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e. Anti-Yehweh Conspiracies: Conspiracies Against the Name Yehweh


Part I: The Father's Name Is Best Transcribed into Modern English as Yehweh - Not Yahweh

e. Anti-Yehweh Conspiracies: Conspiracies Against the Name Yehweh

The Masoretic/Massoritic Machinators

The Masoretes/Massorites were amongst those who believed that saying the Name of IEUE is a sin. They superimposed the man-made law of not ever saying the Name—except perhaps on the Day of Atonement (for undue fear of saying it wrongly)—over the eternal-life-giving command to "call" on the Name regularly, with reverence. In some twisted way they thought if they can't change the written law (much), then they could at least change the verbal sound of the Hebrew language—by adding a system of vowel-points.

They also used square script (Modern Jewish) Hebrew, instead of Paleo Hebrew and Ancient Hebrew. It is likely they knew about the two latter alphabets but chose not to use them. (Paleo Hebrew is different to Ancient Hebrew, and both are different to Modern Jewish Hebrew). This further degraded the value of Ancient Hebrew.

"AH" in YAHweh from AH-donai

The Masoretes—many of them Gnostics—superimposed the "Yah" sound from their pagan god "IAO" (YAH-O) onto the first half of IEUE's Name by - conveniently for them - superimposing the the "AH" sound of "Adonai" onto the tetragrammaton using vowel points. "A-do-nay" rhymes with "Yah-o-way" Elohim was another word they tried to substitute for the name IEUE.

"Bruce M. Metzger writes: …To the four consonants YHWH of the Name, which had come to be regarded as too sacred to be pronounced, they attached the vowel signs indicating that in its place should be read the Hebrew word Adonai meaning ‘Lord’ (or Elohim meaning ‘God’)...

...The most decisive argument for the replacement of the Tetragrammaton by the alternative Adonai stems from the double expression Adonai and the Tetragrammaton...(...see for instance Amos 7:1; 8:1, etc.). In case of these double expressions, the vowels of the Qere are not the vowels of Adonai, but of Elohim, turning the double expression into Adonai Elohim instead of Adonai Adonai. According to some scholars, the Masoretes wanted to avoid the repetition of Adonai after the title Adonai, thus avoid the reading Adonai Adonai. They instead filled out the vowels of the Tetragrammaton with the vowels of the word Elohim, creating the reading Adonai Elohim instead of Adonai Adonai. This accordingly proves that the Tetragrammaton was normally read as Adonai."

Here is an image that shows how similar the vowel points of the words Adonai and Elohim are to the ones on the tetragrammaton in the Leningrad Hebrew Codex.

The Masoretic scribes despised saying the sacred Name so much that even their replacement names were actually mutilated versions of IEUE's titles. Adonai should be ADUNI and Elohim should be ALUEIM).

The Westminster Leningrad Masoretic Codex was made by the followers of Rabbinic-Judaism and Gnosticism, not true Jewish Messianism. Even though the Jewish scribes have preserved the letters of Hebrew words fairly well, scripture says itself that some IEUDIM scribes have conspired—at least since the time just prior to the Southern House exile to BaBaL (Babylon)—to make us forget IEUE's name:

TS98 IRaMIEU (Jer) 8:8 “How do you say, ‘We are wise, and the Torah of יהוה is with us’? But look, the false pen of the scribe has worked falsehood.

YLT IRaMIEU (Jer) 23:26—27
26 Till when is it in the heart of the prophets? The prophets of falsehood, Yea, prophets of the deceit of their heart,
27 Who are devising to cause My people To FORGET My name by their dreams, That they recount each to his neighbor, As their fathers forgot my name for Baal.

IRaMIEU (Jeremiah) chapter 23 is about the backslidden shepherds of IEUDE (Judah) just before the exile of the Southern House to BaBaL. What they did then, they continue to do today. Their goal was and still is to bring IEUE's Name to naught. IEUE punished them very greatly for this by allowing their bones to be dug up and spread out under the sun, stars and sky, of which they had worshipped instead of Him (IRaMIEU 8:1—8). He will punish them again in the future for this heinous crime of working to bring IEUE's 100% vowel-letter Name (with the sound E) to naught.

