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The "Earliest" Depiction of the 10-Lost-Tribe Chiefs: the Behistun Inscription - ca 515 BCE

The Behistun Inscription in Northwestern Iran (Ancient Assyria/Persia) displays the "earliest" known depiction of the chiefs of the "lost" 10 tribes of ISHaRaAL (Israel). The remote cliff-face inscription from around 515 BCE shows Darius the king of Persia majestically standing before 10 men. Nine are united by a rope with their necks and hands fastened behind their backs; and one lays prostrate on his back with the right foot of the king is upon his body. This inscription is an extremely valuable missing link as to where the Northern Kingdom went after their exile to Assyria. This is because: 1) It has much adjacent writing (in three languages) to the characters that refer to the 10 prisoners as both "Sakka" and "Gimiri": from the terms "Gimiri" and "Sakka" came the terms "Celt", "Gaul" and "Saxon", and, 2) The final (tenth) captive Sakka king has a pointed headdress like that in the Black Obelisk which is the "earliest" named-depiction of an ISHaRaALI (Israelite) (namely of, King IEUA [Jehu])—this similarity also being noted by the Biblical archaeologist E. Raymond Capt (author of many Lost-Tribe books including his most acclaimed work, Missing Links Discovered in Assyrian Tablets). Although many of the descendants of the 10 lost tribes had left Assyria by the time the Behistun inscription was made, King Darius was still subduing some ISHaRaLI as he took over Assyria. The depicted prisoners represented his victory over the ISHaRaALI people in general.

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Comment by Jane E Lythgoe on March 10, 2012 at 12:08

To add—

I think—similar to what Steven M. Collins says—our history books are missing so much about the nation of ISHaRaAL (including the major Northern House ISHaRaLI empires: Carthage, Parthia, etc) that it's like we are viewing that last 100 years of modern history through only the eyes of the USSR. Each nation (or group of nations) downplays the strength of other nations to bolster their own power. Modern historians mainly only learn and teach about the pagan major nations of the world: Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, etc (including all the nations of DaNIAL's prophetic statue)—but not ISHaRaAL.

I would say that the Ayatollahs in Iran are fully aware of the Behistun Inscription: much like the Saudi's are aware they have the most likely site of Mt XINI (Sinai) at Jabal Al Lawz—which they have fenced up and protected by their military (like Area 51). There is also certain caves in Saudi Arabia which contain written inscriptions about MaSHE (Moses) and his people's movements which may be Ancient Hebrew. All these countries leaders don't want the truth to be told entirely.

This is all I believe because we have the father of lies / prince of the power of the air influencing so much of this age.


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