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The Word "Genesis" Evolved Out of the Ancient Hebrew Phrase "GINE ISHISH" (Old Garden)

The Latin word genesis originally meant "old garden". It evolved out of the Ancient Hebrew phrase "GINE ISHISH" [geen-eh eesh-eesh] for "old garden". Latin and English are ISHaRaALite (Israelite), OBaRI (Hebrew), and SHaMitic (Semitic) languages. This garden was the oldest garden of all—the garden of ODaN (Eden). The word genesis later meant birth in Latin because creation occured in ODaN. The word genesis also may have meant "Isis' Garden" (but not Isis' Genes) to some worshippers of the Egyptian god Isis.

The definition of the word gene as, "the basic physical unit of heredity; a linear sequence of nucleotides along a segment of DNA that provides the coded instructions for synthesis of RNA, which, when translated into protein, leads to the expression of hereditary character." is only very young. It dates only to 1911. It was coined by a Danish Geneticist—Wilhelm Ludvig Johannsen He used the Greek word genea for inspiration.

The Greek word genea means "generation, race", and not gene.

The Greek word genea, and the Latin word genesis come from two Ancient Hebrew words: GINE (meaning garden) and ISHISH (meaning old).

The Ancient Hebrew word GINE [geen-eh] (H1594, AHLB#1060) means garden. Its first syllable sounds like the English and Danish "gene" [jeen], but does not mean (the modern) gene. The English word GardEN retains three of the letters of the Ancient Hebrew word GINE. Over 90% of English words have Hebrew roots—English is an ISHaRaALite, OBaRI, and SHaMitic language.

The Ancient Hebrew word ISHISH [eesh-eesh] (H3453, AHLB#1481) means old. The two S's and the I in the word geneSIS are derived from ISHISH. S was said as SH in Old English. ISHISH means "acting as marble (by having white hair)". SHISH [sheesh] (H7893) means marble, a substance that, in turn, acts like teeth. Both the words ISHISH and SHISH come from the parent (two letter, modifiable) root word SHaSH. This means white, but depending on the context (as many Ancient Hebrew words did—there was no need for vowel-points), also can mean linen (which is naturally very white). SHaSH's meaning is derived from the two identical pictographic core letters it is based on. This letter is named SHaN (aka Modern Jewish Hebrew [MJH] shin). SHaN is of two front teeth—that are white. SHaN, and the rest of the Ancient Hebrew letters are listed in my Ancient Hebrew Alphabet Chart.

The MaTSaRIM (Egyptians) likely derived their name for their god Isis from ISHISH. Isis was a very old god (like ADaM or Father IEUE). To some Latin speaking Isis worshippers genesis (or geneisis, or gine isis) may have meant Isis' garden.

The word genesis is also very similar to the German word gneiss. At least from 1757 CE gneiss has been a type of sparkly metamorphic rock. Geologists regard it as the oldest metamorphic kind of rock. The word gneiss comes from the MHG (Middle High German, the High German language as written and spoken c.1100-c.1500) word gneist for "spark" (so called because the rock glitters). Gneist in turn is from the OHG (Old High German, an ancestor of the modern literary German and English language, spoken in the upland regions of Germany; German language as written and spoken from the the 7th and 6th century BCE (when the greater part of the Cimmerian ISHaRaALites [Celts to the Greeks, Gauls to the Romans] moved into Southern Germany Missing Links in Assyrian Tablets, by E Raymond Capt, p141—142) to c.1100.) word "gneisto", again which means "spark." (

This Old High German word for spark very likely came from the concept of creation, and perhaps birth. The phrase "creative spark" is still common today in English. It has 157 000 Google hits.

The German GNEISS, GNEISt and GNEISto are very likely derived from the Ancient Hebrew phrase "GINE ISHISH", just like GeNESIS. Better still, they retain the first I (eeh) sound from the Ancient Hebrew letter ID (MJH yod), unlike GeNESIS. It may have been possible that the word GeNESIS was written as GeNEISIS, or GINE ISIS in the earliest Latin language.

Latin is an ISHaRaALite, OBaRI, and SHaMitic language, just like English. One of the scriptural character's ZaRaCH's (MJH: Zara's/Zareh's) son's DaRaDO's (Darda's/Dara's) descendants ruled Troy in Greece, after they left Egypt, and Aeneas, the last of the royal blood founded the great Roman Empire in Rome, Italy in about 1300-1200 BCE. It is said that Rome was founded by twin brothers descended from Aeneas in around 750 BC. "According to legend, Rome was founded on April 21, 753 BC by twin brothers descended from the Trojan prince Aeneas." However it is more likely that Rome was founded just after the the destruction of Troy (Siege of Troy) between 1300-1200 BCE. "The Ancient Greeks thought the Trojan War was a historical event that had taken place in the 13th or 12th century BC" It has been proven that many modern Italians have Jewish DNA, specifically in Calabria and Sicily

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Comment by Jane E Lythgoe on January 22, 2010 at 6:08

Kjetil. I include all words from languages that are of OBaRIT derivation as well.


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