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ii. The Jews Are Not the Only Israelites - the Lost Tribes Settled in the West


Part I: The Father's Name Is Best Transcribed into Modern English as Yehweh - Not Yahweh

a. Euro Ancient Hebrew: Ancient Hebrew Was More Like English and Greek - than Jewish Hebrew, Syriac Aramaic and Arabic

ii. The Jews Are Not the Only Israelites - the Lost Tribes Settled in the West

The 10 Lost Tribes Settled in the Western Nations

The reason why the English alphabet evolved out of the Ancient Hebrew alphabet is because most English-speaking European-derived people are descendants of the man IOQaB (Jacob)/ISHaRaAL (Israel). These "lost" tribes of ISHaRaAL took their writing with them as they left the land of ISHaRaAL after their exile to Assyria.

Today, most people carelessly assume that all ISHaRaALites (Israelites) are IEUDIM (Jews). When King DUID (David) asked for his armies to be counted, he was told that there were 1.1 million ISHaRaALite men who were capable of bearing arms, compared to 470,000 in IEUDE (Judah). That means at least 70% of the soldiers of the 12 tribes were of tribes other than IEUDE and BaNIMIN (Benjamin).

With that in mind, it is illogical to assume that the northern 10 tribes were destroyed or disappeared, while the much smaller nation of IEUDE survived three different captivities and mass exterminations to establish a Jewish state 60 years ago.

The lost tribes of ISHaRaAL settled in the West. Europeans and Mediterraneans are the main descendants of the Northern House that was exiled to Assyria in ca 722 BC.

Assyrian Cuneiform Tablets Reveal Where Northern Kingdom Went

Missing Links Discovered in Assyrian Tablets by E Raymond Capt explains where the ten tribes of ISHaRaAL (Israel) disappeared to. It gives solid archaeological, scriptural, historical and linguistic support for the wanderings, destinies and language of IEUE's covenant people. Buy here or get for free here (Europe only)...Read Review by Jane E Lythgoe (nee Marchant).

Scripture Reveals the Current Locations of Lost Tribes

Biblical Locations of the Lost Ten Tribes is Brit-Am's list of 110 scriptural proofs that the Lost Tribes settled in the West. It discusses scriptural passages, biblical blessings, the special application of biblical blessings to the Seed of Joseph, and the prophesied roles and attributes of the lost ten tribes.

Israel to Europe to North America, South Africa, and Australia and New Zealand

The Tribes by Yair Davidiy of is a book that proves how most of the ancient ISHaRaALites eventually migrated to Western Europe where they formed distinct nationalities. Their descendants populated North America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. It discusses how specific ISHaRaALite tribes and tribal clans are traced to present-day ethnic groups. Proof is provided from: the Bible, Rabbinical sources, Greek and Roman sources, history, archaeology, mythology, and linguistics. National symbols and ethnic characteristics are analysed. It proves its case with irrefutable evidence adequately referenced with academically acceptable sources.

Israel Mainly British and American

Brit by Yair Davidiy in Jerusalem, is an intensely researched and up-to-date site, dedicated to proving that the Lost Tribes of ISHaRaAL settled in the Western Nations—especially Europe, North America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The evidence that it uses is biblical in the light of Rabbinical commentary, supplemented by secular studies. Join our Brit-Am Fan group.

Audio MP3 Review: Speeches (on the 10 Lost Tribes) by Steven M Collins ✮✮✮✮✩

Along with E Raymond Capt and Yair Davidiy (of BritAm)—the American Steven M Collins has provided a plethora of valuable research on the identity of the 10 lost tribes of ISHaRaAL (Israel). He has authored many detailed: books, articles, speeches, and blog posts—all documenting the migrations, kingdoms and locations of the Biblical ten tribes of Israel after their exile from the Promised Land. His work also includes information on: the lost tribes in prophecy, pre-Columbus visits to America by the Hebrews (the Native American Indians were not originally bloodline Hebrew as some like the Mormons teach, although the Hebrews heavily influenced and intermingled slightly with the Indians), salvation, ancient man, and various other topics. He has 16 free audio MP3s available for live listening or download on his website. These altogether play for almost 16 hours (great for long road trips)! Mr Collins is an excellent public speaker. His pace, tone and articulation are of a extremely high standard. He does not have a "preacher's monotone". Nor does he tend to repeat himself nor labour points, but assumes the listener has a fair IQ and presents his ideas fluidly and logically with many scripture references to boot. We do not agree with everything he teaches, but at least 80% of what he offers we think is true, especially concerning the identity of the lost tribes. If you want to download (not just listen live to) his MP3s for later use we suggest you use the links provided below with the Firefox browser. This is because most of his audio links will automatically play in a media-player connected to the internet otherwise. To save each MP3 to your computer: 1) Click on the link, 2) Pause the player that appears, and, 3) In the main menu area of the browser select "Save Page As...". Thank you Mr Collins for all your hard work, it has not been in vain!..Continue

