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The Paleo Hebrew: Tudor Rose (Rose of Sharon) and Fleur de Lis (Lily of the Valleys)

The Tudor Rose and Fleur de Lis are Paleo Hebrew symbols. The Tudor Rose of England is the Rose of Sharon, and the Fleur de Lis of Europe is the Lily of the Valleys. These two scripTURal flowers represent the people of ISHaRaAL, and have been carried down over the ages by their descendants from the time of King SHaLaME (Solomon). The Rose of Sharon is actually most…


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Ancient Hebrew: Hair, Head-Coverings and the Chain of Command

IEUE's men should have short hair (unless they are NaZIRIM [Nazarites]), and pray and prophesy with their heads uncovered. IEUE's women (NaZaRIM and non-NaZIRIM) should have long hair and pray and prophesy with their heads covered. These are all spiritual symbols of the chain of command that IEUE has established under ideal conditions on Earth—that is, except for the hair of both male…


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Words that Are Same in English as Ancient Hebrew [In Progress]

Here is an alphabetical list of words that are exactly the same in English as they are in Ancient Hebrew. The sameness of the words is based on the sound of the words or the arrangement of letters. The meanings of the words are the same or related. English is on the left. Ancient Hebrew is on the right.


1) This…


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