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The Queen's English

I have tried as much as possible to say the letters (and names of the letters) of the Sacred Names using the sound of "The Queen's" or "BBC" English, even though I have a New Zealand accentfor the remainder of my explanation.

I have used the Queen's Englishmainly because:

1) Over 70% of the descendants of IOQAB (Jacob) now speak English, and not Modern Hebrew, and

2) Rulers (royalty) generally dictate how commonersspeak

Modern Hebrew Words: Good, Modern Hebrew Pronunciation: Not So Good

I'm not saying here that the words of the English language are more superior than modern Hebrew words. (Although, apparently, over 70% of all English words have Hebrew roots, and Welsh is almost a dead match for Hebrew - according to Raymond E Capt, Missing Links in Assyrian Tablets). Modern Hebrew words are almost all the same as ancient Hebrew words. The combination of modern Hebrew letters in each word is ancient Hebrew to the core (or root!).

What I am saying is that the pronunciation of the modern Hebrew alphabet is less reliable than the English and Greek alphabets in the determination of ancient Hebrew letter sounds. Most of this has been stated on the main page of YehSpace, but I'll reiterate and expand a little on this.

Only 8% of Israelites Speak Modern Hebrew

Today, only about eight percent of bloodline ISHaRaAL (Israel - the people, not the State) speak modern Hebrew. This ought to be be placed in perspective, if we really want to unlock the Name of the Creator.

There are five alphabets in use today that have evolved out of ancient Hebrew, which have been used by ISHaRaALites. Here they are in order of the number of users (most users first):

1) English
2) Greek
3) Arabic
4) Modern Hebrew
5) Syriac Aramaic

Modern Hebrew has been heavily influenced by Shephardic (Spanish) Jews who lived for many centuries in Spain before moving to the State of Israel. Spain is where modern Hebrew gets its "F" and "V" sounds from. Ancient Hebrew didn't have these sounds. Besides it's illogical to have a letter with the sound "B" and "V", when you could have just had two letters, one for each sound to start with. IEUE would have invented a new letter (in Eden - where Ancient Hebrew originated) if He wanted a "V", or an "F". Most other letters have one sound. It would be inconsistent for Him to make exceptions to this rule - especially for the letters that His Name is comprised of.

Rabbis More Holy?

Ahh, but I hear you say, the Rabbis are more "holy" and have been given the job of looking after the oracles of IEUE. Yes, IEUEDE (Judah) have been entrusted with the scriptures. Yes, they've done a fairly good job of preserving the letters (bar the full Sacred Names), but the scripture says that some of them (evil ones) have conspired to cause us to forget the Father's Name, and have superimposed their idols onto the pronunciation of the sacred Name (using vowel-points). Many of us know how creative they've been over the millennia with their in their oral Halacha (man-made laws) - especially if we've read books like Avi ben Mordechai's Galatians Commentary.

First we had to get rid of "Lord" and "God", now perhaps the pronunciation of modern Hebrew (or at least a good part of it). Modern Hebrew's pronunciation methods ought to be critically questioned in light of the history of it's speakers. Modern Hebrew's words are pretty ancient, but we ought not assume that the correct sounds have been passed down, generation to generation for the last 4000 years. Lest we forget the Orthodox Jewish "Faith" is highly anti-MaSHICH. They're still waiting for their "Mashiach".

I'm afraid in our attempt to be zealous for ISHaRaAL (Israel) some of us have grabbed the bull's horns too tightly. We are not at the end of our cautiousness yet. We cannot rest in our attempts to check, verify, and check again. We can't just transfer all of our trust from one group or organisation to another. Each group of people brings both truth and lies to our world these days, and each and every person has truth and lies in their heads (including me). There is a real need for us to become historians if we really want to progress in the Sacred Name matter. Far too many of us are tunneled in on the modern State of Israel (which should be called the Modern State of Judah or IEUEDE, more correctly).

We ought to make the most of the internet while it lasts. We've never had so much information on history and religion, even though the list of potential Sacred Names can be dizzying, for some of us at times.

"Oh but the Romans and Greeks are pagans". Yes, there have been Romans and Greeks who are pagan, but these have been just as evil as certain IEUEDIM (Jews) who have also conspired to conceal the Names. We could spend a very long time actually, debating which alphabet is "holier" than the other. So in in this case it mainly boils down to a numbers game. Simply put, there are more people using English and Greek today amongst ISHaRaAlites, so we should use good old-fashioned scientific "sampling". The bigger the sample the more accurate the results. (Of course majority-rules does not apply to all questions about the scriptures. If so, we'd all still be calling the Son Jesus (!), but, in this case we ought to follow the majority because the modern Hebrew alphabet is only used by the minority of the people ISHaRaAL, and the scriptures prophesise about the Jewish scribes working ruin. Also you only need to look at the Evolution of the English Alphabet Chart once to see the striking similarity of the English alphabet with the ancient Hebrew alphabet...the list goes on).