The Ancient Israelites Were Mainly of the Western Type

Ancient ISHaRaALites (Israelites) were mainly of the Western type and this can help us unlock the sound of Ancient Hebrew—but this does not mean that only white people can be saved! The racial constitution of ancient bloodline and spiritual ISHaRaAL (the people) was predominantly the Western and Mediterranean types; who were blondes, red heads, and brunettes. HOWEVER, the overall congregation was a mixed race, as it is today (although less-so, due to modern travel and exponential population growth), because all non-bloodline-ISHaRaALite races have always been allowed to be engrafted (Rom 11:11—24) into the ruling (mainly in the new millennium) monarchial-priestly (Rev 5:10) nation of spiritual ISHaRaAL (which means "AL (God) [is] Straight—to help clean up the Earth [straighten it up] ready for IEUE to dwell on it), ever since its inception (~3850 years ago)—that is, if they keep IEUE's TURE (laws that protect/torah). It's not just the physical descendants of the man ISHaRaAL/IOQaB (Israel/Jacob) can be saved! IEUE forbid. Many bloodline ISHaRaALites have been and are just as evil as any non-bloodline-ISHaRaALites have been and are. There is a big difference between being a bloodline ISHaRaALite and a spiritual ISHaRaALite. IEUE requires heart-driven obedience, not a certain skin colour! Anyone from any race can be saved. It was just that IEUE had to inject some order (reverse entropy) into mankind around 3850 years ago, and so He used the natural family and descendants of a man, who happened to be named IOQaB/ISHaRaAL (Jacob/Israel). This was so that the knowledge of salvation—including IEUESHUO's Name—was passed down securely through the ages mainly through a natural branch of mankind—for the spiritual redemptive benefit of all mankind who have lived over 7000 years. (First the 144000 will be give eternal life at the first resurrection [rapture]; second and finally, the Great Multitude of Revelation will be given eternal life at the end of the 1000-year reign). In ancient times religion and culture was far more correlated to colour of skin and physical characteristics, than it now is, so it was easier to conserve a culture when the physical characteristics of a group were the mainly the same. IEUE started with the natural for the sake of the spiritual. SHaLICH (apostle) SHAUL said that, “The spiritual, however, was not first, but the natural, and afterward the spiritual.” (TS98 1 Cor 15:46). Spiritual ISHaRaAL is a mixed nation more than ever. There has been increasing intermixing of ISHaRaALite blood and non-ISHaRaALite blood Earth-wide especially since the onset of modern travel, and with exponential population growth. Over 50% of the people who have ever lived on the face of the Earth, are alive now. Many people who call themselves black or asian (even though they are not the darkest black, or most asian looking) can still be ISHaRaALites by descent. At the same time not all white people are bloodline ISHaRaALites, for example the ASHURian (Assyrian) Germans...Continue

The "Earliest" Named-Depiction of an Israelite: the Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III / Jehu Stele - 825 BCE

The Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III—aka the Jehu Stele—displays the "earliest" ancient named-depiction of an ISHaRaLI (Israelite). An obelisk is a tall, four-sided, narrow tapering monument. This obelisk is made of black limestone. Shalmaneser III was a king of Assyria who ruled from 859—824 BCE. The Obelisk includes one panel showing sculpted pictures and an Akkadian Cuneiform inscription describing King IEUA [yeh-ooh-ah] (Jehu) the son of OMaRI (Omri) (2 Kings 9—10) paying tribute to King Shalmaneser III. King IEUA was a king of the Northern House of ISHaRaAL (Israel) from 842—815 BCE; he was a Northern ISHaRaALI. His reign was prior to the completion of the exile of the Northern House to Assyria which was around 722—721 BCE. The Obelisk was first erected in Assyria in 825 BCE. It was discovered in Northern Iraq in 1846, and is currently in the British Museum. The Obelisk is significant because it shows how Northern ISHaRaAL (Israel): 1) Wore pointy (European) Saxon-style hats, 2) Wore TSITSIT (fringes) and PaTILIM (bands) along their hems (not four very long tassels at four sharp corners), and, 3) Had their theophoric names perverted by the Assyrians by having their "IEU" prefix changed to "IAU"...Continue

