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Ancient Hebrew Tsitsit by Jane E Lythgoe (The Book) [In Progress]

Ancient Hebrew tsitsit was fringing put upon the four hems of a tunic or cloak—not four enlarged tassels put upon the corners of a rectangular garment (tallit). An indigo-coloured band was placed upon the fringing—a blue thread was not put into the tassels.

The book Ancient Hebrew Tsitsit by Jane E. Lythgoe [in progress] contains a large amount of scriptural, linguistic, historical and modern evidence for this theory. It includes a commentary on Numbers 15:38 from an ancient Hebrew perspective—and a large collection of historical and modern visual evidence from both Isharaal and other cultures.

Book Specifications

The book will be non-profit. It will come in two (letter-sized) versions. The E-Book (pdf) version will be free; a colour printed version will be available from Amazon at minimum cost.



Release Date

Completion is currently on hold.


The site "" is still under construction. In the meantime this page will be used.

Other Pages on this Site that Will Be Incorporated into the Book

Other pages on this site ( that will be incorporated into the book are:

Ancient Hebrew Weddings

The "Earliest" Depiction of the 10-Lost-Tribe Chiefs: the Behistun Inscription - ca 515 BCE

The Ancient Israelites Were Mainly of the Western Type

Updates on the Book's Progress

For regular updates on the book's progress please see our Facebook (Page): Ancient Hebrew Tsitsit.

Book Figures (Draft Collection)

A draft collection of figures that are planned to be in the book will be kept—and added to when and as figures are ready—at the photo section of the Facebook page.


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