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Reading IS Fellowship - How the Remnant Have Survived

Last updated Sep 6, 2010.

The remnant has only survived due to getting the wisdom of many people through reading books and websites from hundreds of authors. IEUE is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Pew-sitters trusting in a handful of pastors are extremely limited in their personal growth. IEUE reveals His Name only to those who want it with ALL their heart.

Thank IEUE He sent us His Scriptures. He foreknew that when if all else failed (our leaders, churches and government) that His Word would enable us to go mind to mindwith Him, and that the books and internet would enable us to fellowship across the Earth.

Until the remnant is gathered from their dispersion to first, ISHaRaAL, then later the place of safety (under the influence of the two authentic end-time prophets) they will have mainly scripture, books and the internet to learn from and fellowship through.

Although reading is an "incomplete" form of learning and fellowship on its own, its power is still adequate to save our beings and revive our hearts. There is also the advantage of being able to think before responding to brothers and sisters in our emails, comments and discussions - which can usually prevent the heartache of erroneous rash responses.

John Taylor-Gatto in his An Underground History of American Education describes reading this way -

"Reading is the skeleton key for all who lack a personal tutor of quality"

"in the absence of a perfect universal [human] mentor, books and other texts are the best and cheapest stand-ins, always available to those who look"

"Close reading of tough-minded writing is still the best, cheapest, and quickest method known for learning to think for yourself.

"Reading teaches nothing more important than the state of mind in which you find yourself absolutely alone with the thoughts of another mind, a matchless form of intimate rapport available only to those with the ability to block out distraction and concentrate."

"Once you trust yourself to go mind to mind with great intellects, artists, scientists, warriors and philosophers, you are finally free."

In Conclusion

Lets thank IEUE for the bibles, books and internet media He has given us.

Since IEUE is the Master intellect of them all we ought to be grateful for the best books of all - our bibles - even if we are still trying to perceive His autograph (original words) correctly through them.

May these media be our mine, the pages our bore-holes, and the truthful words our nuggets. May IEUE be our compass at the same time, directing us to the veins of pure gold.

May we dissect each word, sentence and paragraph of each webpage or book. Then chew it (over time), and then and either accept or reject it - for it is not enough these days to accept one person's views in their entirety, for none of us have 100% truth in our heads.

Geologists call the unwanted rock in an ore "gangue". May we eliminate the gangue and collect the gold as far as we prayerfully can!

"To pray well is the better half of study."
Martin Luther

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