The "Earliest" Depiction of the 10-Lost-Tribe Chiefs: the Behistun Inscription - ca 515 BCE

The Behistun Inscription in Northwestern Iran (Ancient Assyria/Persia) displays the "earliest" known depiction of the chiefs of the "lost" 10 tribes of ISHaRaAL (Israel). The remote cliff-face inscription from around 515 BCE shows Darius the king of Persia majestically standing before 10 men. Nine are united by a rope with their necks and hands fastened behind their backs; and one lays prostrate on his back with the right foot of the king is upon his body. This inscription is an extremely valuable missing link as to where the Northern Kingdom went after their exile to Assyria. This is because: 1) It has much adjacent writing (in three languages) to the characters that refer to the 10 prisoners as both "Sakka" and "Gimiri": from the terms "Gimiri" and "Sakka" came the terms "Celt", "Gaul" and "Saxon", and, 2) The final (tenth) captive Sakka king has a pointed headdress like that in the Black Obelisk which is the "earliest" named-depiction of an ISHaRaALI (Israelite) (namely of, King IEUA [Jehu])—this similarity also being noted by the Biblical archaeologist E. Raymond Capt (author of many Lost-Tribe books including his most acclaimed work, Missing Links Discovered in Assyrian Tablets). Although many of the descendants of the 10 lost tribes had left Assyria by the time the Behistun inscription was made, King Darius was still subduing some ISHaRaLI as he took over Assyria. The depicted prisoners represented his victory over the ISHaRaALI people in general...Continue

The Normans Were Benjamites (BaNI IMINI)

BaNIMIN (Benjamin) is the light bearing tribe. They were loaned to the IEUDIM (Jews) for the sake of King DUID (David) as a lamp to shine light on the character of IEUE in IRUSHaLIM: the city where IEUE has chosen for Himself to put His Name (1 Ki 11:32,36). BaNI IMINI (Benjamites) took the good news of IEUESHUO E MaSHICH from the IEUDIM in IRUSHaLIM to the Lost Tribes of ISHaRaAL in exile. Galileans were mainly BaNI IMINI so most of the MaSHICH's followers (including SHAUL (Rom 11:1)) were BaNI IMINI. The BaNI IMINI escaped the 70 AD Roman destruction of IRUSHaLIM and moved their way northward to Britain via Galilee, Galatia, Cappadocia, and the Danube. Normans were mainly BaNI IMINI. BaNIMIN was the last tribe to leave the Land of ISHaRaAL and the last the arrive in Britain. It was the only tribe that recognised the MaSHICH before leaving Palestine, and the only one to acknowledge the way of IEUESHUO before arriving in Europe. They have never been cast off. They remained with the House of IEUDE so long as divine favour remained with them, but when that terminated in MaSHICH's day and soon afterwards BaNIMIN was delivered and led under divine guidance across to Europe to the Northern House in their new home. The tribe of BaNIMIN is the only section of the olive of ISHaRaAL that remained standing....Continue

European Words Derived from the Name BaNIMIN (Benjamin)

Throughout European history the BaNI IMINI [banee eemeenee] (Benjamites) have been infamous for being wolf-like killers and looters—as well as wolf-slayers. This is reflected in words in at least five major European languages; these words have the letter "a" between the letters "b" and "n" indicating that the "e" in the Modern Jewish Hebrew name "Ben" is erroneous. The ScripTUREs say that BaNIMIN [baneemeen] (Benjamin) is a wolf: tearing to pieces, who devours and divides loot (BaRaASHIT Genesis 49:27)...Continue

The Paleo Hebrew Tudor Rose (Rose of Sharon) and Fleur de Lis (Lily of the Valleys)

