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The Meaning of ACHUT (Sister) in Ancient Hebrew - "Protector that Bonds and Impresses"

The word for "sister" in ancient Hebrew means "Protector that Bonds and Impresses". It is pronounced in ancient Hebrew as "ACHUT" (ah-choot/ah-hhoot/ah-khoot).

Ancient Pictographic Letters for ACHUT

The pictographic ancient Hebrew letters in the word A-CH-U-T (H269 and AHLB (Ancient Hebrew…


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Jordanian Tourism Paves the Way for the Woman

The main reason that Jordan has started to develop its tourism over the last 70 years is to make way for the living members of the Woman to take refuge there. There was hardly a building near Petra 70 years ago: now there is a large town (Wadi Musa) with many hotels.…


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The European Commission Plans to Bring Petra to Life

The European Commission (EC) has plans to turn Petra into a fertile town with natural air-conditioning, terraced crops and plentiful water storage through the Italian group IPOGEA. Petra is a World Heritage Site owned by the UN. The elite are possibly planning to use the town as a place of safety for themselves. Scripture says however that Jordan will be plundered by APaRIM (Ephraim) and…


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The Jot and Tittle Were NOT Vowel Points

The jot and tittle that IEUESHUO referred to were not vowel-pointings. The jot was the smallest letter in the Estrangelo Aramaic alphabet that He used, and the tittle was a stroke that made up a letter itself.

Where Does IEUESHUO Talk about the JOT in the Scriptures?

Mat 5:18 “For truly, I say to you, till the…


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12 Reasons Why The Name IEUE [Yehweh] Was NOT Known Before MaSHE (Moses)

The Name IEUE was NOT known before MaSHE (Moses). The only reason why the tetragrammaton is written in verses set in the time before the life of MaSHE is because overeager scribes have put it there. Exodus 6:3 is not a question. The authors of the Scriptures 98 have ignored basic Hebrew grammar and changed the order of the Hebrew words. More literal versions…


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The Meaning of ELaLUIE (Alleluia) in Ancient Hebrew - "Make IE [Yeh] Shine Like a Star"

The phrase for "alleluia" in ancient Hebrew means "Make IE shine like a star", or "Shine IE like a star, you people". It is pronounced in ancient Hebrew as "ELaL-U-IE" (eh-lal-oo-yeh). It is a shortened form of the more common and reverent scriptural expression "ELaLUIEUE".

Where ELaLUIE is Found in Scripture…


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The Khirbet Qeiyafa Shard Found in 2008 Is NOT the Oldest Hebrew Inscription

Archaeologists in Israel said on Oct 30th 2008 that they had unearthed the oldest Hebrew inscription ever found at Khirbet Qeiyafa, Israel. However the Ancient Hebrew inscriptions found in the mines of the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt are believed to be at least 500 years older by other Ancient Hebrew scholars.

The Khirbet Qeiyafa Inscription

A teenage volunteer…


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