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The Coming Arab-Israeli War

Last updated Feb 26, 2012.

The return of the non-Jewish remnant to the Land of ISHaRaAL (Israel) may be accelerated if there is a large-scale war or World War Three involving the State of Israel, the Arab world, and possibly the Western allies. Many believe that TEILIM (Psalms) 83 is a prophesy of this war. This will then make IRUSHaLIM…


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Ancient Hebrew Days Began at Sunrise

Last updated Apr 04, 2015.

Ancient Hebrew days began at sunrise, and they still do. Hebrew "evening" does not mean "night". Ancient Hebrew "day" means "working and attaching mightily", ie "producing vigorously". Ancient Hebrew "night" means "no work, no exertion". Night is not part of the ancient Hebrew day. Ancient Hebrew "evening" means…


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The 144000 Have the Son's Name AND the Father's Name Written on their Forehead Seals

In progress | Last updated Oct 24, 2010.

The 144000 have the Son's Name and the Father's Name written on their forehead seals. This means means in their minds and thoughts they knowthese Names—specifically in their Pre-Frontal Cortexes [PFC] in their frontal lobes); via the the portion of IEUE's own spirit (the "Set-Apart/Holy Spirit")…


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The 144000 Include Females

The 144000 include both males and females. "Men" in Rev 14:4 means "Mankind". The 144000 maidens are spiritual maidens. Evil females will be punished so good females will be rewarded. Females were rescued in the Babylonian attack on Jerusalem 2500 years ago. IEUAL (Joel) stated that while IEUE's people would be calling His Name, He would pour His Spirit out on all flesh. The 120 in the Upper…


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Commanded to Leave

Last updated Feb 12, 2012.

Those sealed are commanded by IEUE to physically leave their countries, as soon as possible (most likely after IRUSHaLIM (Jerusalem) has been internationalised), and emigrate to the ancient boundaries of ISHaRaAL, to gather with their fellow servants. IEUE will…


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