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♔ "KING WILLIAM THE FIFTH HEIR UK" in Hebrew Adds Up to 666 ♔

♔ The phrase "King William the Fifth Heir UK" in Hebrew adds up to 666—in standard Jewish Hebrew gematria.

Prince William may become KING William in 2016.

The 666 calculation for the coming Anti-Messiah (Anti-Christ) is an important identifying tool. Many have considered Prince William—but have ruled him out because they have not seen a 666 calculation for him. Now here we have one!

Hebrew gematria is best. The English alphabet evolved out of the Ancient Hebrew alphabet—just like the Modern Jewish Hebrew alphabet did. Alphabet evolution over last 4000 years is a more accurate method of mapping letters to one another. Standard Jewish Hebrew Gematria is the oldest and most widely used Jewish Hebrew gematria. Ancient Hebrew gematraic values were the same as standard Jewish Hebrew gematraic values.

In this article I provide a chart showing how King William the Fifth Heir UK adds up to 666. "MaLaK WILLIAM E CHaMISHI N UK" is Ancient Hebrew for "King William the Fifth Heir UK". "King William the Fifth Heir UK" is in the official title format for a British Monarch. The coming Anti-Messiah will be a prince AND KING—according to scripture. The real Yehushuo/IEUSHUO [Yeh-ooh-shooh-oh] MaSHICH [Masheech] (Messiah) and the Anti-MaSHICH are both SPROUTS, HEIRS and SONS of a Kingdom.

"Prince Charles of Wales" in Hebrew does not equal 666 in standard Jewish gematria. "King Charles" and "King Charles the 8" do not make 666 either.

Both Prince William and his wife Kate have 666 on their official logos.

He has been seen making the Satanic Sign of the Horns with his hand.

Conclusion—the number of the man King William is 666.

Key to Abbreviations Used in this Study

CLV = Concordant Literal Version
YLT = Young's Literal Translation
TS98 = The Scriptures 1998 (Version)
AV = Authorised Version 1769 (also known as KJV)
AHLB = Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible by Jeff Benner
ika = Incorrectly Known As
AH = A Bible version with Ancient Hebrew proper nouns restored by me.
[Words in brackets inside or after a verse] are added, unless stated otherwise

Prince William May Become KING William in 2016 

In September 2015 was reported that multiple tabloids that Queen Elizabeth was going to make William and Kate King and Queen in 2016. Both will be age 33. "Much to everyone’s surprise, she apparently wants to skip right over her son Prince Charles and give the throne to Kate and William!".

'Palace Confirms—WILLIAM & KATE—QUEEN ELIZABETH GIVING UP THRONE AFTER 63 YEARS. Furious Prince Charles: "The crown should be mine!"'. [Cover of OK Magazine—Dated September 21, 2015]

Article: Queen Elizabeth II to step down from throne, wants Prince William a...

Article: William & Kate Becoming King & Queen In 2016? Queen Elizabe...

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge will be the fifth King William in the monarchy of Britain if he is crowned. Here is a picture of how he might look in formal regalia. It's based on a portrait of King George V.

The 666 Calculation for the Coming Anti-Messiah (Anti-Christ) is an Important Identifying Tool

It is most important that any name of a candidate for the final End Time Anti-MaSHICH (ika Anti-Messiah) adds up to 666. IEUCHaNaN (ika John) said that (anyone) with a mind should calculate the number of the Anti-MaSHICH's name:

AV Revelation 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number [is] Six hundred threescore [and] six.

Many Have Considered Prince William—but Have Ruled Him Out Because They Have Not Seen a 666 Calculation for Him. Now Here We have One!

In 2010 I discovered a plethora of evidence pointing to Prince William as the Anti-MaSHICH. (Some of this is based on the same evidence for Prince Charles being the Anti-MaSHICH.) However, I could not find any computations online that made his name add up to 666.

So, I experimented with dozens of combinations of Prince William's names (including William Arthur Philip Louis Mountbatten-Windsor, GUILLAUME [French for William]), and titles (like HRH, his, royal, highness, etc)—and finally found one! 

Hebrew Gematria is Best

Hebrew gematria is best for calculating the number of the beast and man in Revelation 13:18.

This is because Hebrew is the language IEUE/YEWE [Yehweh] (ika YHWH or The LORD) chose to speak to His people ISHaRaAL (ika Israel) through His prophets and MaLaAKIM (ika angels).