There was no need for the vowel-points because the ancient Hebrews knew that the vowel between all consonants is a default "a" ("a" is the most common vowel point between (true) consonants anyway - for example SHaBaT, HaLaL, etc). Ancient Hebrew had vowel-letters (AL, EA, ID, OIN, UU - aleph, heh, yod, ayin, vav - equivalent to the English A-E-I-O-U). The ancient Hebrews were a THRIFTY BUNCH and knew that all (true) consonants had to have a vowel in between (it is impossible to say two consonants together without a vowel in between), and so to SAVE space, and money the ancient Hebrews didn't bother to write the default "a"s in between the consonants. Writing materials were at a PREMIUM in those days, and for ease of carrying around stone slabs in inscriptions - for example the Ten Commandments - they needed a language that was SHORT and CONDENSED. They certainly didn’t need vowel points – that’s why all Ancient Hebrew and Paleo Hebrew inscriptions HAVE NO vowel points. Even early (100 – 900 AD) Modern Jewish Hebrew bible texts have NO vowel points.

In addition vowel points are a ludicrously complex system. No adult in their right mind would find them easy to memorise, let alone a child. Ancient Hebrew with its picture-letters on the other hand is SO easy to remember - much more than English even. The original language of Earth was a beautiful masterpiece of artwork. Every word paints a very real and concrete picture in the mind of its user.

Jot and Tittle Were NOT Vowel Points

The jot and tittle that IEUESHUO referred to were not vowel-pointings. The jot was the smallest letter in the Estrangelo Aramaic alphabet that He used, and the tittle was a stroke that made up a letter itself...Continue

Double Think

If the second and fourth letters are the same it defies logic to turn the second letter into different vowel sound (ah). This is what the Masoretes have done by giving the sacred Name the same vowel-pointings as Adonai.

This is just the beginning of the corruption in the Modern Jewish Hebrew. There are 21 other letters that have also been disfigured.

Evil Exiles

Earlier in about 500 BCE in Babylon, another group of elite conspiring scribes in the House of IEUDE (Judah) started to mutilate King DUID's (David's) Paleo Hebrew into a squarer alphabet (Elephantine Aramaic). This new alphabet was inspired by celestial star maps. These scribes worshiped the stars, and held firmly to the same law of the Masoretes: the law of anti-pronunciation. This law was almost certainly actually hatched in Babylon.

Contrary to what many believe, these scribes loved being in Babylon and were quite comfortable in their new home. They had lusted after the Babylonians and Chaldeans for many years before their exile, which is why IEUE removed them from the Land of ISHaRaAL and "gave them over to her lovers".

Elephantine Hebrew then evolved into Nabataean Aramaic, which evolved into Palmyrenean Aramaic, which evolved into Qumran Hebrew, which evolved finally into Modern (Jewish/Square-Script) Hebrew.

This makes the Modern Jewish Hebrew alphabet no more "holy" than English or Greek. In fact, its resemblance to Ancient Hebrew is barely visible. The English and Greek alphabets are much more similar to the Ancient Hebrew. They even have several letters that are a dead match for the Ancient Hebrew. Modern Jewish Hebrew hardly has one.

Yah the Pagan God

There have been many pagan gods with the sound "YAH" in them over at least the last 5000 years. These gods are almost certainly related since the same "bloodlines" have been promoting them.

Sumerian IA (YAH)

1000 years before IEUXaP (Joseph) was in Egypt (around 3000 BCE - NaH's (Noah's) time) ancient Sumerians worshipped IA (Ee-Yah)/EA (Ee-Yah) the fish god (aka Enki), who was the god of water, semen, and satanic craftiness.

Some backslidden Hebrews worshipped this Sumerian god IA (Yah). This is evident from pagan Cuneiform tablets found in the Syrian town of Ebla. This NOT evidence for the tetragrammaton being in use pre-Moses (see below for more). Sumer is where some Hebrews first started to get a taste for Mystery Babylon. Later IEUE handed them over the IEUDIM to their lovers during the Jewish exile to Babylon, where they rekindled their love for IA (EE-YAH), and later over to the Gnostic Romans who loved IAO (YAH-O) when the Romans besieged the city of IRUSHaLIM in 70 AD.

