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The English Word "Trumpet" Evolved Out of the Ancient Hebrew Word TaRUOE (Teruah/Blasting Noise)

The three first letters of both the English word "TRUmpet" and the ancient Hebrew word "TRUOE" (core letters, but said as TaRUOE) are the same. This is NOT a coincidence. The English word "trumpet" has evolved directly from the ancient Hebrew word TaRUOE. In fact, over 70% of English words have Hebrew roots, and there are many…


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The Meaning of IUM TaRUOE (Day of Trumpets) in Ancient Hebrew - "Day of Blasting Noise"

The "Day of Trumpets" should actually be called the "Day of Blasting Noise". This is because in Ancient Hebrew the phrase for the "Day of Trumpets" is "IUM [yoom] (day) TaRUOE [tarooh-oh-eh]" and TaRUOE means: the "first sign to secure, watch and lookout", ie an initial indication or alarm that was given to groups of people to secure, watch over and look-out for their family and…


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The Ancient Hebrew Day of Atonement (IUM CHaPaRIM [aka Yom Kippur]) Started at SUNRISE

IUM CHaPaRIM [eeh-oom chapareem] (the Ancient Hebrew Day of Atonement—incorrectly known as Yom Kippur) started at sunrise of the tenth period of light in the seventh month. This annual High SHaBaT (rest day) lasted for 12 hours, as all other annual high and weekly SHaBaTs do. Leviticus 23:32 does not teach a sunset day-start. This verse contradicts a plethora of other verses and ancient…


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