The Tudor Rose and Fleur de Lis are Paleo Hebrew symbols. The Tudor Rose of England is the Rose of Sharon, and the Fleur de Lis of Europe is the Lily of the Valleys. These two scripTURal flowers represent the people of ISHaRaAL, and have been carried down over the ages by their descendants from the time of King SHaLaME (Solomon). The Rose of Sharon is actually most likely hibiscus syriacus and not a rose. The Lily of the Valleys is most likely lilium candidum (the madonna lily)...Continue

The Jerusalem Post: "Zionist Christians Might be from Israel’s ‘Ten Lost tribes’"

The Jerusalem Post—the State of Israel's best-selling English daily newspaper, and most-read English website—reported in their October 2010 special monthly edition dedicated to "Christian lovers of Zion" that, "Zionist Christians might be from Israel’s ‘Ten Lost tribes’". The author of the article uses scripture verses from both Testaments to prove that there is a geneaological reason why, "[A]fter nearly two millennia of animosity and distrust, we see large numbers of Christians loving Jews". Read the article here and read BritAm's review of the article here.

Reading IS Fellowship - How the Remnant Have Survived

The remnant have only survived due to getting the wisdom of many people through reading books and websites from hundreds of authors. IEUE is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Pew-sitters trusting in a handful of pastors and authors are extremely limited in their personal growth. IEUE reveals His Name only to those who want it with ALL their heart...Continue

Purpose in the Spiritual Wilderness

Many of IEUE's people are currently undergoing wilderness experiences that are very painful. However IEUE is not punishing them. He is preparing them. The desert is vital to the training they are receiving for where He plans to take them. He is giving them treasures that can only be given in the desert. He is writing on their hearts things they must have to be His servants in the places we are going. He builds in them what can’t be shaken. His promise is that these wilderness experiences is that they will soon come to an end, and be replaced with a Land of blossom and bloom...Continue

Over 90% of English Words Have Hebrew Roots

The English Alphabet Was Shaped by Hebrews Only

The English alphabet was shaped by Hebrews only. It was shaped by seven major sets of Hebrew people. All of these people are ISHaRaALItes. They include people from all tribes, including IEUDIM (Jews)...Continue

English Words with the Creator's Name "IEUE" in Them

Here's an alphabetical list of English words and/or names which contain the Creator's name IEUE in them—in it's Latin (IEVE) and/or a Middle English (JEWE) form. There are many additional words based on these (e.g. believer is based on believe) but they have not been included...Continue

The Average Number of Letters per Word in the English Language is 4.5 - because of the Name IEUE

The average number of letters per word in the English language is 4.5. "In ordinary English text there are on the average about 4.5 letters per word" (Robinson Pierce, J. (1980). An Introduction to Information Theory: Symbols, Signals and Noise. New York, USA: Dover Publications, Inc.). This is from the influence of the most important four letter name (tetragrammaton) of the Creator (IEUE) on the English language; and on its major SHaMitic predecessor languages: Latin, Etruscan, Paleo Greek, Paleo Hebrew and Ancient Hebrew. English is a SHaMitic (Semitic), OBaRI (Hebrew) and ISHaRaALite language. Over 90% of its words are of Hebrew origin...Continue

Words that are the Same in English as Ancient Hebrew

Here is an alphabetical list of words that are exactly the same in English as they are in Ancient Hebrew. The sameness of the words is based on the sound of the words or the arrangement of letters. The meanings of the words are the same or related. English is on the left. Ancient Hebrew is on the right...Continue

Shakespeare Called Jews "IEWEs" (IEUEs)

William Shakespeare called Jews "IEWEs" over 400 years ago. In his first printing of his work entitled "The Merchant of Venice" published 1600 CE, he said, "[I]n converting IEWES to Christians, you raise the price of pork". He also named a main character Shylock the Jew, "Shylocke the IEWE". Shakespeare spoke Early Modern English. The letter W in Modern, Middle and Old English was said as [ooh]. This is exactly the same sound as the Ancient Hebrew letter named UU [ooh-ooh] (aka vav). IEWE is a shortened version (with the DaL [aka daleth] missing), of the tribal name IEUDE (aka Judah). Many English words end in the letter E, but this is not the only reason why there is an E at the end of IEW. Many Ancient Hebrew words had E at the end too, including IEUDE. Thus English is an ISHaRaALite (Israelite), OBaRI (Hebrew) and SHaMitic (Semitic) language...Continue

The Online Etymology Dictionary helps show what our English words mean, and how they sounded up to over 600 years ago. Over 90% of these words have a Hebrew origin. Old English had a more "Ancient Hebrew" sound. This was before the "Great Vowel Shift": which was a major change in the pronunciation of the English language that took place in the south of England between 1200 and 1600.