Why The Name IEUE Was NOT Known Before MaSHE (Moses)

The Name IEUE was NOT known before MaSHE (Moses). The only reason why the tetragrammaton is written in verses set in the time before the life of MaSHE (Moses) is because overeager scribes have put it there. Exodus 6:3 is not a question. The authors of the Scriptures 98 have ignored basic Hebrew grammar and changed the order of the Hebrew words. More literal versions know their grammar. The verse does not say "And by My Name, יהוה, AND AL-SHaDI was I not known to them?" ABaREM, ITSaHaQ and IOQaB called on the Name AL SHaDI. The context of Exo 6:3 is IEUE reminding MaSHE that IEUE Was WITH MaSHE. Exodus three was perfect time for IEUE to reveal His Name. There was no other incident like the burning bush BEFORE MaSHE. Ancient Hebrew inscriptions from time of slavery Use AL, not IEUE. MaSHE would only have asked for the Name if he needed It. There are no place names with IEU/IEUE in them before MaSHE. There are hardly ANY people names with IEU/IEUE in them before MaSHE. The real reason why backslidden ancient Hebrews used the word IA (YAH) was because SHaTHaN has tried to copy IEUE from day one...Continue

IEUDIM (Jews) Got YAH from Babylonians, Egyptians and Gnostics

"Yâho (Heb.). Fürst shows this to be the same as the Greek Iao. Yâho is an old Semitic and very mystic name of the supreme deity, while Yah (q.v.) is a later abbreviation which, from containing an abstract ideal, became finally applied to, and connected with, a phallic symbol—the lingham of creation. Both Yah and Yâho were Hebrew “mystery names” derived from Iao, but the Chaldeans had a Yâho before the Jews adopted it, and with them, as explained by some Gnostics and Neo-Platonists, it was the highest conceivable deity enthroned above the seven heavens and representing Spiritual Light (Âtman, the universal), whose ray was Nous, standing both for the intelligent Demiurge of the Universe of Matter and the Divine Manas in man, both being Spirit. The true key of this, communicated to the Initiates only, was that the name of IAO was “triliteral and its nature secret ”, as explained by the Hierophants. The Phœnicians too had a supreme deity whose name was triliteral, and its meanings secret, this was also IAO; and Y-ha-ho was a sacred word in the Egyptian mysteries, which signified “the one eternal and concealed deity” in nature and in man; i.e., the “universal Divine Ideation”, and the human Manas, or the higher Ego."
The Theosophical Glossary by H P Blavatsky First Published 1892

Egyptian IAH

The Egyptians adopted the Sumerian IA as their moon god IAH (Ee-Yah) because the moon controls the water on planet Earth.

"The god Iah, whose name means 'moon', first appears in the Late Period (661-332 BC). The moon god was assimilated with Osiris, god of the dead. Perhaps because, in its monthly cycle, the moon appears to renew itself. Iah also seems to have assumed the lunar aspect of Thoth, god of knowledge, writing and calculation; the segments of the moon were used as fractional symbols in writing." British Museum

Philistine Dagon was IA (YAH)

The Philistines called IA Dagon which the scriptures describe in 1 Samuel 5:3,41, and 1 Chronicles 10:10.

Greek Oannes was IA (YAH)

Catholics Wear Fish-Hats for IA (YAH)

The Catholics wear mitres because they also worship Dagon/IA/YAH.

Babylonian EA/IA

"The cult of Ea extended throughout Babylonia and Assyria. We find temples and shrines erected in his honor, e.g. at Nippur, Girsu, Ur, Babylon, Sippar and Nineveh, and the numerous epithets given to him, as well as the various forms under which the god appears, also bear witness to the popularity which he enjoyed from the earliest to the latest period of Babylonian-Assyrian history."



Gnostic IAO (YAH-O)

IAO (Yah-o) is the Gnostic god that is at least 2000 years old and is still in use by Gnostics today.

Gnosticism Very Popular at the Time of the MaSHICH

Gnosticism was a very popular Greco-Roman religion during the time just after IEUESHUO the MaSHICH walked the Earth.

"Gnosticism was popular in the Mediterranean and middle eastern regions in the second and third centuries"

Old Greek Texts Have IAO (Iota-Alpha-Omega) Instead of Tetragram

Gnosticism was also very popular when early Greek texts of the scriptures were written.

"In…[a]… Old Greek text of the Book of Leviticus, the name of God is written IAO [Iota - alpha - Omega]

Many Elite Jews Were Gnostics

Many IEUDIM (Jews) adopted Gnosticism at this time. This is evident from the coins and amulets archaeologists have found that belong to these Jews. See below.

