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Audio MP3 Review: Speeches [on the 10 Lost Tribes] by Steven M Collins ✮✮✮✮✩

Along with E Raymond Capt and Yair Davidiy (of BritAm)—the American Steven M Collins has provided a plethora of valuable research on the identity of the 10 lost tribes of ISHaRaAL (Israel). He has authored many detailed: books, articles, speeches, and blog posts—all documenting the migrations, kingdoms and locations of the Biblical ten tribes of Israel after their exile from the Promised Land. His work also includes information on: the lost tribes in prophecy, pre-Columbus visits to America by the Hebrews (the Native American Indians were not originally bloodline Hebrew as some like the Mormons teach, although the Hebrews heavily influenced and intermingled slightly with the Indians), salvation, ancient man, and various other topics. He has 16 free audio MP3s available for live listening or download on his website. These altogether play for almost 16 hours (great for long road trips)! Mr Collins is an excellent public speaker. His pace, tone and articulation are of a extremely high standard. He does not have a "preacher's monotone". Nor does he tend to repeat himself nor labour points, but assumes the listener has a fair IQ and presents his ideas fluidly and logically with many scripture references to boot. We do not agree with everything he teaches, but at least 80% of what he offers we think is true, especially concerning the identity of the lost tribes. If you want to download (not just listen live to) his MP3s for later use we suggest you use the links provided below with the Firefox browser. This is because most of his audio links will automatically play in a media-player connected to the internet otherwise. To save each MP3 to your computer: 1) Click on the link, 2) Pause the player that appears, and, 3) In the main menu area of the browser select "Save Page As...". Thank you Mr Collins for all your hard work, it has not been in vain!

Links to Download MP3s (Using Firefox)

  1. Is the United States of America in Bible Prophecy? — [51:00]
  2. History that is taught by a truth seeker — [50:20]
  3. Are you one of the lost tribes? — [50:18]
  4. Lost Empires of Israel — [01:44:54]
  5. How Many Will God Save? — [58:55]
  6. USA in Prophecy — [33:01]
  7. The Tamar Yonah show for Tuesday - Hour 1 — [46:59]
  8. The Tamar Yonah show for Tuesday - Hour 2 — [47:33]
  9. Were There Jewish Settlements in America BEFORE Columbus? — [47:29]
  10. The Forgotten History of the Ten Tribes — [52:46]
  11. The Ten Tribes of Israel in Prophecy — [01:08:49]
  12. Ezekiel 38-39 Prophecy — [01:03:17]
  13. As it Was in the Days of Noah — [46:40]
  14. Ten Tribes Part 1 — [01:20:34]
  15. Ten Tribes Part 2 — [30:38]
  16. Lost Ten Tribes Found — [01:52:00]

Article Last Updated Apr 4, 2012.

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