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Ancient Hebrew: Hair, Head-Coverings and the Chain of Command

IEUE's men should have short hair (unless they are NaZIRIM [Nazarites]), and pray and prophesy with their heads uncovered. IEUE's women (NaZaRIM and non-NaZIRIM) should have long hair and pray and prophesy with their heads covered. These are all spiritual symbols of the chain of command that IEUE has established under ideal conditions on Earth—that is, except for the hair of both male and female NaZIRIM which represents set-apartness to IEUE (as an unpruned vine [also called a NaZIR] does in the SHaBaTical year, laid out by IEUE through MaSHE [Moses] in UIQaRA [Leviticus] 25:1—7), and overrides the hair being a symbol of the chain of authority. Being holy always comes before being in authority.

Here is an eight page pdf commentary on 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 that attempts to explain why this is so.
Hair, Head-Coverings & the Chain of Command JEM.pdf

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Comment by CONRAD PARRIS on July 9, 2009 at 22:39
1 Corinthians11:2-16.In verses 4 [NIV]"Every man who prays or prophesies with is head covered dishonors his head" verse 7 "A man not ought not to cover his head since he is the image and glory of [God]'' Aleim.Clearly, I see this to mean, not to wear any fabric material or any ''thing'' that hang down over my head such as my hat,turban,cap,or other headgear, ''short hair'' is to cover my head naturally when I pray or prophesy,a woman's hair is not her covering,she is commanded to wear a ''head covering" over her hair and head when she prays or prophesies.I have attended an Orthodox and Jewish Messianic conferences, and I am well aware of their position on the subject, in fact, I use to cover my head when I prayed, when one morning my wife and I were praying, both of us with our ''head coverings'' it so happen that my "head covering"[turban] began to hang down over my shoulders,my wife thought I looked like a woman,I never felt so embarrassed.I was forced to study, especially 1 Corinthians 11:2-11, and especially verses 4 and 7.Rav Shaul would agree, do not cross-dress,do not used a woman's scarf,shawl or woman's head covering [it would be foolish to wear a woman's natural hair as a head covering,she would not let me, not even a wig is permissible] and if the men in Corinth was using their long hair as a veil over their faces when praying that was forbidden, and even though Messianics has mounted a strong defence for a kippah or men's ''head covering" according to the text that is FORBIDDEN when praying or prophesying.IT IS THE CHAIN OF COMMAND IS THE PRIMARY FOCUS OF 1 CORINTHIANS11:2-16.I recognized that there are objections, it is the belief of some that according to Leviticus21:10-11 that the Kohen HaGadol[the High Priest]was never to uncover his head,not even for the death of a relative,therefore Yisraelite men are eternally called to wear head coverings,if they claim to be a royal priesthood of the chosen nation of the Renewed Covenant Yisrael,[Revelation1:6]The High Priest was not to uncover his head,does this means he must not wash is hair from sweat, and if his head covering had blood on it when sacrificing he was not to remove it? Rav Shaul is not making any new ruling that is against the Torah,to say that there is nothing to suggest that Moses and the Prophets removed their headgear, and that the Priests were required to wear turbans [KJV,"bonnets'' when they ministered [see Exodus28:40] Rav Shaul states, remove a man's head covering when praying or prophesying, and when King David fled in disgraced from his long hair son Absalom who later got hanged by it,and David when he fled from Absalom,he "had his head covered,and he went barefoot:and all that were with him covered every man his head"[2 Sam15:30].In the next verse David prayed and Elohim answered his prayer,therefore Elohim answered a dishonored King's prayer with his head covered or uncovered?In Hadasah/Esther 6:12 wicked Haman covered his head in mourning while going to his house.Matthew 4:9[the Restoraton Scriptures]"And said to to Him[Yehwehshuo]All these things will I give You,if You will fall down and worship me and bare Your head to me [Hebrew Shem tov reference;Proof that our Moshiach wore a head covering''. but did the Moshiach covered his head when he prayed to his Father IEUE[YEHWEH]? Is bad art in books ,magazines,movies responsible for how we think what the High Priest wore as a head covering and not a head covering like a donut? The Kings crown that represents power and authority crown on their head,hair was still seen but did they pray to IEUE[YEHWEH] with their crowns on their heads? who says that when a man wears a kippah or a "covering" over his head he is honoring IEUE or remind him of IEUE who is the Higher Authority ''above us''. Do they not know in doing this they are dishonoring their head IEUESHUO.The NIV Bible with its comments along with others have quisted Rav Shaul letters on 1 Corinthians11:2-16.Let me say now that we men come boldly to the throne of favor [with uncovered heads,women not with your natural hair or wig as a covering ,a fabric material over your hair,your head, and all men and women will find help in time of need from your FATHER IEUE.YEHWEH.[Hebrews 4:16]

Comment by Jane E Lythgoe on September 7, 2009 at 16:27

Conrad. I think the doughnut and crown shapes of the KENIM (aka Kohenim) and MaLaKIM (Kings) head-gear was determined by the requirement to pray and prophesy.


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