This is evidenced by the large number of texts and archaeological remains of the TaNaK (ika Old Testament), and New Covenant scripTUREs that are written in Paleo, Middle and Modern Hebrew—as well as other closely related languages such as Greek, Syriac Aramaic and English. All of these languages are ISHaRaALite (ika Israelite), OBaRI (ika Hebrew) and SHaMitic (ika Semitic).

Yehweh.Org Page: The English and Greek Alphabets Are Semitic-Israelite Alphabets

The English Alphabet Evolved Out of the Ancient Hebrew Alphabet—Just Like the Modern Jewish Hebrew Alphabet Did 

The English/Latin alphabet evolved out of the Ancient Hebrew alphabet, just like the Modern Jewish Hebrew alphabet did.

Over the last 4000 years the Ancient Hebrew alphabet has evolved into many major alphabets—including English and Greek. As mentioned previously, English is an ISHaRaALite (ika Israelite), OBaRI (ika Hebrew) and SHaMitic (ika Semitic) language.

Yehweh.Org Page: Evolution of the English Alphabet Chart [In Progress]

Alphabet Evolution Over Last 4000 Years is a More Accurate Method of Mapping Letters to One Another

The very long period of 4000 years of alphabet evolution gives us great accuracy in mapping English letters to Modern Jewish Hebrew letters.

Standard Jewish Hebrew Gematria is the Oldest and Most Widely Used Jewish Hebrew Gematria

Standard Jewish Hebrew gematria is the oldest form of Jewish Hebrew gematria because it is the most widely used type of Jewish Hebrew gematria today.


Ancient Hebrew Gematraic Values Were the Same as Standard Jewish Hebrew Gematraic Values

The Ancient Hebrew alphabet almost certainly had the same numerical values for each of the Modern Jewish Hebrew alphabet's its transliterally equivalent letters.

Chart Showing How King William the Fifth Heir UK Adds Up to 666

"MaLaK WILLIAM E CHaMISHI N UK" is Ancient Hebrew for "King William the Fifth Heir UK"

The Ancient Hebrew phrase for "King William the Fifth Heir UK" is "MaLaK WILLIAM E CHaMISHI N UK".

This is pronounced as [Malak William eh Chameeshee N U.K.].

In Modern Jewish Hebrew it sounds very similar: [Melech William ha Chameeshee N U.K.]

"King William the Fifth Heir UK" has the Official TITLE FORMAT for a British Monarch

The title "MaLaK WILLIAM E CHaMISHI N UK" follows the official title format of the current monarch of the United Kingdom.

The Queen of England is referred to as "Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom" in Wikipedia (

The Coming Anti-Messiah will be a Prince AND KING—According to Scripture

Yehweh.Org Page: The Anti-MaSHICH (Anti-Christ) Does Not Have to be a PRINCE While H...  - Scripture Also Calls Him a KING [Being Finalised]

The Real Yehushuo/IEUSHUO [Yeh-ooh-shooh-oh] MaSHICH [Masheech] (Messiah) and the Anti-MaSHICH are Both SPROUTS, HEIRS and SONS of a Kingdom. 

The main meanings of the Ancient Hebrew letter that looks like a sprouting seed (called NaN [ika nun]) in the title: "MaLaK WILLIAM E CHaMISHI N UK" are—sprout, heir, son, and descendant.

Yehweh.Org Page: Ancient Hebrew Alphabet Chart [Shows Meanings of Each Letter: including NaN]

Yehushuo eh Mashich / IEUSHUO MaSHICH [eeh-eh-ooh-shooh-oh eh masheech] (ika Jesus the Christ) is—the sprout, heir and son of the Kingdom of ALUEIM (ika Elohim, God).

Similarly the Anti-MaSHICH (Anti-Messiah) will be a sprout, heir and son of XaTHaN's (Satan's) kingdom.

In order for him to be identified before he becomes world-dictator, the REGION he is from must be established.

The English word "OF" in the official title of Queen Elizabeth II indicates that she is an heir (who has inherited the United Kingdom) and DESCENDANT of the United Kingdom.

An heir is a person who inherits or has a right OF inheritance in the property of another

Yehushuo the SPROUT

Yehweh's Son Yehushuo/IEUSHUO is a "sprout".

For evidence for this see:

Yehweh.Org Page Section: "Yehweh's SON IS A "SPROUTING BRANCH" LIKE the NAME of "Joshua" Son of IEUTSaDaQ"—on the Page Evidence for the Name Yehushuo (6 Hebrew Letters).

