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The Normans Were Benjamites (BaNI IMINI)

BaNIMIN (Benjamin) is the light bearing tribe. They were loaned to the IEUDIM (Jews) for the sake of King DUID (David) as a lamp to shine light on the character of IEUE in IRUSHaLIM: the city where IEUE has chosen for Himself to put His Name (1 Ki 11:32, 36). BaNI IMINI (Benjamites) took the good news of IEUESHUO E MaSHICH from the IEUDIM in IRUSHaLIM to the Lost Tribes of ISHaRaAL in…


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Petra—Place of Safety

♖ Petra—Place of Safety is a website that encourages fleeing from the Earth to Petra via Judea for the Great Tribulation. Jordan is the one-and-only place of safety for the Wise Virgins in the coming 3.5 year Great Tribulation—the rapture is after the Tribulation. Petra is for believers in the Messiah—not Judaists. Page started in 2008 by Jane E Lythgoe—Also Author of Yehweh.Org.

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