to figure out that Ancient Hebrew is very important. Part of the curse of the people of ISHaRaAL is that they would be desperate for the word of ALUEIM during their exile:

OMUX Amos 8:11—12 Behold! the days are coming, declares the Mater IEUE, that I will send a famine into the land, not a famine for bread, nor a thirsting for water, but rather for hearing the word of IEUE. And they rove from sea unto sea, and from the north unto the sunrise; they will go to and fro to seek the word of IEUE and will not find it.

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