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The English Letter "U" is from the Ancient Hebrew Letter Named "UU"

In progress | Last updated Sep 6, 2010.

The English transliteration of the letter "vav" or "waw" is the letter "U", or "W", and is said as an "ooh". In the Old English alphabet there was no "V" sound. The Old English alphabet only had an "ooh" sound, which was written with the symbol "V". This letter evolved from the ancient Hebrew letter "UU", via Latin, Celtic, Galgolithic and Cyrillic. "UU" was an ancient picture-letter of a tent-peg.

The Romans used the "ooh" sound for their Latin letter shaped "V". (Today there is still no "V" sound in Latin - ask any Latin Teacher).

The English alphabet has been primarily shaped by seven sets of Hebrew peoples. See English Alphabet Shaped by Hebrews Only. Thus the "V" shape came directly from the ancient Hebrew "Y"-(tent-peg)-shaped letter called "UU".

Later in English the "V" sound took over the "ooh" sound of the "V" shape. The letter "U" was invented to now have the "ooh" sound. (Modern Hebrew adopted the "V" sound around the same time that English did. Ancient Hebrew had no "V" sound.)

Next the short "uh" sound took over the "ooh" sound of the "U shape". The letter "W" was then invented to now have the sound "ooh".

"W" was first written as "UU". Its bears its Hebrew origins "on its forehead". It was literally two "U"s. The name of the letter "W" (double U) is exactly the same as the name of the ancient Hebrew letter "UU" (modern Hebrew waw/vav). This pictograph was of a tent-peg and the name of the letter (UU) means "attachment".

To complicate things even more (as SHaTHaN likes to do), he made the "ooh" sound into two "o"s as in "oo", in the English language. For example in the word "hook".

Amazingly though the ancient Hebrew sound of "U" is preserved in this very word (hook). As a "hook" is an attachment, and the ancient pictograph for the letter "UU" is of a tent peg and means attachment.

So, in summary today we have in English
The letter U said as "ooh" or "uh"
The letter V said as "V"
The letter W said as "ooh"

and in ancient Hevrew they had:
the letter "uu" (tent peg) said as "ooh"

[More in preparation]

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