The English Word "TRUE" Means "Boundaries of IEUE [Yehweh]" (IEUE's Law)

The word "true" once included the word IEUE. In Old English "true" was "tr-ieue". It means the "boundaries of IEUE"...Continue

The English Word "TRUmpet" Evolved Out of the Ancient Hebrew Word TaRUOE (Teruah/Blasting Noise)

The three first letters of both the English word "TRUmpet" and the Ancient Hebrew word "TRUOE" (core letters, but said as TaRUOE) are the same...Continue

The Word "Holy" Evolved Out of the Ancient Hebrew Word "CHaG" (Feast)

The English word "holy" most likely came from the Ancient Hebrew word CHaG [chag]. CHaG means "feast". This was via the Old English word "halig"...Continue

The Word "Genesis" Evolved Out of the Ancient Hebrew Phrase "GINE ISHISH" (Old Garden)

The Latin word genesis originally meant "old garden". It evolved out of the Ancient Hebrew phrase "GINE ISHISH" [geen-eh eesh-eesh] for "old garden". Latin and English are ISHaRaALite (Israelite), OBaRI (Hebrew), and SHaMitic (Semitic) languages. This garden was the oldest garden of all—the garden of ODaN (Eden). The word genesis later meant birth in Latin because creation occured in ODaN. The word genesis also may have meant "Isis' Garden" (but not Isis' Genes) to some worshippers of the Egyptian god Isis...Continue

The Word "CHURch" Evolved Out of the Ancient Hebrew Word "KUR" (Examine)

The word "church" is far less pagan than many Messianics teach. Sixty seven percent or two thirds of its letters (4 out of 6: "c-h-u-r") come straight from the Ancient Hebrew word "KUR" [koor] which simply means "examine". The Modern English word "church" came from the Old English word "cirice"; which came from the West Germanic word "kirika"; which came from the Biblical Greek words "kuriake" and "kuriakon" (rooted in "kurios" [Master/Lord/Examiner]); which, finally, came from the Ancient Hebrew "KUR" [koor]—which simply means "examine: to look deeply". The Assembly/Church is both: currently being examined (judged) by IEUE and IEUESHUO (our Examiners: IEUE being the chief Examiner [Judge]) (ICHaZaQaAL Ezekiel 20:35) (1 ABaN 1 Peter 4:17)—as well as examining and researching ScripTURE like good Bereans (Acts 17:11), and monarchs (MaSHaLI Proverbs 25:2) to come...Continue


Part I: The Father's Name Is Best Transcribed into Modern English as Yehweh - Not Yahweh

a. Euro Ancient Hebrew: Ancient Hebrew Was More Like English and Greek - than Jewish Hebrew, Syriac Aramaic and Arabic

i. The English and Greek Alphabets Are Semitic-Israelite Alphabets

ii. The Jews Are Not the Only Israelites - the Lost Tribes Settled in the West

iii. The English Alphabet Is the Most Similar to the Ancient Hebrew Alphabet

iv. English and Greek Are the Most Alive Semitic Languages Today

b. Hiero Ancient Hebrew: Ancient Hebrew Was Pictographic

i. There Are 22 Picture-Letters (Pictographs) in the Ancient Hebrew Alphabet

ii. The Ancient Hebrew Alphabet Was the First Alphabet On Earth

iii. Ancient Hebrew Inscriptions Have Been Found In - But Aren't From - Egypt

iv. The Ancient Hebrew Culture Defined the Ancient Hebrew Pictographs

v. All Hebrew Words Have Meanings Derived from their Pictographs

vi. The Pictographic Meaning of the Father's Name Is "He Secures-Breathing"

vii. Speaking Ancient Hebrew Is Easy - Compared to Modern Jewish Hebrew

c. Early Theologians' Use: Early Theologians Who Used the Name Yehweh

d. Late Theologians' Use: Modern Theologians Using the Name Yehweh

e. Anti-Yehweh Conspiracies: Conspiracies Against the Name Yehweh


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