The Many Evil Meanings of IAO (YAH-O)

The Gnostics have several meanings of the word IAO (YAH-O). Here are just a few. First, IAO was based on an ancient trinity that was first invented by the Sumerians. Ever since this trinity has been worshiped by the Assyrians, Babylonians, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Philistines, Romans, Gnostics, Catholics, Freemasons, and other modern occultists. The “I” to the Gnostics stood for Isis (aka Innana/Asherah/Ishtar/Aphrodite/Venus/Cybele/Columbia/Britannia) who symbolized the sinful woman, wife and mother Eve. The “A” stands for Apep (aka Apepi/Apophis) the serpent/dragon/reptilian/crocodile ie SHaTHaN, and the “O” stands for Osiris (aka Saturn) the sinful man, husband and father Adam.

Second, IAO stands for "I ALPHA OMEGA". Some how the title of "AL TAU" (aleph-tau/alpha omega) was adopted by the Gnostic Jews as the name of their god. Even though the Greeks had a letter for TAU which had the exact same name and sound as the TAU of Ancient Hebrew, the Gnostics decided to ignore this and adopt or invent a new final letter of the Greek alphabet called omega. This new letter was highly likely invented to hide the sacred Name IEUE since this letter was a complete waste of time for the Greeks. This was because they already had the exact same sound "O" in their Greek alphabet - from their letter omicron. This "I ALPHA OMEGA" is typical of the tactics of SHaTHaN. It sounds like it has some goodness and credibility but it is really just a twisted concoction, which sadly half the Hebrew world has now adopted as the first half of their Creator's Name.

Thirdly, IAO (iota-alpha-omega) was an anguipede (chicken-snake) god of war. See below. This image is the same as some on the coins/amulets displayed earlier with the blue background.

This aguipede is seen on various modern corporate logos, such as Starbucks.

Fourthly, IAOVE, IOVE or IOVI was the god Jupiter/Zeus, whose name was derived from a fusion of IAO and IEUE. IEUE used to be written as IEVE in Latin. V in latin sounds like a U (ooh). Clement of Alexandria (Platonist Gnostic, early Catholic) popularised this spliced name (IAOVE). The Samaritans had adopted the name IAVE from the Romans, and probably initially said it as it was said in Latin as IAUE. By the 16th century however the latin IAVE had become IABE because by this time the Greek letter "B" had a "V" sound.

Finally, today, IAO stands for the Information Awareness Office, an office set up by the Bush Administration which is run by the Illuminati.

"IAO" (YAH-O) is the Gnostic Mantra that Awakens the Sacred Serpent

Today the Gnostics say the sounds "EE-YAH-OH" (IAO) in meditation to awaken the "sacred serpent".

"The mantra IAO is vocalized by breathing separately and prolonging the pronunciation of each of its three vowels; do not pronounce its three letters in one breath. IAO has the power of awakening the sacred serpent."

"IAO" (YAH-O) is the Mantra Gnostics Say Jesus Used in Sexual Trances

"The mantra IAO was also vocalized by Master Jesus during the trance of sexual magic; he knew how to withdraw in time from the sexual act in order to avoid seminal ejaculation; this is how Jesus awoke all his occult powers."

Yahweh Promoters Secret Paganists

Since the reformation many of the people who have popularised the "Yahweh" pronunciation, have been secretly worshiping IA/IAH/IAO, while they have posed as Hebrew and/or Torah scribes and "scholars".

Yahweh Comes from IAOVE

A French Gnostic Jew called Gilbertus Genebrardus (or Gilbert Genebrard) used Clement of Alexandria's IAOVE and turned it into YAHVE. Genebrardus was a devout Gnostic and he deliberately conspired to promote Clement's pagan name for Zeus in order to profane IEUE's name.

It was in 1567 when Genebrardus invented the guess name YAHVE (Cronograph Paris, 1567, ed. Paris 1600, p.79 seq). He borrowed from Clement of Alexandria (Platonist Gnostic, early Catholic) the Greek spelling IAOVE (Zeus) (which was said as IAOUE) which was later known as JOVE (Roman Jupiter) and converted IAOVE to YAHVE adding the Y, H and dropping the O and I. For "acceptance" he went to the Samaritans and borrowed IABE from their Bibles (who actually got their version from Gnostics's "IAVE/IAOVE" anyway). It was after Genebrardus that other Yahwists dropped the letter V from the YAHVE and a double U (UU=W) and final H was added forming YAHWEH.

"The pronounciation Yahweh is indicated by transliterations of the name into Greek in early Christian literature, in the form iaoue (Clement of Alexandria) or iabe (Theodoret; by this time Gk. b had the pronunciation of v)" New Bible Dictionary (1962)

"Scholar Heinisch pointed the weakness of Yahweh as pronunciation of God’s name He admits is based upon Samaritan tradition as given by Theodoret (fifth century) and Clement of Alexandria (Theology of Testament, p.39)."

