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The English Word "TRUE" Means "Boundaries of IEUE [Yehweh]" (IEUE's Law)

Last updated Sep 6, 2010.

The word "true" once included the word IEUE. In Old English "true" was "tr-ieue". It means the "boundaries of IEUE".

True is Old English "Triewe"

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary "true" was once said as "triewe".

Definition of "true" at Online Etymology Dictionary
O.E. triewe (W.Saxon)..."faithful, trustworthy,"

"W" has Same Sound as the ancient Hebrew Letter "UU"

"Iewe" is the same as "Ieue". The letter "W" an "ooh" sound. See the Evolution of the Letter "U" for more.

"TR" Means "Border" or "Boundaries"

"TR" in ancient Hebrew (Ancient Hebrew Lexicon (AHLB) 1503) actually means a "border". It was probably pronounced as "TaR".

TR-IEUE means "Boundaries of IEUE"

TR = borders/boundaries

Only IEUE's Boundaries are True

The word true probably came about because it is related to the TURE (Torah).

The TURE are the "boundaries or borders that secure people's lives". See Meaning of TURE (Torah) in Ancient Hebrew.

The TR-IEUE then more specifically mean the "borders, boundaries or laws of IEUE".

Only IEUE's boundaries (laws) are true, not just any boundaries.

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