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The "Earliest" Depiction of the 10-Lost-Tribe Chiefs: the Behistun Inscription - ca 515 BCE

The Behistun Inscription in Northwestern Iran (Ancient Assyria/Persia) displays the "earliest" known depiction of the chiefs of the "lost" 10 tribes of ISHaRaAL (Israel). The remote cliff-face inscription from around 515 BCE shows Darius the king of Persia majestically standing before 10 men.…


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The English Alphabet Is the Most Similar in Appearance to the Ancient Hebrew Alphabet

The English alphabet is the most similar in graphology (shape) to the Ancient Hebrew alphabet—out of all alphabets today. Below is an image of 20 of the letters (in upper and lower case) of the Modern English alphabet (some rotated and/or reversed)—next to 20 letters (out of 22) of the Ancient Hebrew alphabet. There are two other letters in the Ancient…


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Ancient Hebrew Pictographs Came From Everyday Nomadic Objects

Ancient Hebrew pictographs (picture-letters) were formulated from and named after real-life everyday objects that surrounded the ancient Hebrew nomadic people.

Below is a line drawing (by Jane E Lythgoe) of what an ancient Hebrew community may have looked like—called "Ancient Hebrew Land". It includes the 22 letters of the Ancient Hebrew alphabet—and can…


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