Talmud Calls IAOists (Yahwists) Heretics

"The Anguipede is a divinity that is often found on magical amulets from the Greco-Roman period…The Anguipede is depicted as a creature with a cock's head and snakes for legs…In the Talmud, people who turned away from Judaism to such cults are referred to as minim - often translated as "heretics" or "apostates"…Such amulets as well as the usage of the name Iao repeatedly in magical papyri, curse tablets, gems, and other amulets, provide evidence of syncretist cults combining elements of Judaism with paganism."

King James "JAH" from IAOVE

The "JAH" (pronunced as IAH/YAH in old English, and modern Jewish Hebrew) in Psalm 68:4 of the King James Authorised version is commonly used by Yahwists to support their theory. However it was very likely simply only written in the KJV because of the Gnostic influence on its authors.

Here is the actual image of the verse (Psa 68:4) from the 1613 KJV. Click to obtain high resolution image.

The "JAH" in this verse is only one of less than an handful of "JAH"s in this bible version. The KJV uses a real mixture of names for IEUE so this version cannot be used on its own to conclusively prove the name IEUE or Yahweh. However, because Gnostic Jews were popularising the name IAOVE at the exact same time the KJV was written, it is most likely that the JAH in the KJV is from the Gnostics, and not from the Ancient Hebrew.

Most of the time the KJV uses "LORD", and sometimes "LORD JEHOUAH" (Isa 26:4). The KJV also uses "JEH/JEHO" in other people's names. Prefixes of abut half of the theophoric names (names with the name of a god embedded into them) of ISHaRaALites are expressed as "JEH" (which was said as YEH/IE - The "J" letter had an "I"/"ee"/"Y" sound.) On the other hand the suffixes of the other theophoric names have the letters "JAH".

JEHOUAH Also Inspired by IAOVE

The JEHOUAH was said as IEH-OUAH/YEH-OUAH (and currently said as JEHOVAH) and is another concocted fusion of a number of words. These are the most likely words it was inspired by -

1) JEH said as YEH from Yehweh/IEUE,
2) O from IAO, and/or the Masoretic vowel point from "Adonai"
3) U from IEUE, and finally
4) AH from goodness knows where?

Here is the actual image of the verse (Isa 26:4) from the 1613 KJV. Click to obtain high resolution image.

The authors of the KJV were Catholic-Jesuits or Pre-Jesuit type, who very likely included those from the Gnostic Jewish elite. It is well documented that some educated IEUDIM (Jews) were working alongside/for the Roman elite. For example, Josephus. He was paid by the Romans to be a historian. A lot of what Josephus wrote is true (he said the tetragrammaton was four vowels), but the point is that the motive of the evil elite is united at the highest levels, no matter what their religion and ancestry. Either they worship IEUE or they don't. The KJV is not a very good translation. In places it uses one English word for up to at least 15 different Greek words.

The JAH/JEHOUAH in the KJV therefore is inspired by GNOSTIC tradition. The KJV came out about the same time Genebrardus was popularising IAOVE - late sixteenth-early seventeenth century. This is NOT a coincidence. This "JAH" just proves that there were elite Gnostics living in England, that's all.

Modern Jewish Hebrew Disallows "Yah" as a Prefix

Even the linguistic rules of modern Jewish Hebrew disallow the use of 'Yah' as a a prefix in any Name with "yod-heh-vav" at the start. Why would the Creator's Name be any different. Here we see yet another double standard of the Yahwists.

In the Kings James Bible the "Yeh-u" of these names was written as "Jehu" or "Jeho". For example -

1) Jehu
2) Jehoahaz [both kings]
3) Jehoash
4) Jehozabad
5) Jehohanan [John]
6) Jehoida
7) Jehoiachin
8) Jehoiakim
9) Jehojarib
10) Jehucal
11) Jehonadab
12) Jehonathan
13) Jehoseph
14) Jehoaddin, Jehoaddan [female]
15) Jehozadek, J osedech
16) Jehoram
17) Jehosheba [female]
18) Jehoshua [Jesus]
19) Jehoshaphat

For a full analysis of biblical names with "IEU" in them see ISHaRaALites with IEU in their Names.

Perversion Prophesied

The forbidding of the pronunciation of the Name IEUE by evil scribes is prophesied about in scripture.

