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12 Reasons Why The Name IEUE [Yehweh] Was NOT Known Before MaSHE (Moses)

The Name IEUE was NOT known before MaSHE (Moses). The only reason why the tetragrammaton is written in verses set in the time before the life of MaSHE is because overeager scribes have put it there. Exodus 6:3 is not a question. The authors of the Scriptures 98 have ignored basic Hebrew grammar and changed the order of the Hebrew words. More literal versions know their grammar. The verse does not say "And by My Name, יהוה, AND AL-SHaDI was I not known to them?" ABaREM, ITSaHaQ and IOQaB called on the Name AL SHaDI. The context of Exo 6:3 is IEUE reminding MaSHE that IEUE Was WITH MaSHE. Exodus three was perfect time for IEUE to reveal His Name. There was no other incident like the burning bush BEFORE MaSHE. Ancient Hebrew inscriptions from time of slavery Use AL, not IEUE. MaSHE would only have asked for the Name if he needed It. There are no place names with IEU/IEUE in them before MaSHE. There are hardly ANY people names with IEU/IEUE in them before MaSHE. The real reason why backslidden ancient Hebrews used the word IA (YAH) was because SHaTHaN has tried to copy IEUE from day one.

1) The Authors of The Scriptures Version 1998 Have Ignored Basic Hebrew Grammar

Exodus 6:3 is a statement not a question. It is taught by some that SHaMUT (Exodus) 6:3 is a question. They usually use The Scriptures 1998 Version to support their theory. Here is the verse they quote -

Exo 6:3 “And I appeared to Aḇraham, to Yitsḥaq, and to Yaʽaqoḇ, as Ěl Shaddai. And by My Name, יהוה, was I not known to them?

Now, here is the Hebrew from the Westminster Leningrad Codex. Click to enlarge.

A very simple LITERAL translation of this verse then gives us -

"and I am appearing to ABaREM, to ITSaHaQ, to IOQAB, IN AL Who Suffices, and name of me IEUE NOT I was known to them."

Note the order. In the Hebrew the word "NOT" which is LA (H3808) is placed BEFORE the words "I was known to them". This is absolutely essential in understanding this verse.

Putting the word "LA" before something that was or is not, is the STANDARD Hebrew Grammatical method for saying that something was NOT. They put the word LA before the object or event or fact that was NOT. For example the ten commandments in SHaMUT chapter 20.

3 NOT he shall become to you ALEIM other ones on faces of me

4 NOT you shall make for you carving and any representation which in the heavens from above and which in the earth from beneath and which in the waters from beneath to the earth

5 NOT you shall bow down yourself and NOT you shall be made to serve them that I IEUE ALEIM of you AL jealous visiting depravity of fathers on third generations and on fourth generations to ones hating of me

7 NOT you shall take up Name of IEUE ALEIM of you for the futility that NOT he shall hold innocent IEUE who he is taking up name of Him for the futility

13 NOT you shall murder

14 NOT you shall commit adultery

15 NOT you shall steal

16 NOT you shall answer in associate of you testimony of falsehood

17 NOT you shall covet house of associate of you , NOT you shall covet woman of associate of you and servant of him and maidservant of him and bull of him and donkey of him and any which to associate of you

The words "I was known" in Exo 6:3 is the Hebrew NUDOTI (H3045). However what we see in the Scriptures 98 version is the word LA placed WITHIN, that is in the middle of the phrase NUDOTI, and not in front of it as the Hebrew version says.

If the authors of The Scriptures Version had applied their "question" logic to the ten commandments we would get something like -

3 Shall you NOT come to have other ALEIM in preference to Me?

4 Shall you NOT make for yourself a carving nor any representation of that in the heavens above or that on the earth beneath, or that in the waters beneath the earth?

5 Shall you NOT bow yourself down to them, nor be made to serve them, for I, IEUE your ALEIM, am a jealous AL, visiting the depravity of the fathers on the sons, on the third and on the fourth generation, to those hating Me?

7 Shall you NOT take up the name of IEUE your ALEIM for futility, for IEUE shall not hold innocent him who takes up His name for futility? (Ironically I think they have kept this commandment - according to their logic!)

13 Shall you NOT murder?

14 Shall you NOT commit adultery?

15 Shall you NOT steal?

16 Shall you NOT not answer against your associate with false testimony?

17 Shall you NOT covet the house of your associate? Shall you NOT covet the wife of your associate, his field, his servant or his maidservant, his bull, his donkey or anything which is your associate's?