Yehushuo the HEIR

Yehushuo is currently an heir in the sense that He has the right of inheritance to the rule of the Earth. Once He returns He will be the heir that has inherited the rule of the Earth.

In the parable of the tenants in MaTaTIEU (ika Matthew) 21:28—46, Mark 12:1—12 and Luke 20:9—19 describe how Yehushuo was the "heir of the vineyard". The vineyard was a type and shadow of the Kingdom of Yehweh.

The book of OBaRIM (ika Hebrews) declares Yehushuo as the "heir of all things":

TS98 AH OBaRIM (ika) Hebrews 1:2 has in these last days spoken to us by the Son, whom He has appointed HEIR of all, through whom also He made the ages* [Heir capitalised] [*This verse does not support the pre-existent son doctrine, as it may appear to]

Yehushuo the SON

Yehushuo eh Mashich is the world's most famous SON.

He is referred to in the Authorised Version 1769 (also known as KJV) as the "Son of Man" 197 times, and the "Son of God" 48 times.

"Prince Charles of Wales" in Hebrew Does NOT Equal 666 in Standard Jewish Gematria

The phrase "Prince Charles of Wales" does not add up to 666 in standard Jewish Hebrew gematria, Ancient Greek gematria nor Old English gematria. 

Authors such as Jim Searcy, Tim Cohen, Monte Judah and Tim McHyde (last time I checked) are correct in that the POSITION OF THE Prince of Wales is the most likely candidate for the Anti-MaSHICH—but upon close inspection their gematraic calculations on Charles are flawed.

Searcy used strange gematria.

For example, he used the number 0 for the letter W in the word "Wales". This is even though the letter W famously means 6 in Jewish Hebrew, in pagan numerology and even in English! Many know that www = 666. His calculations are in the image above.

Also he only used standard Jewish Hebrew gematria for five out of a possible 22 letters!. These are aleph/A = 1, he/E = 5, het/H = 8, lamed/L = 30 and nun/N = 50.

The Ancient Hebrew phrase for "Prince Charles" is "NaSHIA CHARLES". This adds up to 925, not 666. This far exceeds 666 if we add the value of each and every letter of these two words in standard Jewish Hebrew gematria.

The two words "Prince Charles" fall short of the number of words used in the phrase used by Searcy which was "Prince Charles of Wales"

NaSHIA (Ancient Hebrew)/Nasich (Modern Jewish Hebrew)/Prince/H5387
N = NaN/Nun = 50
SH = SHaN/Shin = 300
I = ID/Yod = 10
A = AL/Aleph = 1

C = KaP/Kaph = 20
H = CHaTS/Het = 8
A = AL/Aleph = 1
R = RaSH/Resh = 200
L = LaM/Lamed = 30
E = EA/He = 5
S = SHaN/Shin = 300

TOTAL = 925 (≠ 666!)

"King Charles" and "King Charles the 8" Do Not Make 666 Either

King Charles

The Ancient Hebrew phrase for "King Charles" (MaLaK CHARLES) adds up to 654 (90 for MaLaK + 564 for CHARLES) which is 12 numbers too short.

To get 666 we would have to have a two letter word or two single separate letters that equate to 12 in total. These could only be combinations of ID and BaT, THaTH and GaM, CHaTS and DaL, ZaN and EA, or two UUs. None of these combinations would make a phrase as descriptive as "E CHaMISHI N U.K.": which indicates that the man will be fifth king with the same name as himself, that he is an heir, and that he originates from the U.K..

King Charles the 8

The Ancient Hebrew phrase for "King Charles the 8" (MaLaK CHARLES E H) adds up to 667 which is one number too high.

This is even when we don't use the full word for eighth in Ancient Hebrew which is SHaMINI (H8066), and instead use one letter (CHaTS/heth) to represent 8.

Both Prince William and his Wife Kate have 666 on their Official Logos

There is a 666 incorporated in the crowned letter "W" that is Prince William's official logo. This logo is at the top left of the official "Prince William" page published by Clarence House Press Office. This Office represents the members of the royal family.

William's 666 is like the famous 666 in the Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Disney, and Cadbury logos.

When William got married his wife Kate Middleton got her own royal "C" emblem—also with "666" incorporated into it—

He Has Been Seen Making the Satanic Sign of the Horns with his Hand

Conclusion—the Number of the Man King William is 666

Article: Prince William: I’m Ready to Shake Up the Royal Family

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Article Last Updated Feb 9, 2017. First Published Jan 2010.

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