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Ancient Hebrew Did Have Vowel-Letters - and They Were Unchangeable

The Ancient Hebrew alphabet did have unchangeable, secure and non-quiescent vowel-letters. There were five, named: AL [al], EA [eh-ah], ID [eed], ON [on], and UU [ooh-ooh]. They were pictographic and were derived from real-life everyday objects that surrounded Ancient Hebrew nomadic peoples: 1) AL was an ox-head, 2) EA was a man with arms raised, 3) ID was a hand and arm, 4) ON was an eye, and 5) was a tent peg. These letters correspond exactly to the English vowel-letters: A [ah], E [eh], I [ee], O [oh], and U [oo] - as well as basic vowel-letters of numerous major modern alphabets. Many of these alphabets evolved out of the "mother" Ancient Hebrew alphabet - including English. The unchangeable vowel-letters also correspond to the Modern Jewish Hebrew letters named: aleph, heh, yod, waw and ayin. However, the sounds of these letters are very quiescent (changeable), making them: nightmarishly complicated to learn, inconsistent, nonsensical, schizophrenic and actually mad. It's almost certain they've been corrupted - and that evil elite scribes have made a complete mess of perfectly plain and simple vowel-letters.

The Madness of Modern (Non-Ancient) Jewish Quiescent (Changeable) Letters

  1. Aleph can be: silent, A, E, I, O, U, and/or "soft guttoral*".
  2. Heh can be: silent, or the soft (non hard-[ch/hh/kh]) H.
  3. Yod can be: silent, or the I/Y [eeh] (which is wrongly taught as a consonant, because Y is actually a vowel sound).
  4. Waw can be: silent, W/U [ooh] (pointed with a shureq in the middle) (again, which is wrongly taught as a consonant sound, because W is a vowel sound), O (vowel-pointed with a cholem over it), or V (a non-vowel-pointed true consonant).
  5. Ayin can be: A, E, I, O, U, and/or "rough guttoral*".

Reference: Rev D. Stewart (1882). A Hebrew Grammar.

(*) Guttoral means throaty: made by the closing of the back of the throat; guttoral is not a deep vowel made from breathing from the stomach (like during singing). The English language lacks guttoral sounds - but non-ancient Jewish Hebrew overdoes them (especially by turning non-guttoral vowel-letters into guttorals).

Article Last Updated May 5, 2012.

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