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Jordanian Topography is the Revelation Eagle

Western Jordan's topography is like a bald eagle. The Lisan Peninsula is a white salt bridge across the Dead Sea that is shaped like an eagle's head with its beak facing North. The West Jordan mountains that run North-South are brown and have many feathery valleys like eagle's wings, with many entrances into the ancient area of Edom (Gen 25:30; 32:3; 36:1). Two large valleys head East from the body of the eagle and claws can been seen at the end of these as three-forked sub-valleys. The topography confirms what ISHOIEU (Isaiah) and DaNIAL say about the ancient lands of ADUM, MUAB and OMUN being given to the remnant as a place of refuge in the endtime. This is literal scriptural fulfillment to the enth degree. Only our generation have been able to see this eagle due to the rapidly evaporating Dead Sea. Rev 12:14 And the woman was given two wings of a great eagle, to fly into the wilderness to her place, where she is nourished for a time and times and half a time, from the presence of the serpent.

Lisan Peninsula is Eagle's Head

The Lisan Peninsula is a land bridge of salt stretching the dead sea. It amazingly looks like a white bald-eagle's head, with its beak facing North.

I first read about this idea (in writing only) (of the Lisan peninsula being the eagle's head) from a Messianic woman who used to live in Jordan,
mainly in Aqaba. She also watched the ancient road called the King's Highway (for King Yehwehshwo/IEUESHUO) be restored.

Western Jordanian Mountains are Wings and Two Large Valleys Going East are Legs and Claws

The outside of the wings I have drawn in red (that I mainly traced from a real-life flying eagle) on the image below (click to enlarge), follow the boundary of a geomorphological area which pretty much goes from the highest and flattest parts of Jordan in the east, to the flattest and lowest eastern edge of the Arabah/Jordan Valley floor in the west. This area has the steepest average gradient in Jordan, sloping downhill towards the west.

(I used to be an exploration geologist who used aerial photographs for identifying topographical-geomorphological features for prospecting. Also my Bachelor of Science is in geology and physics (mainly geology), and I was a high-school science (physics [mainly], chemistry, biology and geology) teacher for eight years.)

Petra is UNDER these wings!

Here is another satellite data image showing the Lisan Peninsula (eagle's head) and Wadi Mujib (The ARaNUN (Arnon) Valley). The ARaNUN Valley is the most Northern leg and claw of the Eagle. This valley was the Northern border of ancient MUAB (Moab). In fact the Southern border of MUAB was the other leg of the eagle - namely the ZaRaD (Zered) Valley. The head of the eagle is the white peninsula in the Dead Sea. The view looks South West. Click on the image to access a higher resolution image.

Remnant Shall Walk Across the Eagle's Head

Over the last 35 years the eagle's head has been getting bigger, so much so that it now connects to the other side of the Dead Sea - that is with the State of Israel.

The remnant in living in Judea will use the eagle's head to access Jordan. From Judea they will head south to the Negev (towards Beersheba) and then take an Easterly turn along Israeli highway 31 until they get to the Dead Sea. This is the quickest route from Judea to Jordan.

ISHOIEU and DaNIAL Confirm Location of Protection

Isa 11:14 But they [IEUDE and APaRIM] shall fly down upon the shoulder of the Philistines toward the west; together they plunder the people of the east, their hand stretching forth on ADUM and MUAḆ, and the children of OMUN shall be subject to them.

Dan 11:41 and [the Anti-MaSHICH] shall enter the Splendid Land, and many shall stumble, but these escape from his hand: ADUM, and MUAḆ, and the chief of the sons of OMUN.

Many Scriptural References to Protection Under Eagle's Wings

This is just one scripture that tells us that the IEUE's people are protected by His Eagle's wings.

Conspiracies to Obscure the Eagle?

Most satellite images of the Jordan show its true topographical colour, however there are several overlapping and different shaded sections of this area on Google Earth. This may indicate a conspiracy to hide the eagle. Also the colour of the Lisan Peninsula on Wikipediais light tan, instead of white, which again could indicate doctoring of the true satellite image.


Article Last Updated Oct 10, 2015.

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