IEUE says through IRaMIEU (Jeremiah) that in the endtime the sovereigns, princes, the priests, prophets and inhabitants of IEUDE (Judah) who have led many astray (including the scribes) with their false names (or lack thereof of His Name) for Him will be punished.

Jer 8:1 At that time, an affirmation of IEUE, They bring the bones of the kings of IEUDE, And the bones of its princes, And the bones of the priests, And the bones of the prophets, And the bones of inhabitants of IRUSHaLIM, Out of their graves, Jer 8:2 And have spread them to sun, and to moon, And to all the host of the heavens, that they have loved, And that they have served, And that they have walked after, And that they have sought, And to which they have bowed themselves, They are not gathered, nor buried, They are for dung on the face of the ground.

Jer 8:8 “How do you say, ‘We are wise, and the Torah of יהוה is with us’? But look, the false pen of the scribe has worked falsehood.

These scribes have, along with an entire entourage of IEUDIM (and other peoples following them) from all walks of life have cleverly devised to cause us to forget the Name IEUE.

Jer 23:26 Till when is it in the heart of the prophets? The prophets of falsehood, Yea, prophets of the deceit of their heart, Jer 23:27 Who are devising to cause My people To forget My name by their dreams, That they recount each to his neighbor, As their fathers forgot my name for Baal.

IEUE commands us not to listen to the false prophets of IRUSHaLIM who walk in falsehood.

Jer 23:16 Thus said יהוה of hosts, “Do not listen to the words of the prophets who prophesy to you, they lead you astray. They speak a vision of their own heart, not from the mouth of יהוה.

Scribes and Calligraphers - The Elite

Scribes and Calligraphers have had a very elite, prestigious and powerful role in society in the past - much moreso than today. It is for this reason they will be punished severely for leading others astray. Jam 3:1 Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, knowing that we shall receive greater judgment...Continue

Commanded to Say the Name

There are many scriptures that tell us to say our Creator's Name out-loud, if we are able. If a person is not able to speak they can write the correct letters for it. If we were never meant to know the Name, or say His Name, IEUE would never have given MaSHE (Moses) a Name in Exodus, or tell us that we can be saved by calling uponHis Name.

Here are just some verses that tell us to call on and declare IEUE's Name.

Psalm 105:1 Give thanks to יהוה! CALL UPON HIS NAME, Make known His deeds among the peoples.

Exodus 9:16 ...but indeed for this cause I have made you stand: to show you My power, and that MY NAME BE DECLARED throughout all the earth;

AV 1Ki 8:35-36 When heaven is shut up, and there is no rain, because they have sinned against thee; if they pray toward this place, and CONFESS THY NAME thy name, and turn from their sin, when thou afflictest them:Then hear thou in heaven, and forgive the sin of thy servants.

Zch 13:9 And I will bring the third into the fire. And I will refine them as silver is refined. And I will test them as gold is tested. It shall CALL IN MY NAME, and I will answer it. I will say, My people is it. And IT WILL SAY, IEUE is my ALUEIM.

Zph 3:9 For then I will turn a pure lip to the peoples, for them all to CALL ON THE NAME IF IEUE, to serve Him with one shoulder-blade.

If a person has a speech impediment "calling upon" can be done in the mind: KJV IRaMIEU Jeremiah 31:33 ... "l put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts".

The Sound of Your Own Name

Who doesn't like the sound of their own name. Would ALUEIM (God) be an exception? We were made in His image after all.


Part I: The Father's Name Is Best Transcribed into Modern English as Yehweh - Not Yahweh

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iii. The English Alphabet Is the Most Similar to the Ancient Hebrew Alphabet

iv. English and Greek Are the Most Alive Semitic Languages Today

b. Hiero Ancient Hebrew: Ancient Hebrew Was Pictographic

i. There Are 22 Picture-Letters (Pictographs) in the Ancient Hebrew Alphabet

ii. The Ancient Hebrew Alphabet Was the First Alphabet On Earth

iii. Ancient Hebrew Inscriptions Have Been Found In - But Aren't From - Egypt

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vi. The Pictographic Meaning of the Father's Name Is "He Secures-Breathing"

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c. Early Theologians' Use: Early Theologians Who Used the Name Yehweh

d. Late Theologians' Use: Modern Theologians Using the Name Yehweh

e. Anti-Yehweh Conspiracies: Conspiracies Against the Name Yehweh


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