2) More Literal Versions Know Their Grammar

All other literal versions I have read all have translated this as a statement - see below. I know of only ONE bible version that translates Exo 6:3 as a question - that is The Scriptures Version 1998.

(LITV) And I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob as God Almighty, and by My name JEHOVAH I have NOT been known to them.

(YLT) and I appear unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, as God Almighty; as to My name Jehovah, I have NOT been known to them;

(CLV) and I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob as the El-Who-Suffices; as to My name Yahweh, I was NOT fully realized by them.

3) The Verse Does Not Say "And by My Name, יהוה, AND AL-SHaDI was I not known to them?"

If Exodus 6:3 was a question used by IEUE re-affirm what He revealed to ABaREM, ITSaHaQ and IOQaB then the verse would have read -

“And I did I NOT appear to ABaREM, ITSaHaQ and IOQaB as AL SHaDI AND by my Name IEUE?"

The very fact that the Hebrew LA (NOT) is in the Hebrew placed BEFORE the phrase, "I was known to them" and not AT THE VERY BEGINNING of THE VERSE (like in the ten commandments) means that the title "AL SHaDI" WAS known to his fathers, but on the other hand "IEUE" was NOT known to MaSHE's fathers.

4) ABaREM, ITSaHaQ and IOQaB Called on the Name AL SHaDI

Exodus 6:3 actually tells us what MaSHE's fathers called IEUE. They called him AL-SHaDI which means "mighty teat" or "mighty provider".

This is confirmed because we see the word SHaDI used in scripture only about 26 times, and MOST of these instances the word is found in GENESIS or JOB. Genesis and Job were initially written in pre-MaSHE times.

IEUE was teaching the Fathers of MaSHE about PROVIDENCE through the title AL SHaDI. Can you imagine how they felt when EVERY GREEN THING and ANIMAL had been WIPED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH by the GREAT FLOOD?

Later on when MaSHE needed to know IEUE was WITH him, IEUE decided to reveal His Name to MaSHE (more on that later).

CLV Gn 28:3 And AL-Who-Suffices will bless you and make you fruitful and increase you, and you shall become an assembly of peoples.

The Name of the Lord to SHaT therefore (Seth) WAS AL SHaDI or AL.

Strictly speaking the words AL SHaDI are a title or temporary "label" of IEUE, not his one and only name. It is in this sense that SHaT called upon the "name of the Lord" (Gen 4:26). It should therefore read -

"And to SHaT, to him also a son was born. And he called his name ANUSH. Then it was begun to call on the Name of AL SHaDI."

Likewise all other similar verses before MaSHE where the Name of the "Lord' is called on (eg BaR 12:8) should say "AL SHaDI" instead of the tetragrammaton.

5) The Context of Exo 6:3 is IEUE Reminding MaSHE that IEUE Was WITH MaSHE

The context of Exodus 6:3 is about IEUE AFFIRMING that HE is STILL WITH MaSHE in order to encourage him to do IEUE's will. The start of Exodus 3 is all about IEUE telling MaSHE to be courageous. In Exo 5:22-23 MaSHE asks IEUE "why have You (IEUE) done evil to this people [the Hebrews], Why did you send ME? For ever since I came to Pharoah to speak IN YOUR NAME, he has done evil to your people. And You have not delivered your people at all."

In Exodus six IEUE is reminding MaSHE of the incident they both had together at the burning bush (Exodus three) - where MaSHE was so doubtful that he himself could help lead the slaves out of Egypt - that IEUE decided to reveal His Name FIRSTLY to him.

6) Exodus Three Was Perfect Time for IEUE to Reveal His Name

MaSHE was doubting if he could lead the children of ISHaRaAL out of Egypt. What he wanted to know deep down was whether IEUE would help him, and BE WITH him while he did it. IEUE in pictographic Hebrew means "He Is and Is" or "He Exists And Exists", in other word He was REAL and therefore WITH MaSHE. This was therefore the PERFECT time for IEUE to reveal His Name to the World.

MaSHE asked ALEIM "Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh, and that I should bring the children of ISHaRaAL out of MaTSaRIM (Egypt)?" (Exo 3:11).

IEUE replied, Because I AM WITH YOU. And THIS is to YOU a SIGN that I have SENT YOU (verse 12).