Some of us are less scientific than others. Unfortunately though in order to rightly divide the Word we have to be scientific to an extent. We have to evaluate evidence and come to a conclusion about the reliability of an idea or theory based on its probability. There are soo many lies out there in this world. We live in a mine field of deceit. We ought to be very careful about how we dissect the Word. It's not enough simply to have "scriptural" evidence to support a theory. That scripture must be critically analysed as far as possible. SHaTHaN used the Word on IEUESHUO to attack Him. These days we know the scriptures are the authority. Our problem is uncovering the meanings of the righteous scribes and calligraphers who wrote the autographs (original inscriptions and manuscripts).

Again, the main page outlines the main groupings of evidence for the Names IEUE and IEUESHUO. Please feel free to peruse all my articles and links, to make up your own mind on the probability of my theory. Do your own research, verify if what I say is true, question me (nicely please), and continue to be the good Berean that you are.

My Experience with the Queen's English

I say the following not to boast but to explain why I feel my attempt of pronouncing English is reasonable.

I've lived in England for a total of 13 years. I'm a British Citizen and was born in England. I went to a private school in the Royal County of Berkshire. My school was several miles from where Queen Elizabeth II lives for several months of the year (Windsor Castle). Every year we used to make union jacks (UK flags) and cheer the Royal Family (Prince Charles, Diana, the Queen, Fergie, Duke of Edinburgh, etc) along as they drove, horse and carriage to the Ascot Races. Then I lived in the town of Windsor itself in 2003. In addition, every day I listen to the BBC World Radio Service.

I don't actually have a very strong Kiwi accent (believe it or not). It's more British than other many other Kiwi's accents. Also Aucklanders are renown for having a "snottier" accent than less cosmopolitan areas in NZ. But my accent is besides the point, as we shall see.

Absolute Sound, Just Like Absolute Truth

The letters of the Sacred Names come from universal sounds, that are common to all languages. The sounds might have different symbols (or groups of symbols) across languages and across accents within one language, but they are still the same sounds made by the human vocal tract. They're absolute (just like IEUE himself!). The five vowels of ancient Hebrew are based on the five purest, single vowels, listed in every phonetics book.

The human vocal tract forms a shape that is so precise for each sound, that the mouth and throat can be modeled using man-made tubes.

"The way humans form recognizable speech from a bit of air pressure and tissue motion is unique. We share many qualities with our animal brethren as far as producing sound is concerned, but none have the ability to phonate as long and steadily as we are capable of."

Accents can cause one letter to have several sounds. An American may pronounce the letter "e" differently to how a Kiwi says the letter "e", but each person can both make the same sound, they just call that sound a different letter!. No matter what letter we call it, each and every sound can be categorised based on its general waveform. Human sounds each have a unique sound waveform (or wave-shape).Actors know this. They can speak in different accents because they know that there are absolute sounds.

What makes letters unique from other letters is the shape of the sound waveform. This is called the quality, or timbre of the sound resonating in the mouth. Each letter is made up of several waves, or overtones (each of a different frequency) combining to make this overall waveform that can be viewed on an oscilloscope. The number and frequency of the overtones/waves combining determines the timbre of a sound. One dominant wave will determine the note of the letter.

If one person said the five vowels consecutively, each letter at the same note. The dominant wave (or frequency) of each letter would be the same for each letter, but each letter would have a different number of overlapping waves combining, or, overtones.

"For example, timbre is what, with a little practice, people use to distinguish the saxophone from the trumpet in a jazz group, even if both instruments are playing notes at the same pitch [note] and amplitude [volume]."

Overtones can also be caused by a person's uniquely shaped mouth and/or voice box. However, a core set of overtones still exists for each letter, no matter which person who says it. Therefore each ancient Hebrew letter, no matter who it is said by, has generally the same overall wave-form or wave-shape.

In conclusion, there is a discrete (limited) set of vocal sounds across all human languages, and therefore it is relatively easy to pin down the exact and established sound waveform (sounds) of each ancient Hebrew letter.

In Preparation
1) The sound of the rest of the ancient Hebrew letters.

2) A table comparing the vowel-letters of English, Greek and Ancient Hebrew


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