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The Evolution of IEUESHUO's [Yehwehshuo's] Name into JESUS [In Progress]

The exact order of the main steps in the evolution of IEUESHUO's Name into how we say JESUS today (JEEZUS) are - IEUESHUO, IEUSHUO, ISHUO, YESHUA, YESHU, IESU, IESOUS, IESUS, JESUS then to JEEZUS. Jews, Greeks, Romans and recent Europeans are ALL responsible for this mutilation of the Name IEUESHUO, NOT JUST the Greeks and Romans. The name JEEZUS did not…


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Video Reviews - Introduction to Ancient Hebrew by Jeff A. Benner [In Progress]

Here are my reviews of the seven videos called "Introduction to Ancient Hebrew" by Jeff Benner of the Ancient Hebrew Research Center posted on YouTube. These videos are each under 10 minutes (58 min in total)…


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The Meaning of AMaN (Amen) in Ancient Hebrew - "I Affirm" or "Believe"

The word "amen" (H543) in Ancient Hebrew is AMaN [aman]. When used at the end of a prayer it means "I affirm". It is used to ask IEUE to affirm (make firm, make true and make real) what we have just said. It was a word originally used good-heartedly in prayer by the ancient Hebrews. We are not praying to a pagan deity (like "Amen Ra") unless we think of and say this word to deliberately…


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The Meaning of PaXaCH (Passover) in Ancient Hebrew - "Hopping" [In Progress]

The word for Passover (H6453) in Ancient Hebrew is PaXaCH—not Pesach. It means hopping, or the "edge (of an object) being grabbed (by) a leg". "IEUE's PaXaCH" is therefore "IEUE's hopping" over the children of ISHaRaAL when He hopped over the houses in MaTSaRIM (Egypt) sparing…


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Purpose in the Wilderness

Many of IEUE's people are currently undergoing wilderness experiences that are very painful. However IEUE is not punishing them. He is preparing them. The desert is vital to the training they are receiving for where He plans to take them. He is giving them treasures that can only be given in the desert. He is writing on their hearts things they must have to be His servants in the places…


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