A Name is a MARK. IEUE gave his Name as a MARK to MaSHE that IEUE EXISTED and WAS.

Imagine if you had to lead millions of people out of Hitler's concentration camps. You would want to know that your Creator was with you, wouldn't you?!

7) No Other Incident Like the Burning Bush BEFORE MaSHE

Exodus chapter three is about IEUE revealing His Name to MaSHE, and commanding MaSHE to tell the children of ISHaRaAL what the Name is. NEVER BEFORE in scripture do we see a person ask ALEIM what his Name is and have a face to face discussion about it with IEUE. We see no instances in scripture where IEUE even explains the MEANING (I Am And Am) of his name pre-MaSHE. There was no real need for IEUE to reveal His Name until this time. No-one else before then had needed IEUE's companionship like MaSHE.

8) Ancient Hebrew Inscriptions from Time of Slavery Use AL, not IEUE

We see only ancient Hebrew inscriptions in mines in Egypt with "AL" written in them and not "IEUE". For example Serabit el-Khadim, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt

(4:09) This is a History Channel excerpt from the programme The Naked Archaeologist. It shows an ancient Hebrew inscription that is about 3500 years old. It is situated in an old slave mine called Serabit el-Khadim in the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt.

The inscription reads, "AL - Save Me", and not "El - Save Me" as he erroneously points out. An aleph was said as an "A" or "ah" sound, just like it does in English, Greek and Arabic today - it is not a silent letter.

Here is another ancient Hebrew inscription with the word "AL" in it.

For more ancient Hebrew inscriptions see the Virtual Museum of Early Hebrew by the Ancient Hebrew Research Center.

9) MaSHE Would Only Have Asked for the Name if He Needed It

MaSHE would have NO NEED to ASK IEUE what his Name is if MaSHE knew it previously. Here is the scripture in which he asks -

Exo 3:13 And MaSHE said to ALEIM, “See, when I come to the children of ISHaRaAL and say to them, ‘The ALEIM of your fathers has sent me to you,’ and they say to me, ‘What is His Name?’ what shall I say to them?”

MaSHE was a devout man (thus why IEUE used him) and it would have been highly unlikely that he would have forgotten the Name of His Creator – nor INSULT IEUE for asking him a question he could have asked his righteous family. His great-uncle was IEUEXaP (Joseph). MaSHE was a close relative of Joseph. MaSHE's lineage was not doubt well known amongst the ISHaRaALite slaves which is partly why they followed him.

MaSHE HAD to ask for the Name of IEUE because the Pharaoh and the Egyptians worshipped a multitude of pagan "gods" each with a different name.

"The Egyptians worshipped many pagan gods. They assigned to each of these gods a name that represented its specific characteristics" The Illustrated Guide to Bible Customs & Curiosities, George Knight.

MaSHE needed a name to use before Pharaoh to distinguish his Hebrew ALEIM from all the other ALEIM, and that his ALEIM was superior to the rest. MaSHE had learned Egyptian magic and science and knew that you can conjure up a being by knowing their name. This is why it is important to know the Name and pronounce it correctly.

However IEUE invented mantras though, not the pagans.

“They [mantras] are primarily used as spiritual conduits, words or vibrations that instill one-pointed concentration in the devotee.”

So just as MaSHE requested, IEUE gave him just what he needed - in His usual style - the name of all names. IEUE - the AL (God) who actually exists, that is the real ALEIM.

10) No Place Names With IEU/IEUE in them Before MaSHE

There are some place names named before MaSHE which all have the title "AL" embedded into them but not IEU/IEUE. For example BIT-AL (Bethel) (which means House of AL/God), BIT ARaBaAL (bêyth 'arbê'l) (which means house of God's ambush), ISHaRaAL (yiśrâ'êl) (he will rule as God), MaGaDaL-AL (migdal-'êl) tower of God.

11) Hardly ANY People Names With IEU/IEUE in them Before MaSHE

There are NO descendants of ADaM and CHUE (Eve) who had the name IEU/IEUE embedded into their names EXCEPT PERHAPS Joseph (MaSHE's great uncle, H3084 & H3130) with its longest form as IEUXaP (in the Westminster Leningrad Codex) and Jochebed (MaSHE's mother) with her longest form IUKaBaD (H3115).

The other 99% of the descendants of ADaM and CHUE until MaSHE do not have a trace of the Name IEUE. Although some ISHaRaALites may have guessed what IEUE's Name was, the elite amongst them didn't know for sure which is EXACTLY WHY MaSHE ASKED IEUE what IEUE's Name was.

Within a year of IEUE revealing His Name to MaSHE He commanded the children of ISHaRaAL to embed His Name into their Names.

Num 6:27 [IEUE speaking to MaSHE in the wilderness] “Thus they shall put My Name on the children of ISHaRaAL, and I Myself shall bless them.”

There is then a sudden explosion of "IEU"-names (IEU as a prefix or suffix) AFTER MaSHE. If IEUE would have wanted His name well and truly on record before MaSHE He would have commanded ADaM and CHUE (Eve) to put His name on their children - or even on them in ODaN (Eden) - but He didn't.

12) The Real Reason Why Backslidden Ancient Hebrews Used the Word IA (YAH)

The reason why there are so many pagan gods called YAH is NOT because this was the name used for IEUE from the beginning but because SHaTHaN has from day one tried to replace and imitate the true Creator YEH.

There is MUCH evidence from Cuneiform tablets found in Babylon and Syria that the Sumerians worshipped a false god called IA. 1000 years before IEUEXaP (Joseph) was in Egypt (around 3000 BCE - NaH's (Noah's) time) they worshipped IA (Ee-Yah)/EA (Ee-Yah) the fish god (aka Enki), who was the god of water, semen, and satanic craftiness. Here is seal that shows this water god. He was in fact probably a fallen MaLaAK (angel) who could shape-shift. In the Sumerian stories IA was a character very similar to our Creator.

Some backslidden Hebrews worshipped this Sumerian god IA (Yah). This is evident from pagan Cuneiform tablets found in the Syrian town of Ebla that were written in Hebrew. PAGAN means the context that the word "IA" was found in was OPPOSED to the teachings of scripture.

The fact that the Cuneiform script was used further proves that the Hebrews had BORROWED the false god IA from the Sumerians and not vice versa. Cuneiform was not the oldest alphabet. Ancient Hebrew was. ABaREM used ancient Hebrew NOT cuneiform. Cuneiform (wedge) inscriptions actually evolved out of ancient Hebrew (and not vice versa). Early Cuneiform is pictographic and evolved out of ancient Hebrew pictographs. The wedge shapes came later.


The name IEUE was NOT known to ABaREM (Abraham), ITSaHaQ (Isaac) and IOQaB (Jacob) before MaSHE. IEUE chose to reveal only His characteristic of providence to them. Later when IEUE wanted to show MaSHE how that IEUE was WITH MaSHE and ALL OF US, and that IEUE was REAL and EXISTING, he revealed His Name at the Burning Bush. The reason why there are so many pagan gods called YAH is NOT because this was the name used for IEUE from the beginning but because SHaTHaN has from day one tried to replace and imitate the true Creator YEHWEH.

Extra #1: Why ADaM and CHUE (Eve) Did NOT Know IEUE's Name

No Burning Bush Type Event in Genesis

If ADaM and CHUE were given IEUE's Name scripture would be very clear on this matter, just as it is when MaSHE had the experience at the burning bush. We would see a LARGE and MEMORABLE incident in BaRaASHIT (Genesis) whereby IEUE declares His Name to ADaM and CHUE. IEUE takes great pride in His Name and for Him to announce it to anyone would be a BIG thing - a very special EVENT. The fact that scripTURE is silent says a LOT.

No Mention IEUE's Name Had Been Lost Between ADaM and MaSHE

If the SHaMIM (Semites) had then LOST the Name between ADaM and MaSHE then that would have been a BIG DEAL to IEUE and would have been mentioned in scripture also. But we don't see any mention of a Name being given nor do we see any statement that says that MaSHE's ancestors lost the name so he then had to ask IEUE for it. Again, the fact that scripTURE is silent says a LOT.

Still Not Enough Names With IEUE in the Pre-MaSHE (Pre-Moses)

There is just so little usage of a combination of two or more letters of IEUE's name before MaSHE, for IEUE's name to have been known. If IEUE wanted all of his people from DAY ONE carrying His name (or part thereof), then ADaM would be called IEUADaM and CHUE would be called "CHIEU"—or similar. Then say, if ADaM really wanted to honour IEUE, ADaM would have named His Sons QINIEU (Cain-IEU) and EBaLIEU (Abel-IEU)—or along those lines.

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